Monday, January 11, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Collision

In Ana's flashback
we learn she was a police
officer. Also...

...she was shot by a
criminal, whom she later
tracked down and murdered.

Now, Ana fights with
Sayid.She somehow disarms
him. (She's good at that.)

She orders Sayid to
be tied up. Michael asks if
she is crazy. Heh.

She makes a deal with
Michael - get her some supplies
from their camp, she'll leave.

Michael is all, "Sure!"
(Michael often agrees to
do things he shouldn't.)

Eko carries James
all the way to Jack, who puts
Sawyer in the Swan.

When Michael shows up,
tells Jack what's going on, Jack
wants to get revenge.

Eko says "Ana
made a mistake." And Jack's all,
"Ana?? My Ana??"

Ana lets Sayid
go, and gives him his gun back.
He doesn't shoot her.

Lots of reunions,
which means music montage time!
Vincent greets Michael...

...Rose gives Bernard a
hug and kiss, and of course Jin
and Sun reunite.

In the jungle, Jack
and Ana-Lucia stare
at one another.

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