Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Confirmed Dead

4 new characters
get introduced to us: Dan,
Miles, Charlotte, and Frank.

Daniel Faraday
is a physicist who's a
bit absent minded.

Miles Straume talks to dead
people, is sarcastic, and
really likes money.

Charlotte spent her time
digging up polar bears in
the Tunisian sand.

Frank "The Lawnmower
" Lapidus: pilot, drunk,
but pretty cool guy.

All four of them were
hired by Abaddon to
go to the Island.

Charlotte gets captured
by Locke and his people. Ben
tries to shoot her dead.

Ben knows who Charlotte
is because he's got a spy
on her boat. Of course.

Miles tells Jack and his
group that they're there to capture
Benjamin Linus.

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