Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Man from Tallahassee

We finally learn
how Locke wound up paralyzed.
His dickhead father.

His dad pushed him out
an eight story window. Locke's
dad? Worst. Dad. Ever.

Back in the present,
Kate and Sayid get caught when
they try to save Jack.

Locke, meanwhile, forces
Ben to tell him where the sub
is, then blows it up.

Jesus, Locke. The Swan,
the drug plane, the Flame, the sub.
What won't you destroy?

Ben tells Locke about
a magic box that can make
anything appear.

Locke is skeptical,
which is understandable
since it's Ben talking.

But here's Locke's dad, gagged,
beat up, tied to a chair. He's
a dick in a box.

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