Sunday, April 05, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Whatever Happened, Happened

Not a lot of plot
here, but plenty to discuss.
Let's break it down, yo.

Ben spends most of this
episode in pain from the
bullet in his chest.

It's not a question
of if he'll live, but the how
is what we don't know.

Juliet does her
best to save the young kid's life
but she's no surgeon.

Hey, good thing that there
is a doctor in the camp!
But Jack says "uh-uh."

Wait.... WHAT? Jack doesn't
want to fix something?!? Are we
sure that's really Jack?

Hey Jack, remember
that oath you took that you would,
you know, do no harm?

Well...I guess you could
argue you haven't taken
that oath yet, but still.

Since Jack doesn't want
to save a young kid's life, Kate
will have to step in.

Kate, along with James,
take Ben to the Others and
say, "Fix him up, guys!"

Richard Alpert warns
"This will wipe his memory,"
and I roll my eyes.

But at least we have
an answer (however bad)
to Hurley's question:

"If this all took place
already why doesn't grown Ben
remember Sayid?"

Speaking of Hurley
his conversation with Miles
was hilarious.

If you're still confused
about the whole time travel
issue(s), this may help:

Scroll down and read the
bit about cookie crumbs and
Central Avenue

Other important
events from this ep: Kate came
back to rescue Claire.

Seems that raising a
kid who belongs to someone
else ate at Kate's soul.

Also - Kate told the
truth (all of it?) about the
Island to James' ex.

AND she told Claire's mum
at least some of the truth, too.
Kate. Here. Look this up.

Do you remember
Rose and Bernard and Vincent?
The writers sure don't!

In the future/now,
Ben wakes up and sees John Locke
next week's gonna rock!

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