Thursday, September 30, 2010

September went by pretty quickly, didn't it?

Of course, now that tomorrow is October (!!!), the rest of the year will slip into fast forward. Especially with all the events coming up this month. There's thee Renaissance Faire on the 8th, as well as payday.
And that Sunday is 10/10/10...which ...while very cool, I don't know what I'll do to celebrate. Probably just be all, "Cool. Today is 10-10-10!"
And then there's the 22nd. We'll see how that goes.
And of course, Halloween at month's end. And, hey, cool! This year it's on a Sunday, so I will actually have it off from both jobs. Hooray!

And now, the word cloud from September:

Wordle: Sep 2010 blog

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Visibility was poor, and he'd been speeding - just a little - and it was raining cats and dogs, and yeah, he'd had a few too many drinks before leaving the bar, so in all fairness, the accident was his fault. But it was still also the Freak's fault for being in the road in the first place.

At least, that was the justification Alexander used to help him feel better.

If he'd not been intoxicated, though, he probably would have called the police, and things would have turned out much differently. Perhaps the Freak would have been saved, and that would have made a world of difference, because then - most likely - there wouldn't have been the Retaliation, which resulted in so many deaths.

Sometimes Alexander was kept awake by these thoughts and the guilt that came along with them.

Knowing that, inadvertently, he'd been the cause of unimaginable suffering... it could weigh on a guy's conscious.

Mostly, though, he felt rage toward the Freaks. Nobody asked the original Freak to show up in the first place. Nobody asked him to stick around, fighting crime and saving lives and being all heroic. And certainly nobody asked him to be in the middle of the road that night.

But he had been.

And, so it was that Alexander Luthor had hit Superman with hsi car, critically injuring him.

Alexander felt another pang of anger - at Superman - when he thought about it some more. What kind of superhero is able to be killed by a speeding car? Wouldn't it have made more sense if, instead, his car had been crunched, and the Freak had walked - or flown - away unscathed? THat's how the comics and movies had always depicted his abilities.

But as it turned out, the comics and movies got it wrong. In plenty of ways. There was no Kryptonite - the Freaks could be killed by the same means as humans - they just had super-strength, and could fly. Also, "Superman" - the original Freak - was not the last of his kind. Something Earth learned the hard way once Superman's death made the news.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pick a song

So, you're driving along, listening to the radio, and scanning the presets. You hear three tunes - which do you choose to listen to?

A) "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" by the Smashing Pumpkins

B) "Kiss Me Deadly" by Lita Ford

C) "Sober" by Tool

Monday, September 27, 2010

Your friends don't dance.

I've had that song stuck in my head all day.

Also I'm not P@. I'm Saren. again. Because I started this blog and I'M GONNA END IT.

I'm sure that's a line from some movie. Somewhere. I say this because quoting movies makes you cool.

Okay so. Dad walked out and asked me to blog for him so I wanted this to be all creative and stuff and not like when I was blogging for him just to put in a filler. I guess I still am though, putting in a filler. but. but.

no butts.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Haiku Review: The Fourth Kind

Aliens? God? Hoax?
It's up to you to decide.
(But it's aliens.)

Except that it's not.
Because the "footage" was fake,
to make more drama.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fake money stories

Warning: Not that interesting!

I only have a few stories involving counterfeit money that I can recall. here they are!

About (my god!) 15 years ago, a friend of mine's mom worked in a casino. At one point during her shift, she received a counterfeit 100 dollar bill. Somehow or other, she ended up giving it to my friend and let her spend it. yay for moms with wacked out moral compasses!

About a year ago, I had a 20 dollar bill in my possession that was fake. (I didn't know it at the time) When I went to spend it at Taco Bell (of course!), the cashier informed me that it was a counterfeit bill - and then attempted to give it back to me. Haa! I told him I didn't want it (and coincidentally, when I was being trained at the sev about fake money, I was told that if any come my way, I'm supposed to hold on to them). The guy did give me the meal, though (but not the change. So, even though it was only 15 or 16 dollars, it cost us 20. Or nothing, if you want to look at it another way).

And about a week ago I went through the McDonald's drivethru with a coworker, and attempted to pay with 100 Grand. They didn't accept that, but at least it made the cashier smile.

Friday, September 24, 2010

borrowing Soupy's thunder

I'm not stealing it, see. I'm just borrowing it, I guess.

