Monday, June 30, 2003

I'm losing my mind. I could've sworn I blogged already. [crazy3]
I so meant to type [crazy2] up there.

The car mileage thing is as current as it can be. I'll update it again when I get home. (That way you'll know exactly how many miles are between home and work!)
[it's currently at 110358.0 as of 10:18pm on whatever day today is. Oh! The 30th. Of June.]
edit-- Home now. New mileage is 110367.4

Did I mention the whole mind-losing thing?

Sunday, June 29, 2003

I finished listening to Chandler's mixed tape today. So it's back to the radio for me. The radio sucks.

I suppose I could just turn off the radio and listen to nothing while I drive, but being the culture victim that I am, my brain desires media input on a near-constant basis. Grr.

All of our books have now been shipped from Yay!

Next week I go back to my stupid schedule of having to work Thursday mornings. Which means UTP@ will be showing up again. [frown] (UTP@, for our new viewers, stands for Ultra Tired P@)

However! I've got the 4th off! Woo!! We'll go out to the Red, White and Boom celebration out at Desert Breeze Park. The show is always great, but the traffic is usually pretty horrendous afterwards. We'll probably do like we did last year and let the girls play at the park for a while after the fireworks are over and let the crowd disperse. [up]

I'm also all set for the 7th, which is when Stephanie has potential Jury Duty service.

The 2nd, of course, is Harper's birthday. Her presents this year are pretty good ones. The "city" in particular, I think she'll enjoy a great deal. And we're going to Applebee's for dinner! Yay!

Something I discovered while surfing the net today: You know that scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day when the T-1000 "walks" through the metal bars? That sound effect was accomplished by having dog food come out of a can. Neat.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Talk about Tabula Rasa.

Man, my mind is blank.

I do want to plug my "guest map" down in the "clutter" section (scroll down and look to the left). That's a pretty nifty little thing.
The Internet is full of stuff like that. Although if people ever start colonizing the moon (or any other planets), it'll be outdated. [shrug]

Speaking of clutter, I was going to add a "weatherpixie" (I still might) but I don't know if I want to have my sidebar REALLY cluttered. We'll see. In the meantime, if you find (or already know of) something fun for me to add to my blog, feel free to let me know.

I leave you all with a Saren joke:

Saren: "How many Sarens does it take to change a lightbulb?"

Me & Stephanie: "How many?"

Saren: "Zero. Because the lightbulb is already screwed in!"

I'm far too tired to make the kind of detailed entry I should, but I just wanted to say that Beth completely kicks ass.

If it weren't for her, trust me, you would not be reading this right now.

Yay for Beth!

That is all.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Wow, do I have a headache.

Okay, what with the whole "do not call" list for telemarketers that's now out, and with my getting tickets to Terminator 3 (Roeper gave it thumbs up, Ebert thumbs down, but only marginally), I figured I'd combine the two.

I present:

The Telemarketinater



"Are you Sarah Connor?"


"Good. Do you wish to save money on your mortgage rates?"




"Are you Sarah Connor?"

"No...didn't you just call me?"

"Would you like to save mon-" *click*


"Grrr! I'll just let the machine get it."

*ring* *ring*

[mechanical voice]Leave a message after the beep. Low Battery.


"Are you Sarah Connor? (pause) I'll call back."

So, I decided to actually watch my movie tonight - The In Crowd.

Man, that was crappy. And!! It contained the Lesbian Cliche! Um...yay?

Also in the "yay?" category: Strom Thurmond died. He was 100 years young. The forces of evil lost a beloved bigot today. *sheds tear*

I know I had more "deep" things to post about, but I'm not really in the mood. Um...I'm getting free tix to T3, so yay for that. (That way I can see it without paying for it, even if the movie sucks)

I'm on the penultimate cassette tape. It's Everclear's Sparkle and Fade. The last tape will be the one Chandler sent to me for my birthday last year. [heart]
The car's mileage is currently 110252.6

Still time to get in that contest. (Or change your vote, if you'd like.)

Thursday, June 26, 2003

I'm totally spoiler-free in regard to the movie (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines), but I'm hoping they address this.

If the Resistance ends up truly defeating Skynet in the present, John Connor should disappear.
I don't mean disappear from society, like the Connor's did when he was growing up, I mean he should actually be wiped out of existence. He should never happen.

