Monday, February 20, 2006

In honor of Dear Leader

Today is President's Day, which, according to some car commercial, is the day when we honor two of our greatest leaders. (Two out of 43, eh? I suppose those are pretty decent odds, considering.)

Anyway. In honor of this holiday (which I had to work, thank you very much), here are a few ways in which to celebrate:

Choke on a pretzel.
Invade Iraq.
Steal an election (or two).
Spy on the American people.
Pray to Jesus.
Mispronounce the word 'nuclear'.
Get a blowjob.
Claim that the Mission is Accomplished.
Coin the phrase "military-industrial complex"
Become stuck in your bathtub.
Die in office.
Be assassinated.
Declare war.
Raise taxes.
Get your face on currency.
Chop down a cherry tree.
Spend! Spend! Spend!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Song lyric round up III

February 17th is the date where, for the past two years I have listed all the titles from my blog that have been song lyrics, and IDed them for anyone who happens to care.

Got to do it again, since it's a tradition now.

Only going forward from 2/18/05 through today, of course. If you want more, click on the links above. [lazy]

"Three... is a magic number." on May 20th, 2005 is from Three is a Magic Number by Schoolhouse Rock. (It was also covered by Blind Melon in an attempt to help Gen Xers cash in on nostalgia)

"Hi ho" on May 25th, 2005, is from Heigh Ho (Dwarfs' Digging and Marching Song) by the seven dwarfs, and which was in the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. (although I obviously can't spell.)

"There's only one way. There's only one way... to rock!" on June 4th, 2005, is from There's Only One Way To Rock by Van Halen.

"Phone calls! We get your phone calls! We get your phone calls everyday!" on June 9th, 2005, is a jingle from the Howard Stern show.

"Hit Me Baby 1 More Time" on June 10th, 2005, is from ...Baby One More Time, by Britney Spears.

"I get by with a little help from my friends." on July 13th, 2005, is from With a Little Help From My Friends, by The Beatles (also done by Joe Cocker)

"I don't like Mondays." on August 8th, 2005, is from I Don't Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats.

"I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes" on August 11th, 2005, is from The Sign by Ace of Base.

"What would you say, if I took those words away?" on September 7th, 2005, is from More Than Words by Extreme.

"It's a gas gas gas!" on September 30th, 2005, is from Jumpin' Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones.

"Wake me up when September ends" on September 30th, 2005, is from Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day.

"Hail, hail, rock and roll." on October 25th, 2005, is from Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' roll! by Chuck Berry. (Erm. I think. My Google-fu is kinda rusty.)

"Talk about, pop music." on October 26th, 2005, is from Pop Music, by M.

"Same old song, DJ sucks." on October 28th, 2005, is from Radio Song by REM

"Play the funky music, white boy!" on December 3rd, 2005, is from Play That Funky Music (White Boy) by Wild Cherry.

"Time to get ill" on December 8th, 2005, is from Time to Get Ill by the Beastie Boys (aww, mom, you're just jealous!)

And that's it! Wow. Much less than previous years. I, I know that part of the reason for that is because I've been self-conscious of the fact that on Feb. 17th I'd be making this list, so I've used less song lyrics than I normally would. I've said it before, I'll undoubtedly say it again, brains are weird.

[republished on 3/26/06, since blogger ate the original entry]

Monday, February 13, 2006


Fair warning - I'm pretty tired. Not really at UTP@ lefel (or level, if you prefer) but almost. I'd get a Silver Medal if I were competeing (sp?) in the UTP@lympics.

ANyway. Miranda "tagged" me with this meme about a gabillion years ago, and so here I am. I was going to talk about Cell, since I finished it last night, but I'll wait until tomorrow to do that. Or maybe Steph will do it for me. Heh.

The Four Things Meme

Four Jobs You Have Held

1. Taco Bell cashier. (And yet, I still eat there. Proof positive that I am, in fact, insane.)
2. The Noid. (Shut. Up.)
3. Master Control Operator (paid to watch tv all day! Cool! The catch? It was often crappy tv)
4. Programming Assistant (now I'm paid to pick the crappy tv that other people watch!)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

1. Airplane!
2. Fight Club
3. Clue
4. The Goonies

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation

1. Yellowstone National Park
2. The Edmonton Mall
3. Topeka Zoo
4. And of course, Disneyland

Four Websites You Visit Daily

I don't know that visit any site daily, since there are many days when (aside from work) I don't go online at all. That being said...
4. (to play Psychobabble, which I have become readdicted to)

Four of Your Favorite Foods

1. Pizza
2. chicken
3. beef jerky
4. kiwi

Four Places You Would Rather Be Right Now

1. bed
2. right here, right now (heee!)
3. Um. No, really, bed pretty much seums it up.

Four Cars You Have Owned

1. Cassie III (That was the Maroon Geo Metro that I made The Trip in. Also the only car I've ever named.)
2. A white '86 Nissan... something.
3. A black gas guzzling behemoth of a thing that ran like crap and that I ended up selling for 40 dollars. (Despite having paid nearly ten times that. And only owning it for a week or two. I'm not... what's the word? Thrifty.)
4. Um. Oh. Right. The Toyota.

Four Bloggers You Are Tagging
I couldn't choose so instead I will click the first four blogs from hitting "Next Blog" and pick them.

1. Mini-Microsoft
2. ...and Hope does not Disappoint
3. My Thoughts...
4. Off Target

Sunday, February 12, 2006

[Marge noise]

1) Church sign wisdom:


2) Started watching Penn & Teller's Bullshit! today. Not sure how I feel about the program overall, but I think my title covers a lot of it. It's a three disc show, and we only have di'sc 1 right now. We will probably remove discs 2 & 3 from our queueue.