Soupytwist has been blogging about art all this month. (Or maybe it's Art. Probably both.)
Anyway. She has talked about movies and television and books, but one thing that she hasn't mentioned (that I've seen) is video games.

So. Can video games be art? I would argue that they can be, if movies are, since video games are just movies that are controlled by individuals.

But, then, if video games are art...what about board games? Or card games? Or just any game at all - is freeze tag performance art? Or is it simply fun?

And what constitutes a game, anyway? You can make a game out of anything if you try hard enough (it's sometimes the only way to make time pass in a bearable fashion "Let's see how many people buy Marlboros this hour.") so...I'm not sure what my point is, other than I've been awakr for waaaay too long, and so I'm pretty exhausted at this point.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'll bet she does

Funniest line from a political commercial:

"I'm Sharon Angle, and I approve this mess--"

Heh. I know that it was unintentional and that it was just the last half second being cut off, but it made me chuckle. Now, if only the other 29.5 seconds of the spot could be cut off as well...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

100 days and MANTIS

2010 only has 100 days left in it! Crazy. And, actually, since this day is more or less over now, it's 99.

Our Mantis (Steph blogged about it here - way back in July!) has grown to a disturbingly large size now. I'm not sure how big it is, exactly, but it's much bigger than it was all those months ago when it first appeared on our screen door.
In fact, until a few weeks ago, I was pretty certain that it was going to be stuck there because the gap to get out was way too thin for it to fit through.

However, I saw it squeeze itself out of the crack about 3 weeks ago (in order to catch another insect that made the mistake of crawling nearby - which was awesome and scary) ...and then it squeezed back in. Heh. It totally thinks of the screen door as it's home.

But if it gets much larger... well, my joke right now is that it will probably eat the turtles first. And then the cats. So, we'd have time to get away before it goes after us.
Although I've not seen the turtles for a few days now....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't worry! Bill Murray!

(Today is Bill Murray's birthday. And whenever he comes up, that line from that song gets stuck in my head. So, thank you Mr. Murray, and also, Mr. Cicierega.)

And to help make this more interactive - what is your favorite Bill Murray movie and/or quote or story?

Monday, September 20, 2010

In lieu of a real entry (I've been sitting at the keyboard for over seven minutes now, staring at a blank screen, tyring to think of *something* to write), I'm just going to find a random youtube song, and link to that.

Why? Because it's what we do. (and because I've been listening to that album today.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

In an alternate universe, where sheep have superstrength (provided through their wool) and have been domesticated by humans and raised into intelligent weaponry....someone has uttered the line, "You sheared my battlesheep."

But I don't think that particular sentence has ever been said in *this* universe. Until now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Work makes me grumpy

Well, lots of things makes me grumpy. But working certainly tops the list. And having to deal with obnoxious individuals. Seriously, there shouldn't be 10 commandments, there should be one. And it would be thus: "Dude. Don't be a dick."

It's not a tough one to follow, is it? I don't think that it is, but obviously there's something tough about it, because a good portion of the population can't seem to obey it.

Eh. Whatever. I'm home now, and no work tomorrow, and I've got great kids and a day to enjoy them with. So there's good things to balance out all negative. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Here's Irina!

hwwxjw2wkwuew2u3 xu2yerji2

And then she said, "That's all." I'm glad I have children who will assist me in my blogging related goals. :)

If all goes well tomorrow, I'll get back to Goat's tail. I mean tale. If not, then most certainly Sunday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Goatest story ever told

Billy was 9 when the Supreme Creator of the Universe first spoke to him directly.

He was at a petting zoo, when he heard the voice behind him. "Billy."

Young Billy turned to see who had spoken. His father was watching off in the distance, along with several approaching families, but this voice had come from the opposite direction.

One of the goats looked at Billy with it's bizarre square-shaped pupils and opened it's mouth. "Hey there," it said.

Billy was surprised to hear a goat speaking, but handled it pretty well. He screamed in absolute terror, and ran toward his father. Goat ran after him (as goats generally do) saying, "Billy. Stop making a scene. I have something important to tell you."

Needless to say, this did not make Billy calmer. His father had already jumped into the petting zoo's fenced-in area, and was running to scoop up his horrified child.
Goat sighed. "I was hoping we wouldn't have to do this the Old Testament way. Humans are so stubborn." Goat then butted Billy in the butt, knocking him down. Billy had the wind knocked out of him. An eternity seemed to pass as Billy's mind processed everything that had recently happened:

A goat spoke to me. And then chased me. And then rammed it's head into my butt and oh my god, I can't breathe!

