Thursday, October 31, 2013


First Few Letters From Words Regarding Writing and Blogging in November

Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

I have decided that I am going to do this writing thing again. Maybe.

I'm (once again) going to give the "blogging daily during the month of November" thing a go. But this time with added gimmick! (I do enjoy me some gimmicks.)

I have in my brain 8 different writing prompts (calling them "stories" seems too generous). I have assigned a number to each of these, as well as the two less ambitious options of  "wild card" and "don't have to write ANYTHING" , for a total of 10. Each day, I will spin the spinner from the Game of Life, and whatever number it comes up with - that will be what my blogging for that day will be focused on. So, theoretically, I *could* spin 30 tens in a row, and not have to write anything for the month. Or, more realistically, I may end up with a bunch of unfinished writings - because what if I spin "story 3" the first day, and then don't get back to it until the 22nd? And then not again the entire month? Well, that'll just be how the Universe rolls. Or spins, I guess.

Anyway, the goal is to reach 50,000 (or, I was thinking, maybe cutting that in half. 25,000 is not even a thousand words a day, which makes it much more manageable-looking), and perhaps if the desire hits me, I'll wrap up whatever might need wrapping up in December instead. (Or save it for the following November, ha ha ha) And really, the biggest thing is not to hit some arbitrary wordcount, but to actually break out of the not-writing-rut that I've been stuck in for ....a long time now.

(And look, I've kind of done THAT already)

The List:

1) Wild Card - I can blog about whatever. Personal stuff, random thoughts, *other* stories, Haiku Reviews, whathaveyou.

2) Wolflow

3) Still Life

4) Fast Food of the Gods

5) Vampire ship (some of these don't have titles,and are just to serve as a reminder for the story itself)

6) Heroes

7) Saved by Zero

8) Ark

9) Choset Holy Touch

10) No Writing

So, we'll see how this goes. November is a pretty busy month, and this one is not gonna be any different, but I'm fairly excited about this project.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!!