Saturday, January 09, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Man of Science, Man of Faith

In the flashbacks, Jack
meets his future wife, Sarah.
She had a crushed spine.

But, Jack, even with
his ridiculous bad wig,
and bedside manner...

...promises to fix
her. He thinks he failed, so he
goes out for a run.

While running, he meets
a Scottish man named Desmond.
Desmond is training.

Training for what? Why,
a race around the world, of
course! Desmond tells Jack...

...maybe he did fix
Sarah. Jack thinks that's crazy.
As they part ways, Des...

...says to Jack, "See you
in another life, brother."
(he says it 'brotha')

Jack returns to his
patient (whom he'll later wed)
and she is healed! Weird.

At the hatch, John wants
to go in, Jack does not. They
return to the caves.

Jack tells the group 'bout
the Hatch, but says they should all
stay together here.

As soon as he ends
his speech, Locke grabs some cables,
says, "I'm going back."

Jack lets him go. Then,
Kate tells Jack, "I'm going with
him." Jack's not happy.

After she's left, Jack
gets one of the guns, and he,
too, heads to the Hatch.

Kate has the cable
tied around her. Locke lowers
her into the Hatch.

She screams, "I think there's
something down here." And then a
bright white light appears.

Locke feels a pull on
the cable, then the light goes
out. Locke yells for Kate.

He pulls the cable,
but Kate is not there. Jack shows
 up, Locke is gone, too.

Jack climbs down into
the Hatch. Once in there, he sees
an old computer.

Also, at one point,
the key around his neck was
floating. Hmm. Magnets?

Jack is looking at
the old computer, Locke says,
"I wouldn't do that."

Jack asks where Kate is,
Locke can't really answer. There's
a gun at his head.

Jack draws his weapon,
and the gunman tells Jack to,
"Drop it, brotha!" Yup.

The guy living in
the Hatch is Desmond. Small world,
wouldn't you say, Jack?

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