Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 1 sec everyday

I'm sure eventually I'll blog something other than these, but in the meantime, here's the  1 second everyday video for January of 2017...

and how it all breaks down...

1. Smashing gingerbread houses in the driveway
2. Ori barking
3. Perusing the graphic novel section of the library
4. Driving down the freeway (Steph was driving, I was in the passenger seat)
5. Abed
6. Super early bus stop morning selfie
7. Silas playing Wii Sports Resort
8. Pickup truck at a stop had a cage full of goats in the back
9. Silas and Irina playing boxing on Wii Sports
10. Rainbow company crowd
11. Purchasing (among other things) Crystal Pepsi
12. Sweet Tomatoes
13. Hatchimal
14. Silas & Irina getting ready to go up to Utah for the weekend
15. Taking Ori on a walk
16. Filling up a cup of Dr Pepper at In-n-Out
17. Marcus & Joel (coworkers) doing synchronized counter pushups
18. Robertos tacos (99cents every Wednesday, yo)
19. Visiting with a former coworker, Tony edition.
20. ugh. sorry. (Still wish we had had the guts to put that over the air.)
21. lifting weights
22. rainy day backyard
23. picking out my outfit for the next day
24. video of Spanish class assignment
25. Visiting with a former coworker, Ian edition.
26. Silas playing a boardgame he created
27. Janice's last day at work
28. dominos
29. typing up English assignment
30. Rubios salsa
31. It really does. (I do say this every year at this time... and every year it's true.)