Friday, February 28, 2020

look before you

Kinda crazy that we've got another Leap Day upon us tomorrow. And that means it  was EIGHT years ago that we were in the accident with the dude that backed his truck into our van (because he missed his turn, and throwing your truck into reverse while on a busy road makes TOTAL SENSE. Sigh.)

I was thinking that it would be kind of neat if we didn't have Leap Days, just to see how long it would take for the seasons to be out of "alignment" with the calendar. (I mean, eventually they would line up again, right? So... really, what's the big deal? And, if Christmas happened to fall in the middle of 130 degree weather... would that really be such a bad thing?) Oh well.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

and I approve this message

Thoughts on the barrage of political ads. Based solely on how inept they've been and/or how much of a headache they've caused me at work.

Biden - I dislike the guy, and hope he drops out soon, but his ad campaign has been relatively harmless. The agency seems to have their act together, and they don't make a bunch of unneccesary changes, so he's got that going for him.

Warren - I thought she was going to do better, so it's a little disheartening to see her starting to fade. I guess things can still change. We'll see. Ad wise, she's on par with Biden. They haven't really done anything to irk me.

Sanders - I'm happy to see him picking up momentum. His campaign is mostly on the ball, although Friday they did send a change that 1) didn't show up until they asked for a confirmation and 2) didn't have all the stations listed like it should have. I'm willing to overlook these, as they were minor, and they were first time offenses, but if Sanders is gonna be in it for the long haul, let's not make that stuff a habit, hm?

Buttigieg - look, kid. You're allowed to screw up every once in a while, but, getting not only the market city wrong (we're in Vegas, not Reno) AND one of the call letters wrong (NSNV is the Spanish station, not KSNV)... gotta admit, it's not a great start. It seems like you may have learned from your mistakes, but believe me, you're getting a lot of side-eye from me.

Klobuchar - ooh, boy. How do you get the freaking ISCI codes wrong on one of your spots? That's like basic agency stuff. In your defense, your people DID reply back to the email I sent before it became an actual issue, but yeesh. And of all the candidates running, you have the most complicated instructions, which is a major minus. Trust me, it does NOT matter if you run spot A between the hours of 4am and 7am and spot B between 10 and 12 or whatever complicated math you've paid someone to determine. And changing things out at 2:34 when our deadlines are 2pm? Yeah... absolutely gonna get on my shit list for things like that.

Steyer - Pro: your people are on the ball, and don't make unnecessary changes. Con: you are NOT GOING TO WIN. STOP advertising. Oh my god, please just stop. You could have spent all that money on SO many other things that would have actually helped. (And if your ads are to be believed, it seems like you have. I think your heart is *sorta* in the right place, but this ego-stroking presidency bid is just SO misguided.) Although I do like that you've apparently married a feline. I guess the rich really ARE different.

Bloomberg - I'm both relieved and hurt that you haven't actually spent any money on our stations. Why you only going to channel 8, yo?

DMFI PAC - this is a super pac that is devoted to bad-mouthing Bernie Sanders. The ad ( is basically saying, "Trump must go, but it can't be Bernie that does it." Doesn't give any reasons, just that it can't be him. Sigh. Cuz circular firing squads are SO helpful.

Anyway, OBVIOUSLY whomever ends up being the nominee will get my vote, but sheesh, it's gonna be a long 9 more months.