Because if Skynet never gets built (or never obtains conciousness), then there will be no Human/Machine war. And John Connor will not become the leader of the Human Resistance in the Future, and therefore will not send his dad back in time to make sure he gets born.

I'm just sayin'.

(Let's see how much debate this entry causes. [wink])

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Well, facefro is gone.
A four letter word.

(The following "rant" was partly inspired by Daniel Quinn - in particular Beyond Civilization - and partly by real life events. I'm sure other things have contributed as well (I am a sum of my being...or something) but those are the most recent ingredients into the mix that is me. [what the hell am I talking about?])

Who likes their job?
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say, probably none of you. Early in Beyond Civilization Quinn states that people of our culture are easy to recognize. Here's the test: If you live in an area where the food is under lock and key, you belong to our culture.
And having the food stored away like that is cornerstone to our society, because if it were readily available, who would work?

Yes, this is a broad generalization, and yes, if food were free for all, of course people would still work, but I've been thinking more and more lately that I would most likely not be one of them. Maybe this is because I'm a lazy bastard. Or maybe it's because working for other people is not something I really enjoy doing. I think most people don't. In fact, that concept is really kinda counter intuitive. Working for other people is slavery. The fact that you're given money and may recieve some pleasure from doing a job well done are simply happy coincidences - side effects. The bottom line is that you are still doing work for someone else.

[note: I often feel like I'm not explaining myself clearly enough. That I'm failing at getting my point across. It's a frustrating feeling. I long for telepathy]

A few personal examples may highlight what I'm trying to get at.

Saturday night my 8pm movie was From Dusk til Dawn (great movie, btw. Even edited.) It was a 3 reel movie. The first two reels were fine. As I was running the 2nd reel, I began to cue up the 3rd, only to discover that the tape did not contain the movie at all.Instead, the tape had a recording of the program Showtime at the Apollo.
Well, this was just bad. Angry, I ejected reel 3 to see who had signed off on the tape okaying it for airing.
PW. Uh-oh.
I made several panicked phone calls to the Powers That Be (and got answering machines on all accounts. It was Saturday night, after all, and the upper management people have lives).
Doing some quick figuring, I realized I'd have about 30 minutes to fill. I mean, something had to go on the air. Making a judgement call (after all, I'd not heard back from the Officials) I decided to run an old episode of Cheers. The commercials that would have run during the movie would instead run in the local breaks of that episode, and then normal programming would resume at 10pm.
Right before I was going to my backup plan, (literally. I was in the last break of reel 2, getting ready to start the Cheers) the phone rang, it was the Programming Director. She informed me that Cheers couldn't run and to get a copy of either Roseanne or Fresh Prince of Bel-Air instead. Somehow, I managed to run into the tape library, locate an ep. of Roseanne, and get it cued up in the last 45 seconds of that break. (I still don't know how that happened. Time is a mysterious bitch)
Having gotten that on the air, the PD and I talked about what had happened. I told her that it was me who had signed off on the tape and she was surprised (I've got a reputation around there as being one of the better employees. My old email wasn't "bestswitcher" for nothing. [wink]) and kinda upset that it had to happen to me. (because she knew that since I was the one who was responsible, I'd be taking the heat for it)

A few other things that took place over the weekend:
Friday night the promotion department gave us 104 promos to dub. There was an employee there Friday night who had 8 hours to do them. He dubbed 24.
Saturday there were some missing spots (long, boring story). I wound up being the one who contacted the Traffic Manager and discovering a solution to the problem, so that the station did not lose any money on those particular commercials. (Followed by the movie screw up, which may have upset the balance [doh])
Sunday I worked 11 hours, and dubbed and loaded 80 promos. I also discovered a problem with the satellite dishes, and brought it to the attention of my supervisor (who came down and got it fixed before any sat. feeds were missed).
Those 24 promos that the other guy did on Friday night? All done incorrectly. This was discovered by me on Monday when I went to air one of them. I should say Monday after 3pm. They had been running wrong all day long, and the previous operator either did not notice, or did not care.
Monday I did recieve a written warning (one of I believe two that I've recieved in my 7 years of being there), because of the From Dusk til Dawn incident. (Or, as I like to think of it, From Dusk til)
Today - There were more promos that were incorrect. These were because promotions had given us the wrong ones. I also caught a commercial that had been loaded into the server missing the final half second of audio, and helped my coworker figure out a way to air a tape that would not run in any of her other machines. I also discovered two different timing discrepancies that Traffic had failed to catch.

