Thursday, April 30, 2009

Off to see the wizard

We had a rep from Sony come to the station today, giving the ...well, not the sales pitch, since we've already bought the show, but ...well, just a presentation, on the "Dr. Oz" show.
I'd heard of Dr. Oz before (mostly just from knowing that we were going to be carrying the show, and that he had been on Oprah's program several times) but I didn't know all the info about the guy. Apparently he's the one who has been writing those "You" books ("You - on a diet", "You - only better", "You - oughtta know" [okay, that last one was Alanis]), he writes a weekly newspaper column, he appears on Oprah like every month, he's a doctor/surgeon, he teaches classes, and now he's going to be hosting his own television program.
And it's like, Dude. I'm exhausted just hearing about all your activities. How does he do it??

Speaking of over-extending onesself, May is going to be ...hectic.
We have Baby 4 arriving...whenever, plus I'm considering blogging daily (although now that we're at May's door, I'm feeling much less committed to that particular goal), my supervisor is going to be out from work for half of the month due to a surgery, the upfronts happen [NBC is May 5th, the other networks happen the week of the 18th], May is the month for season finales on television, and we have to devise a way to come up with an extra thousand dollars (give or take) so that we can attend the Live & Learn Conference in September.


I'm sure it would be no sweat for Dr. Oz, but we'll have to see how I handle things. :)

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Amy said...

Well, you know, Dr. Jan Adams was a doctor and a surgeon and had a tv show and was on Oprah and I'm not sure if he wrote a book. Then he killed Kanye West's mom.

I'm not sure what my point is, but, you know. Think about it.