Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Haiku Review: Eagle Eye

Just like Transformers,
Shia LaBeouf plays average
guy in crazy sitch.

His name is Jerry,
and soon after his twin dies,
his life goes crazy.

He gets a call from
"Big Sister" who has him jump
through all sorts of hoops.

All in the name of
"National Security".
Go team USA!

See, the computer
wants to kill the president
for not listening.

And it needs Jerry
to help it out. Thus, action!!
Thrills, plot holes abound!

1 comment:

P@ said...

attempt on Congress doesn't
end on a bad note.

Holy crap, dude! Our
Secretary of Defense
is Vic Mackey! Whoa!

Not sure why I keep coming up with haikus for this less than stellar film, but my brain is a strange and wonderful thing.