Sunday, January 10, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Everybody Hates Hugo

Hurley shows Rose the
inside of the Swan. They are
put in charge of food.

But Hurley knows that
being in charge of that means
having to deny...

...some people certain
things they want, and he doesn't
want to disappoint.

So at the end, while
a music montage plays (YAY!)
Hurley hands out food.

To everyone. It's
heartwarming and awesome.
(And, yes, I teared up.)

On the other side
of the Island, our rafties
have talked with Ana.

It turns out that she
is NOT with the Others, but
that her group were all... the tail section
of the plane. She leads them back
to a weird bunker.

That appears to have
Dharma logos on it. But
no computers here.

There are just a few
survivors living here, but
Libby (one of them)...

...tells Sawyer that there
used to be twenty-three of
them. Doesn't bode well.

One of the "Tailies"
is, in fact, an older white
guy named Bernard
. Yay!

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