None of which will be acknowledged.

And of course, there's the time factor. We were in the middle of having a relatively peaceful day (we were hunting for Harry Potter #5), and it has to go and be interrupted because work demands that I have to be there at 3pm. And that I have to stay there for 8 hours.
Of course, the rest of us are doing it too. Which makes it so much better. Misery loves company, right?
Why are we working, though?

Because it's what Mother Culture tells us to. "Society must go on, no matter how miserable it makes the masses."
This is drilled into us from birth - or at least from school age. Because school, no matter what they say, is really about preparing you for mind-numbing work. And work, no matter what they say, is really about keeping "civilization" going.

In the past few days, I've come close to just saying, "Fuck it." and walking off the job. I won't, of course, because I have the girls to think about. I need to insure that they eat something, and having a job (that I don't particularly enjoy most of the time) is the best way (isn't it? [/rhetorical]) to get food.

Now is the time when most people would say, "If you're so unhappy with your job, you should find a new line of work."

Because, hey, trading one prison for another is the best solution. Right?
If it didn't work last year, let's do MORE of it this year.

I'm sounding really bitter right now, and I apologize for my tone. After all, today at work was not all bad. Nope, not all bad at all. [heart]
Oh yeah! While she was there, I was cueing up my next program. When I was setting the levels with the bars and tone, she said, "Hey! That's the picture from your blog!"
Man, I love my daughter.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Am I in the right mind-set to do this extremely lengthy blog entry? I have no idea, but we'll find out, won't we?

I suppose I should start off by answering my bloq (and thanking everyone who did already).

What book(s) are you currently reading?
I just started John Holt's Teach Your Own. Tomorrow, if we wake up before I have to go to work, we'll take a jaunt down to the library. I plan on checking out Mosquito Coast for a reread, and possibly some other stuff that catches my fancy.
Before Teach Your Own, I read Daniel Quinn's Beyond Civilization (excellent book) and before that it was Stephen King's From a Buick 8 (meh) and before that was Daniel Quinn's The Story of B (awesome. Simply awesome.)

What's it about?
Teach Your Own is about homeschooling.
Beyond Civilization is about how tribal life is better for humans than any other type of lifestyle that we've attempted so far. (as are all of his books) It also gives some suggestions on how to walk away from civilization. (More on all of this later)
From a Buick 8 was about some sort of transdimensional "car" that some small town police found and kept secret. Certainly not one of King's best. Or maybe it was just hard to concentrate on it after reading Daniel Quinn. My whole perception of the world has pretty much been shaken up.

"Who wants that honey?"
Damn it. Everyone already took the answer I was going to give (Pooh Bear). I'll instead say that !Xabbu does. Heh.
("Cherub Rock" by the Smashing Pumpkins)

If you're reading a book, and it's not enjoyable, do you finish it anyway?
I have. I don't know why, but there's some part of me that just has to know how things end. (Actually, that's touched upon in The Story of B Needing to know the future is what makes us human.[/nutshell])

What's the worst book you've ever read?
The Phone Book.
har har.
I'd say The Devil's Advocate. The movie wound up being pretty decent, but the book is just horribly written.

What book would you most like to see turned into a movie (but probably never will)?
Otherland. For them to make all four volumes into a film, it would have to be like 36 hours long. !!!

and finally...

Book 'em, Dano!
Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Two days back, Saren had her first (attempted) sleepover. It ended up not working, unfortunately. I think she's still too young. But she so wants to be ready for it. In many ways Saren is very advanced for her age, this just isn't one of them. And it may be selfish of me (may be?!?!), but I'm relieved that she's not ready. She's growing up so fast as it is. It is truly difficult for me to believe that in just 7 weeks Saren will be six years old. Six years ago, she was just a tiny little infant, completely dependant upon me and her mother for life. Now, in what is really the blink of an eye, she's become a little girl who expresses her own thoughts and feelings. She makes her own jokes (weird as they are) and has her own personality. She oftentimes (very often) wants to do things without help. (And each day she's able to accomplish more that way)
It's an odd feeling. I'm excited to see her growing up, and proud of her for all that she's accomplished/accomlishing.

