Friday, April 09, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Happily Ever After

Widmore thinks Des has
one hell of a magnetic

After Des gets zapped
by a massive EMF,
he goes to alt-world.

There, things are good for
Des. For one thing, he's got the
respect of Widmore.

However, it's not
Happily Ever After,
fairy-tale perfect.

Because Des has to
babysit Charlie. Plus, he's
never met Penny.

Charlie tells hi when
he died on the plane, he had
a glimpse of true love.

Charlie steers the car
into the ocean. Well that's
just a bad idea.

Sorry, Charlie, you're
not a tuna, so you can't
live under the sea.

While Charlie almost
drowns, Des has a vision of
that time he did drown.

An MRI gives
Des flashes of his Lost-life.
He must find Penny!

Eloise Widmore,
for some reason, doesn't want
Des to meet Penny.

Maybe she doesn't
want the universe to do
a course correction.

After all, in this
reality, her son is
still alive and well.

Dan Widmore tells Des
"I think I made the whole world
through use of a nuke."

Desmond probably
thinks Dan is off his rocker,
but Dan knows Penny!

She's his half-sister,
and he tells Des where he can
find her. Nice job, Dan!

Penny is in the
stadium where Des first met
, in season two.

They meet, and Des is
back on the Island, where he's
Mr. Calm and Cool.

Des calmly goes with
Sayid, after he kills most
of Widmore's lackeys.

Back in the alt-world, Des
wants the manifest so he
can "show them something".

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