Tuesday, October 30, 2018

from my phone, yo

Well, this is different. I'm blogging this from my phone, because it's late and I'm tired, and it's something I can do. I don't necessarily have anything of interest to say about it, but it's a first for me. Tomorrow is halloween. Kinda crazy that we're at that point in the year already. And a week from today is (finally) election day.  I truly hope for a better result than the last one.
(I am honestly unsure of what tuesdays outcome will be. 16 seemed like a sure thing, after all. This year ive been trying to keep my expectations low. Guess well find out in a weeks time.) Anyway, blogging has now officially been done, which means I can try to get some rest now. . Haven't been sleeping well lately. I blame the news, mostly. And getting older, maybe. And the seasons. And our 13 year old mattress. Sheesh, I am totally turning into an old man who just complains about everything. ..

Thursday, October 25, 2018

obligation complete

I'm too tired to do much more than that, sorry.

Friday, October 12, 2018

company loves misery

I mean, it's a small comfort, but at least I'm not the only employee that is feeling absolutely overwhelmed, overworked, overpressured and overstressed due to political season.

It's a testament to ...well, I guess to needing to pay bills and eat, that more of us haven't just said screw this and walked off the job. Because, hoo boy, if that were an option...

On the bright side, we did make 3rd quarter's budget, so there's a bonus coming at the end of the year for that. AND. There are only 20-something more days until the freaking midterms and then things will normalize for a bit. Hopefully.