And then Billy took a huge breath inward, and cried like he hadn't since he was a little baby. All he wanted was to be back home where there weren't goats that talked and he wasn't being assaulted by barnyard animals.

And now it's nearly 11pm, and tomorrow is a 15 hour work day, so I'll have to work on/finish this story later.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things are about to get real

Heh. Lame joke. It's Reality TV night! Survivor premieres in about 20 minutes (as long as the digital reception stays ...receptionable?), and it's the finale of America's Not Talented! Who will win? LOG? Hatboy? Someone more deserving? We'll find out...unless I fall asleep first.

But, Survivor!! We totally had pizza tonight, too, in honor of it. Yay for traditions. Oh, also, we have decided as a family that Jeff Probst is probably a Twilight-type vampire. I mean, he never ages, and he's handsome and sparkly in the sunshine. makes sense. (we're very nerdy)

And lastly, big thanks to  Saren for blogging for me while I slept.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dad hasn't blogged yet.

It's almost tomorrow and The P@ hasn't blogged today. So I figured (actually, debated with myself for about an hour) that I'd post for him. I figure if he really doesn't want this post then he can delete it.

Anyway, so that you forget that he almost didn't blog today, here is a kitten, because no one can be angry at kittens.

unless said kitten peed on your floor.
By the way, Dad, if you'd rather not have this post just delete it. I'm sorry for blogging for you.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cross Canada off the list

If there is any truth the dream I had last night, Canada is not a place to live. Well, I mean, if you're a cat. Because, apparently, in Canada there are spiders the size of a dinner plate, and they exist on a cat-only diet. Still creepy, though.

Oh, and you have to knock on any door that you enter, even ones in your own house.

Those crazy Canucks.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's true - there aren't enough hours in the day. Or, more accurately, not enough hours in the night.

Friday, September 10, 2010

"And the wot-wot nine under salty agwa, seen?"

This woman was clearly delusional. Some of the words she had been sputtering were English, but making sense of them was beyond me.

"I. Don't. Understand. You."

It's a common fact that if you talk slower to people you don't get, they will gain comprehension.

Which is why the woman began speaking back to me, slowly.

She sighed in frustration, then said, "Rat-a-pills swack. Swack mon, seen? Swack all mon? Rat-a-pills?"

I shook my head. "I don't have any drugs, lady. And I think you probably should lay off them."

Aaaand that's enough for now. It's still forming in my mind, which is in some bad need of some rest. Man, today was long.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

nines are bad, huh?

I'm not very knowledgeable on numerology, but is today's date cursed or something? It was just, overall, an unpleasant one.

I've been grumpy the last few days, though, so maybe numbers have nothing to do with it.

Anyway. Tomorrow's the 10th, so it's got to be a better day. In fact, I will make it a better day. Even if I have to kill every single person that gets in my way and tries to ruin it.

Tomorrow: Story time! Just have to decide which one to go with.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Haiku Review: Sherlock Holmes

How did Tony Stark
go back in time to 19th
century London?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

4 kids!

Hooray! We have our Saren back!

When we got her from the airport -which, dude. I'm SO glad we don't fly often. Airports are on the same level as DMVs when it comes to boredom production and bureaucracy atmosphere - I said that she looked taller. She replied that we all looked "tinier". Heh.

Sadly, I haven't been able to see her much, because after driving back home, I had to go back to work for the rest of the day, and then when I got home, due to jetlag and having been awake for many hours, Saren was exhausted. I saw her for maybe 20 minutes when I got home, and then she crashed.

But, still. Nice to have all four kids in the house again.

Monday, September 06, 2010

A matter of taste

Who was the United States most delicious president? My gut (ha!) instinct says Franklin Donuthole Roosevelt.

However, John Fructose Kennedy was probably sweeter (although much less nutritious).

I suppose, ultimately, it's a matter of taste, as most things food and political are.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

same ol', same ol'

I keep telling myself, "It doesn't matter if it's bad - it probably will be - just write it anyway."

I keep not listening.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

dogs are barking

Never quite understood how feet are dogs, but whatever. My feet are really sore right now. The sev keeps me on my feet pretty much the entire shift, as opposed to the station, where I'm more or less sitting the majority of the day. What I really need is a job where I get paid for lying down. Heh.

