Friday, June 14, 2019

88 lines about my 44th birthday

Woke up early, plain to see, I was no longer 43

Yeah, not gonna rhyme this whole thing, despite *really* wanting to. I just don't have the creative juices right now. If I had conceived of the idea like a week ago, to give myself some time to come up with stuff, maybe. But, eh. This is the timeline we're stuck in. Whatchya gonna do?

So, yeah. Birthday.

I woke up at like 4, because I'm old, and because I'm relatively unhealthy, and because my sleep patterns are all jacked up. (On the bright side, it's almost been a month since I checked my work email at home! Having given up that habit has been a VAST improvement for my mental well being. So, see, things CAN get better!)

Anyway. Woke up around 4, and tried to get back to sleep for another hour. Finally got up and made my way into the day's routine.

I put on some of Rhett's beard oil - I dont really know that it does anything for my beard, but I do like the smell. And I went to work.

Work was actually ...good today! Fridays are historically extremely busy and stressful. But today was... not so much. I was able to leave the office to go to lunch (!!) AND took time out of my day to be sung to by everyone (in addition to me, another coworker has his birthday today, and another one had his yesterday, so a huge cake was bought for the 3 of us, and a gaggle of coworkers crooned Happy Birthday to us). And I recieved cupcakes, and Mtn Dew. Oh, and a gift card to Olive Garden.

I got texts wishing me happy birthday from 4 different people, and the weather was not unbearably hot out when I left work. (There was even a 25% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon/evening, but, as per usual, that's fizzled out)

When I got home, I received cards and hugs from the younger kids, and Steph showed me that I've got tickets to go see Rhett & Link next Friday. Hooray!!

I fed the turtlepeep, and made my 315th OWN episode, and had chicken fajitas for dinner and will probably watch some season 3 Survivor in about ten minutes. All in all, not a bad birthday.

(I didn't count, and I know it totally isn't, but wouldn't it be awesome/hilarious/weird if this really IS 88 lines??)