Monday, January 11, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - ...And Found

Ana decides that
all the Tailies and their new
"guests" should make their way...

...across the Island, back
to where the 815ers
are living. They leave.

We learn the large black
guy's name is Mr. Eko.
He gives James a knife.

The knife is more a
machete, actually.
Eko's pretty cool.

Libby and Michael
are in the jungle. Libby
mentions the Others.

And that's all Michael
needs to hear. He takes off so
he can rescue Walt.

Jin wants to go find
Michael. Eko opts to help.
Ana says, "See ya!"

(Ana is not the
most likeable character.
Her people skills suck.)

While Jin and Eko
hunt for Michael, Jin finds the
body of Goodwin.

He's been impaled by
a large pointy stick. Jin asks,
"Others?" Eko nods.

Speaking of Others,
they walk by Jin and Eko
who hide in bushes.

We only see their
feet and legs (which are dirty)
and... a teddy bear.

At the end, Jin finds
Michael and convinces him
to return with them.

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