Saturday, December 19, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Homecoming

Back before Charlie
crashed on the Island, he tried
to pull off a scam.

But he couldn't pull
it off because he wasn't
responsible then.

Now, though, Charlie is
watching out for Claire, making
sure that she's okay.

Claire has come back from
wherever Ethan had her,
but no memory.

The last thing she can
remember is getting on
the flight to L.A.

Maybe she should read
my Haiku Reviews to help
her remember things.

That's not possible,
so instead Charlie is there
to help her along.

But then Ethan Rom
tells Charlie he wants Claire back.
If not, he'll kill Scott.

Or Steve. Oh. AND Steve.
And everyone in the camp,
until Claire comes back.

Guards are set up, but
Ethan manages to get past Boone
once he fell asleep.

A plan is made to
lure Ethan out and catch him.
Claire is used as bait.

Ethan shows up, and
he and Jack fight. Then Charlie
shoots Ethan. A lot.

Charlie says Ethan
deserved to die, and he'd not
let him get near Claire.

In the end, Claire tells
Charlie that she remembers
peanut butter.

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