Monday, August 06, 2012

Marcus. Last name...Salmon, maybe?

Had a dream a few nights back involving a  Russian killer. He most definitely wanted to kill me, at any rate. (I never found out why. Dreams are like that.)  The killer was a good 6 feet tall (6'2", to be precise), and he was bald, and had a bit of a long face...but it was....distinctive. Like, I *knew* him somehow...

Anyway, a few near-death instances happened, and I managed to escape, and things seemed great, because I woke up. (Thanks, cats!)

However, after feeding our furry alarm clocks, I went back to sleep....only to reenter my dream.

The killer was in a hotel, and now he'd put on a black wig. Of course, that disguise wasn't enough to conceal his identity. ...or was it? I was walking past him, and decided to act like I didn't recognize him. He grabbed my elbow as we passed each other, and he said, "I am Marcus. Don't you know me?"

And my brain, ever helpful organ that it is, decided to fill in rapid-flashback-style, all the murder attempts from the EARLIER dream. And I was like, "Oh yeah!" I *do* know you! (And seriously, I did. He was a "Hey, it's that guy!"...whose name was seriously escaping me....)

So, I freaked out, and threw Marcus down a flight of nearby stairs.

At which point, he dove INTO the fall, and kind of ...jumped like a salmon might while swimming upstream. He landed at the bottom of the stairs, unharmed, and told me that he used to be a salmon.

Which is the end of the dream - or all that I can recall, at any rate.

But it was still bugging me (in real life) WHO the actor was that "played" Marcus.

I knew if I saw the actor in something, I'd definitely recognize his face, so, today, just a few hours ago, I decided to google "Hey, it's that guy".

I went to the  third site that google turned up and ...ho.lee.... The VERY FIRST FACE WAS MARCUS!!

Mr. Ed Lauter was the Russian assassin who used to be a fish.

Friday, August 03, 2012

I am a cracked machine

take UTP@, add in P@ that hasn't eaten nearly enough in hte pasat 24 hours, and you get a Cracked machine.

Yeah, we just got back )about 15 mintues ago) from the party, waaaay on the other side of the planet. (Or valley, if you want ot be a little more specific and accurate)

I'm pretty cracked. about an hour back, i was at that starge where EVERTYHING is funny, even when it really isn't. YOu know the one. Now, I've moved on (just barely) to the "everythign is irritating" stage. And my eyeelids are super heavy.

I reallly do like the everything is funny stage, because, it seems like my brain does activate (not the word I'm looking for, but I can't think of the right one) at a higher ...something. But, unfortunately, I can't be in that phase ALL the time. Pity.

Okay. Off to bed with me.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

miss the rain

we had thunderstorms the past two days (it *is* monsoon season, after all) but today's been a typical bright and sunny (and hot) day. I want my rain back.

Blah blah blah. Weather posts are boring.

Fiction writing coming in the next day or two. Tomorrow is Friday, which are usually pretty draining for me at work, PLUS we have a birthday party to attend tomorrow night, so it might have to wait until Saturday before I begin writing anything not relating to real life. Heh.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Know your audience

hm. i feel I may have used that particular title previously. Eh. Whatchya gonna do?


I had this thought that I would attempt to blog daily again, at least for this month. And I was thinking that I would actually write fiction this time.
I also thought, should I even bother? And I also also thought, should I just write it and not publish it on my blog?

I have a lot of thoughts.

None of them ever seem to be conclusive, which is irritating.

Tonight will not be fiction, because a) I'm quite tired and it's already nearly 10:45pm.
b) I excel at finding excuses for not writing.

So, instead. Today's blog post will simply be a gauge of whether there are people still stopping by, and also a quick opinion poll: Which of these stories should I work on, based on the title?
Stupid Monsters
Still Life
Hunger Strike
Fast Food of the Gods
Evil Under the Sun

*astute readers of the P@rix will note that, yes, this would be the latest version of the ever elusive Wolf story.