Friday, April 16, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Everybody Loves Hugo

Hurley's pretty great,
but he's lonely - no soul mate.
There's Libby! It's fate!

Libby's got a hunch.
She and Hurley have their lunch.
Des makes Locke go crunch.

Why did Des attack
Locke in his car? For payback?
Or to cause flashback?

Hey! There's Michael's ghost!
Oops, now Ilana is toast.
Jack trusts Hurley most.

He blew up Black Rock,
now Hurley wants to talk
with the thing called Smocke.

Who is Island Boy?
He shows up, Smocke is annoyed.
Jacob reborn? Oy!

Des tells Smocke, "I'm swell"
Smocke throws Desmond down a well.
My response - "Oh hell!"