And yet.

And yet...

God, I feel like I'm just typing trite cliches, and maybe I am. I guess my point was that my little girl is growing up, and it hurts.
If you haven't already, you can read a more detailed account of the sleepover at my wife's blog.

Work. Sucks. Ass.

If any of you are really interested in hearing my woes of the working world (heh. "w"), let me know, and i'll indulge (read: bore the crap out of) you.

OH! The caterpillars!! One of them has emerged from it's cocoon!! Saren has named it "Climber". The other four are still attatched to the wall. ALthough one of them shook for about five minutes around 2:30, it hasn't done anything sense.
Steph put some orange slices into the butterfly cage, since she read that they eat those (she also discovered that some butteflies eat urine. And eye-juice. We've opted to not put those things in the cage.)
It's a little disheartening to think that in a few more days, all of the caterpillars will be butterflies, and then they'll all be let go, and never be in our lives again. [sigh]

The past couple of days, after reading the Daniel Quinn works, I've been wanting to tell everyone about them. To wake people up to this way of thinking. To make them realize that our society is sick. (They know this part, of course. Nobody doubts that there is something very truly wrong with the way we're living now. But most people don't think beyond that.)
The funny (not funny ha-ha) thing is people will defend our sickness. The one phrase that comes to mind when discussing any number of aspects of our culture is "It's flawed, but it's the best we've got." (or some variation along those lines)
You hear this said of our judicial system, our schools, our hospitals, our political system. Anytime anyone criticizes any of those programs (or anything else in our society), that is one of the arguments that gets brought back up. And really, how are you going to argue with that line of reasoning?

Something that Daniel Quinn says in Beyond Civilization that stuck with me was:
Old minds say "This didn't work last year, so let's do MORE of it this year"
New minds say "This didn't work last year, let's try something DIFFERENT this year."

Every year, we build more prisons. We pass more laws. We "fight" more drugs (and terror). We build more schools. And every year, nothing changes. We still have prisoners. We still have criminals. We still have drug users and sellers. We still have terrorist organizations. We still have students "failing" the school systems.

Well, to fix this, we need to build more prisons, pass more laws, fight terror harder, make the schools tougher.


Quinn never says it, but it's been said that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Which is exactly what our culture is doing.

The thing is, our culture's way of doing things is not the only way that people live. There are "primitive" cultures (granted, extremely few of them remain) who live tribally, who do not have their people doing things like flying airplanes into skyscrapers, or spend their time sitting in front of television sets, or escaping with drugs. (Yes, I know that they don't have airplanes and tv and all the "wonderful" things that our culture has. That's kinda the point.)

The Americas had plenty of tribes living in them before they were "discovered". And not a single one of them ever took over the entire continent. Was this because they didn't have the technology to do so? I admit, I'm not an expert on the field so I can't answer that question as thoroughly as I'd like to, but I would wager a guess that if some tribe of Native Americans had really wanted to conquer the rest of the continent, they most likely could have.
But that's the thing. Tribe-life doesn't breed that mentality. This is not to say that there weren't tribes who fought with other tribes, and that all of them are peaceful and noble, because I know that's not the case.The difference between our culture and tribal life is that we conquer and assimilate.

I've gone on for much longer than I intended to, and of course, haven't even scratched the surface. I hope to spark some discussion with what I'm talking about, and if there's an interest out there I will be happy to blog about more of this later. [smile]

Monday, June 23, 2003


I have so much to say, and I am really not in the mood to do any of it.

I feel like I could sleep for a month.

Maybe tomorrow I'll make an extensive entry.
I'm having the strongest sensation of deja vu. The whole aspect of being exhausted, the things I was going to blog about on my blog, the show that is currently on TV...all of it feels so familiar.

I chalk it up to being beyond tired. THe past two days have just been draining in a way that should be illegal.

Hold on

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Because I've been all bookish lately, and because I like making the haloscan servers sweat...

Another bloq! This one's 'bout books.

<b>What book(s) are you currently reading?</b>

<b>What's it about?</b>

<b>"Who wants that honey?"</b>

<b>If you're reading a book, and it's not enjoyable, do you finish it anyway?</b>

<b>What's the worst book you've ever read?</b>

<b>What book would you most like to see turned into a movie (but probably never will)?</b>

and finally...

