Sunday, December 13, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Walkabout

John Locke has changed quite
a bit since the plane crashed. Let's
look at how, shall we?

John's pre-Island life:
worked in a cubicle, spent
his lunch playing games.

He often spoke of
his destiny, planned to go
on a Walkabout.

His dickish boss thinks
he can't do it. But Locke's made
his reservation.

He wants to bring his
"girlfriend", Helen, she's just
a phone sex girlfriend.

On the Island, Locke
is able to show off his
Walkabout talents.

He knows how to hunt,
and track, and stare down monsters.
Island-Locke kicks ass.

Locke can't stand being
told "what he can't do". He makes
his own destiny.

The biggest change for
John, though, has to be that he
was in a wheelchair.

For four years, he'd been
paralyzed from the waist down.
The crash changed all that.

Oh, hey! We learn two
more names. Preg-o is named Claire,
Walt's dad is Michael.

The Korean man
and his wife are still nameless.
This show's cast is huge!

Other goings-on:
Sayid wants to find where the
distress signal is.

Jack wants to burn the
bodies, and is seeing his
dead father around.

Rose, the woman Jack
saved back in the pilot ep,
says her husband lives.

Jack is all, "Um. He
was in the tail section. So...
I don't think so, Rose."

But Rose has faith that
her Bernard somehow survived.
*cough* season two *cough*

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