3)Ear, nose & throat

4) computers

5) clogged kitchen sink

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I don't think I ...don't think.

Ha! Man, I am tired.

I was going to post stuff, then realized that i dob't have tuime, nor anything to say.

ANyway. We're getting ready t ogo get food. (Rufio's Ha Ha Grill, as because the Steph wants that)

Saren, and Harper and Irina and Steph all have varying degrees of sore ear infectionness. Not good.

Anyway. Today is 2/11, which is "How are you doing on your New Year's Resolution(s)? Day"

So... if you made any for '06, report in. If not... carry on being all perfect. ;)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Call Marge Re: Horror


I'm about twenty-five pages into Stephen King's latest book, Cell.

Without being spoilery, here's what I think thus far:

Creepy, gory, goodness. Would make a pretty effective movie, if done right (which, since it's a Stephen King book, is debatable). Also - I told you [begin very vague spoilers for Cell - highlight to view] cell phones were evil[end spoiler]!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006



just. fucking. stubbed. fucking. toe. motherofchristithurts.

Um. I don't have naythng else to blgo about. Just want some sympathy for my poor departed little toe. God, who put that swingset in the middle of the room where I was walking? (Oh. Right. I did. But, jezusfuck am i in pain.)

oh. great. It's bleeding.

It's times like this I wish I were a robot. Then I would laugh at my pain.
Except that I wouldn't laugh, since robots have no emotions. So maybe that wouldn't be such a good thing. Although I wouldn't have the pain, either. Hmmm. Also to consider - my robotic toe most likely would demolish anything that got in it's path.
Hmmm. Hmmmm, indeed.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Buffy Bowl III (or IV)

We started the game during the Super Bowl pre-game show, because we are much more organized than the NFL is.

In a surprising move, Saren claimed she wanted to play as Good. Mwa-ha-ha-ing, I choose the Evil storyline by shuffling the evil tiles behind my back and selecting one. We wound up with the Judge.

Since the Judge doesn't exist until Evil gets the appropriate artifact card, the race was on. Dru tried to get the artifact near the docks - which would have been keeping with the mythology of the show - but failed. Then Spike tried to get the artifact near his starting place, and did. But it was the Magic(k) Sword. Pfft. Like Spike could ever wield a sword.

Meanwhile, Good had Willow manage to get into the Initiative HQ and pick up the artifact. It was the Judge's Arm! It attacked her, and got in a good jab, but otherwise, the witch was unharmed. At the same time, [Not So](Useless)Xander managed to pick up the Living Flame card - the one that can destroy an artifact.

In between this, a few Super Bowl commercials happened, but this year's installments of adverts were pretty lame, and I'm not feeling very good, so I'm going to forego talking about them for now. I might get to them later. Maybe.

Spike saw that Xander and Willow were going to team up and destroy the Judge's Arm, and thus win the game, so he attempted to get to the Scoobies and stop them.

No go.

On, like, the fourth turn, Good used the Living Flame and destroyed the artifact card.

And the Super Bowl was only fifteen minutes into it.

So Saren asked if we should play again. (Read: "Do you want me to kick your butt one more time, Dad?")

I agreed. She said she wanted to be Evil this time. We did the shuffling thing again, and she wound up with Adam.

This game went longer, but since I wasn't feeling very good then either, a lot of the game is a blur. Highlights that I remember:

Oz only wolfed out once, and got a few good smacks on Adam, so I was feeling pretty confident at first. Then, he reverted back to human and never changed back through the rest of the game. He eventually was killed by Vamp X.

Willow was killed by Spike.

Spike was eventually killed by sunlight.

(Useless)Xander gave Buffy the Joyce Summers card, which restored her health five points, but even so, she was eventually destroyed by Adam near the Sunnydale University Library.

So. Two games of Buffy, and Saren won both of them.

Next year - assuming there is a next year (ha ha ha) - I'm going to take notes on both the game and the commercials.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Battle of the Century!

You've got about 20 hours left until Buffy Bowl III (or is it IV?) begins.

Taking bets on who will emerge victorious up until the game is over and I post about it.

So... who's gonna win this year - Good (Buffy, Oz, (Useless)Xander, and Willow) or Evil (um... I'm not sure which evil gang will be playing. Most likely The Mayor).

Not to sway any votes or anything, but keep in mind that it is Doom Thousand Six, so Evil has the Home Year Advantage.

before i forget

Miles driven in January: 730

Church sign wisdom:



They've changed it again recently, but, guess what. I've forgotten it. Doh.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Well it's Groundhog Day. .....Again.

Not surprised that Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow this year. He sees it many times, and I figured that Doom Thousand Six would have as long a winter as possible.

Man, you ever have times when there are a gabillion things to talk about, but it feels like everyone else has said it all better?

Yeah. I'm suffering that right now.

It's the first day of Sweeps. Which means that tonight there will be the Television Event of the Century on EVERY channel! Yay.

OOhh! Speaking of the TEotC, Stupid Bowl Sunday is merely days away. Which means commercials! Disappointing, over-hyped, unfunny commercials!! But on the bright side, Saren and I will play our annual game of Buffy the vAmpire Slayer: The Game while it's on. Awesome.

Well, time for Smallville!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

1 yr.


The years fly by much too quickly. I remember catching her slimy, tiny, perfect little body so well. That it was already one year ago that that happened is difficult to really truly grasp.

Fun was had today, of course. Saren stayed home from school, because she has a bit of a cold. Irina also has a runny nose and sneezing, so she was not as happy as any of us would have liked, but with Steph's brothers and mother over, and Stephanie making a delicious dinner and cake, things were good. It's way late, and everyone else is already in bed, and these type of things are always better experienced than explained, so I will simply post a pic or two, and be done with it.