<b>Book 'em, Dano!</b>

Note that the song lyric has nothing to do with books. I felt like going all random. [grin] And, yeah, the final "question" isn't, but I couldn't think of a good ending. Just like so many books I read...
And miles to go before I sleep

Ya'll know I'm a sucker for contests (or if you don't, you do now), so here's another one.

The car's current mileage is: 109974.3

Your goal - predict the date when it hits 111111.1

There is no prize, other than the glory of being right. [wink]

Friday, June 20, 2003

From my "To Do Before I Die" list:

  • Change the world

  • Shake hands with a president

  • Call Soupytwist

    That's right! Yesterday I actually worked up the noive [/cowardly lion] and phoned one of my WD idols.

    Granted, I was shaking like a leaf during the entire conversation, but the fact remains that I actually did it! Woo! I'd been wanting to do this for a while, but yesterday was the day. Why that day? Because I was concerned about her after reading an entry in her blog. Aww.
    The funniest thing about the phone call was the beginning. When Chainsaw answered, and I told her who I was, there was a 2 second pause, and then she bellowed: REALLY!?!?! heee. It was totally an Elaine (Get out!!) type of moment. Hee.

    Soupy had candy for dinner. And it was German candy!! I'm envious. I guess that's a benefit of living in the Pacific Northwest. You get to have imported sweets for dinner.

    In other (much less exciting) news, yesterday I had the air in the tires refilled. And isn't it kinda neat that 2000 pounds of metal can move around on stone roadways carried along on nothing but four pieces of rubber filled with air? Man, even though we humans are really great at fucking the planet up, we do acomplish some amazing things.

    In work related news, I'm totally going to go ballistic if people don't start carrying their weight around here. I don't mind doing other people's jobs for them, but if I'm going to have to, I should get their paychecks too. Freakin' bums.

    Tomorrow is the b-day party for my step-sister's step-daughter. [eyebrow] That would be my...step-step-niece? Bah. Families. Anywhat, it's Chuck E. Cheese, so I'm sure by the time I get to work I'll be emotionally and physically drained. That place is a vampire, I swear.

    Let's see...what else? OH! I'll be linking to blogs on the side, so if you'd like to be included in the link-fest, just let me know.

    I'm wondering which is more wild - my hair, or the backyard. I'm thinking the yard, but not by much.

    I finished reading From a Buick 8 today. Feh. It was not one of Stephen King's better works. Which reminds me of something I need to post...but it'll have to wait until later. I'm at work and dont' have the time to do it right now.
  • Wednesday, June 18, 2003

    Back when I answered May's PMQ (on Memorial Day, as it turns out), I was going to put a comment next to all the names (or most of the names) in my WD address book. I didn't then, because I was tired and too lazy. Jupe voiced that she would be interested in reading those comments. Thus, this is an entry for Jupe.

    If I skip over anyone, it's probably due to time constraint and/or pure laziness.
    This is going to be a long entry, folks.

    Here we go...

    Adam - Ahh, season four.

    Aexia - I get the impression he doesn't like me very much.

    Angelus_2002 - Was a troll. I simply put him on my address book to keep tabs on him. I really don't think he's around anymore.

    Angie - I get the impression she doesn't like me very much. Although we do talk periodically, I just get the feeling that she could really care less about me. [shrug]

    Annie - Remember when she was a mod? [sigh]

    Artemis - I miss Artemis. We weren't close-close, but she always had something nice to say when we talked.

    Avery - I was probably too harsh on this prick. Oh well, live and learn.

    Bally - Bally is amazing. His posts are intelligent, funny, and entertaining. If I lived in London, or he lived in the States, I think we'd hit it off pretty well. He reminds me of me at that age ..except that he's much more motivated than I ever was. It is indeed a great privilege to call him a friend.

    bettie - I [heart] bettie. Smart, pretty, and insightful, bettie is the embodiment of cool. Monkey!! Plus, she's one of the only WDers I've ever met in person. More than once, even!!

    Boo - I want to get to know Boo better. He makes on topic posts worth reading. Even if I don't always agree with them, he's always able to back up his viewpoints. Plus, he always gives feedback to fanfic, which is an admirable trait.

    BugaBoo - That wench? We've not talked much, but any friend of Chandler's can't be all that bad. I wish she were around more, though.

