Monday, December 21, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Numbers

These are The Numbers:
Four. Eight. Twenty-three. Fifteen.
Sixteen. Forty-two.

Hurley heard them from
Lenny, a guy he met while
in a psycho ward.

Why was Hurley in
an institution? (He just
wanted a Pepsi?)

We don’t find out. Yet.
All we know is he’s fine now.
Don’t call him crazy!

Hurley picked up the
numbers from Lenny (who got
them from Sam Toomey)

Toomey was a guy
in the Navy who listened
for transmissions in…

...the Pacific. He
heard the numbers transmitting,
and used them to win…

…a guessing game that
let him win fifty-thousand
dollars, but cursed him.

Hurley used the same
numbers to play the lotto
and now he’s cursed too.

His run of bad luck
includes: grandfather dying,
mother’s house burning…

…getting arrested
by the LAPD, and,
of course, the plane crash.

No one believes him
when he tells them about the
curse. Except Rousseau.

The irony, I
think, is lost on Hurley, but
it doesn’t matter.

He’s just relieved to
have someone else confirm his
beliefs, re: numbers.

Rousseau (whom Hurley
continuously calls “French
chick”) knows the numbers.

Because her team heard
the same transmission that Sam
heard. It brought them here.

At the end, we see
the Numbers are inscribed on
the Hatch that Locke found.

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