Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Flashes Before Your Eyes

After Desmond saves
Claire from drowning, Charlie and
Hurley get him drunk.

They want to know how
Desmond is able to see
what's gonna happen.

The majority
of the rest of the ep is
a flashback, of sorts.

After Des turned the
key, he woke up in the past,
living with Penny.

Now he has flashes
of his future in the Hatch,
which would be our past.

Time is meaningless!
Des asks his friend: "Time travel?"
Time is meaningless!

His physicist friend
says, "Just marry Penny. Time
travel is bunk."

But while buying the
wedding ring, the shopkeeper
tells him OTHERwise.

She tells him about
course correcting Universe
-can't fight destiny.

We know the rest. He
breaks up with Penny and winds
up on the Island.

He tells Charlie how
turning the key let him see
flashes of his life.

But they haven't stopped,
so he keeps seeing how things
are going to be.

And he's got some bad
news for Charlie. Although he's
saved him 3 times now, ...

...the Universe wants
hm dead. No matter what, "You're
gonna die, brotha!"

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