Tomorrow, definitely no work-related blog entry. Seems like that's all I talk about anymore.

Today though, was a much better day at the sev. Or, rather, I'm feeling better about it. I think yesterday was just bad due to being so long. And the person training me (both yesterday and today) was somoene I hadn't known previously. I got to know him a bit better today, and when I needed help, I asked for it, and he provided it, so the feeling of overwhelmedness was much diminished.

Now, though, I am ready for sleep. Glorious, glorious sleep.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Just spent the last five minutes or so trying to think of a title, unsuccessfully.
My day was long, stressful, ultimately rather boring.
WOrking at "the sev" is, I think, not something I want to do for an extended amount of time. I like it, in theory. But it seems that each time I go toward there, I feel a small sense of dread. I fear that I'm not learning the job quickly enough, and not really being trained properly. Or, maybe, that I'm not being trained the way I would like to be? Because it seems that the way I've been taught thus far has been the "throw him in and see if he swims" method, which, is, you know, fine. People can learn that way (and I am learning) but it's also somewhat stressful while you thrash about until you start to tread water, ya know?

I'm rambling, and not really sure what my point is, or if this is even worth blogging about, but, there ya go. All I know is that I'm rather relieved that I don't have to work at any of my jobs on Sunday.

Now or never

It's really very early, but I figure if I don't blog NOW, I won't really get a chance, since I'm working both jobs today, and won't be home until after 10pm. And by that point, I have no idea if I'll be alert enough to even compose anything on the computer.
So, I thought, why not blog now, before you leave home?

Great. Only problem is, I have nothing to talk about.

All right. I promise to blog again when I get back home. Perhaps something interesting will happen during my 15 hour work day. (One can hope, right?) For now, I need to go wash some dishes and make my lunch(es).

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nine oh two one schmoe

That was Steph's nickname for Beverly Hills 90210, which we sometimes watched (in syndication) waaaay back in the day.

I had originally wanted Fridays to be "Fiction Fridays" wherein I would write some sort of nontrue anecdote. But I'm rather tired (shocking!), so I'll pass for now. Perhaps I'll ...oh wait. Heh. TOday is only Thursday. Oh, man. See? Tired!

Speaking of fiction, though, and also of weird coincidences:
For a few days now I've had a story idea mulling about in my head (actually, it's alternated between about 3 or 4 of them), but anyway, one of the main ones was about a guy who goes to a party, and takes a hit of a new drug called Zig Zag, and passes out. When he comes to, he's somewhere he doesn't recognize. Eventually, he discovers that he's in a different world, one wherein the zombie apocalypse has already taken place. (Yeah, it's always zombies.)
I was trying to think up a way to make it so that, in fact, he himself was a zombie.
But, the thing was, he would flip back and forth between our world and zombieland (heh. Zombieland.) whenever he would sleep in one, and that proved tricky, since, you know, zombies don't sleep.

But anyway. I've had that premise in my head for a few days.

Today, I'm at the library, picking up some other items, and a graphic novel caught my eye. That novel? Revolver. Which is about a guy in a dead-end job who, whenever he falls asleep, finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Would you like to take a survey?

So, I didn't get my nap.

I was lying down, just on the brink of actually getting some sleep, when, as the Universe often does when Loki (this one, not this one) is in charge, the telephone rang.

Thinking it might be important (Saren, perhaps, whom I haven't talked to in ages! I miss her!!), I answered.

It wasn't Saren. Unless, while in Ithaca she has become roboticized. And has developed a sudden and acute interest in Southern Nevada politics and my opinion on how Jim Gibson is doing in his job. [sigh]

So, after completing the phone survey (I know. I should've just hung up. It's not like I was oging to hurt the robot's feelings...), I couldn't go back to sleep, so I went outside and cleaned up the front yard's massive amount of leaves. (It's been, like, 3 months since I last did, so there were a LOT).
Now I'm all sweaty, and hungry, and even more tired than before.

All told, I would have preferred the nap.
Wordle: August '10 blog
That's August's word cloud, for what it's worth.

I'm exhausted, which is nothing new. And still not used to blogging. Day one of September is covered, though, so there's that. Tomorrow should be better. And by better, I mean, I'll be more alert, and hopefully have some more interesting content to provide. For now, I think I'm going to attempt to take a nap while Steph, Harper, Irina, and Silas are still out enjoying the minor break in the heat we've been having.