Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nothing that happens on Leap Day counts

Oh, if only.

Steph already blogged about it, but I figured I should at the very least mention it myself. And, heck, Leap Day only rolls around once every 2/5th of a decade, so blogging on today is almost mandatory. Or something. I'm very tired.

But, yeah. Today was a bus day for me, which meant that Steph, and the littles picked me up at the bus stop (or, as I prophetically wrote in my 'leaving work' email today, the "bust stop"). Steph drove out onto the street, and the large white Dodge pickup truck in front of us stopped and began backing up.

As is the case in situations like this, time went all womlu, and seemed to simultanously speed up and move in slow motion. My brain wants to remember that Steph tried to back up herself, but it didn't really happen that way, I just think that I had wanted it to. What really happened was Stephanie screamed, and I had time to think, "He's backing up. He's not going to stop. Steph should go in reverse too. Maybe he'll just tap us." CRUNCH!

Oh, and at some point during all that, I leaned over from the passenger seat and laid on the horn, in an unsuccessful attempt to get the driver's attention. I remember too, that I kept honking even after he had come to a complete stop and the damage was already done. Part of my brain seems to feel/think that I'm honking still, that I'll be honking forever. (LIke I said, I'm really tired)


Tears were shed (Stephanie and Irina. I don't know/remember if Silas cried or not), and then the guy called his insurance company, while I searched (in vain) for our up-to-date insurance card. Meanwhile, Steph took my phone and called 311, and we waited for a police officer to show up.

To make a long story short (too late), we were all okay (although, obviously, extremely unhappy with the situation), and the van is still driveable, so, once the officer took our insurance info and the other guy's insurance info, and filled out the police report,we headed home. And now we're going to remember this stupid accident every four years. Crap.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

oh, right, i was blogging, wasn't i?

remind me to keep on that.

it's amazing how many different thoughts/feelings/opinions one has about a day over the course of 24 hours, isn't it? Today has been incredible, funtastic, shitty, headache-inducing, mellow, boring, asinine, regal, busy, lazy, hilarious, and Wednesday.

Can't wait to see how tomorrow plays out.