Friday, December 18, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Hearts and Minds

Boone gets a call from
Shannon, saying she needs help
and is in Sydney.

Boone flies down to help
his sister. She's with a guy
who is beating her.

Boone goes to the cops,
who are not very helpful.
(Oh look! There's Sawyer!)

(Yeah, Sawyer makes a
cameo in this flashback.
They're all connected!)

Anyway, we learn
that Boone and Shannon aren't blood
relation. Okay.

Boone goes to Shannon's
boyfriend and tells him to leave.
Pays him 50k.

But then Boone finds out
Shannon set up this scam to
get Boone's mom's money.

Boone is (rightfully)
pissed and gets into a brawl
with Shannon's boyfriend.

Later, Shannon shows
up at Boone's hotel, saying
she knows he loves her.

First he denies it,
but then performs CPR
on her...with his tongue.

Afterward, Shannon
says things have to go back to
how they were before.

Now, on the island,
Shannon flirts with Sayid while
Boone is jealous, mad.

Locke has Boone focus
on the hatch. Says that is their
top priority.

To convince him, Locke
makes some homemade LSD
let's Boone go trippin'.

Suddenly Shannon
is nearby. The monster shows
up. They scream, and run.

Shannon gets snagged while
running!! Whoa! It just picked
her up, and killed her!

Except, as it turns
out, not really. That was a
drug-induced vision.

And since when she died
in his vision, Boone was glad,
he'll follow Locke now.

Other storylines:
Kate learns that Sun speaks English.
And Sayid asks Jack... stand in the place
where he lives, and now face north.
His compass is whacked.

Sayid thinks either
the compass is defective
or magnets are near.

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