Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - The Moth

Charlie wants his drugs.
Locke says, "No. Unless you ask
three times. Now bug off."

Jack gets trapped in a
cave-in. Charlie goes to get
help. ...and ask for drugs.

Locke says, "A moth has
to struggle to survive. Ask
once more for your drugs."

Charlie digs his way
into the cave-in, and saves
Jack. Just like a moth.

Wait. That doesn't make
sense. Eh. Whatever. The drug
rehab plotline sucked.

Sayid, meanwhile is
about to find the distress
signal's location.

But then he gets cLOCKEd
on the back of the head by
an unseen person.

Charlie asks for his
dope a third time. Locke gives it
up. Charlie burns it.

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