    Calia Winters - Calia always sends me Xmas presents/cards. I know she's lost her drive for the board, but she does always make the time to come on to answer my PMQs.

    CassyLee - I've met CassyLee!! She's very funny, and incredibly bright, too. Plus, she's hosting this WD party in October... I ought to buy her some coffee.

    CdnGirlEh - Still one of the cutest usernames.

    Chandler - A great person, whom everyone should get to know better. (myself included) It's a damn shame that the weekends aren't longer, so that she'd be able to get online more. Chandler is what makes the internet worthwhile. She's funny, and clever, and the way she handles pop culture is amazing. Yay for geekiness!!

    Del - "What Del said". I don't know anyone who hasn't read something she's written and instantly had that thought. Well thought-out and intelligent posts are always forthcoming from Del. Plus, she's just got the most adorable accent.

    elizzz - Um...who?

    Fuchsia - Yay for Jess! She's another one of those British women that is able to convey her thoughts in an amazing way. Also, she nine times out of ten will take the time to leave a comment on my blog. Got to love that. ;)

    gilibeanz - Heeeee! The beanz never fails to make me laugh. Or at least smile. I should stalk her blog more...

    GoldenEye - This was Throaty.

    grace - Grace is on vacation right about now. I envy her. Grace is one of those folks who likes me for me. (Yeah, I don't know why either.) I should let her know how much I appreciate her being there. She's good people.

    Great Attractor - [sigh] I miss him. And he never updates his blog, either. [frown]

    Hades - Um...who?

    Hi there - He intimdates me (smartness!!!) but I've always found his posts to be kick-assingly funny as well as blow your mind wise.

    HyperOnion - Yay Onion!! The King of Surreal. The Master of Hilariousness. Onion isn't meant to be understood. Onion just is.

    imissoz - Lisa is probably my newest friend on the WD, and she's really a great person. She's a good PM-buddy.

    Jamie Marie - Jamie rocks. Jamie rules. Jamie is funny. Jamie should leave a comment. ;)

    Julia - Woohoolia!!

    Jupe - Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! [/abuse of mod power]

    JupiterAmy - Basically, I'm growing my hair just fro her. I got her b-day card today. That was great. I still owe her a quarter. She was the model user. Many other people have left the board and I've lost touch with them. I'm happy that she's not one of them. I can easily see her being a life-long friend. Yay for Amy!!!!

    karma - I don't know her ultra well, but I like what I've seen.

    Kinitawowi - I owe him major props (Did I just say "props"??!?!) for predicting the "all potentials get activated" thing several months before it happened. Dave reminds me of me when I still cared about music.

    Lab - Remember when Lab killed me? Good times. Good times.

    laser_doc - The first WDer I ever met.

    Lauren - I've known Lauren since she was like, 5 or something.

    Loki - Loki makes me want to move to Canada. Or Australia. Or wherever it is he's living now.

    Lucretia - Why'd she leave? [frown]

    Lunasea - Oy.

    mahoney - Why'd she leave? [frown]

    Maximum_Mike - Mike needs to be more active on the board. That way I can sing the Welcome Back song to him. =)

    mayhem - I've met this guy, and he didn't even have any hooker blood on his hands. What a let down. His camera is pretty darn awesome, though.

    Merope -'s Me-row-pay? What kind of bizarre username is that? [heart]

    Mister_T - The best security money can buy.

    mUrt - It's really upsetting that mUrt's never around. I had a great time with him when I met him, and would like to continue our friendship online.

    Nos402 - Yay Heath!! I so need to meet him (and Jess).

    oslowe - Quick question for ya, os. Should I see a movie about robots or a movie about zombies? (Assuming that I can only see one. And no, there is no movie about robot zombies. Although there should be....) Grumpy ol' os is a pleasure to be around, and a pleasure to read whatever he writes.

    Sandy_Claws - I am in awe of this man.

    sarennharpersmom - Excellent.

    Sasami - She's Sassy. I like that about her.

    Soupytwist - Does the Soupster even come here anymore? I've not seen her in forever. I'm pretty sure Soupy knows how much I admire and respect her. If not, it's because she's stupid.

    starshine - If I ever meet Cindy (and I hope to, someday or other), I'm so buying her a Pepsi. [grin]

    The_Witch - The epitome of What The Fuck?

    thorsdad - Kirk is a pretty darn cool guy. I'm very happy for him and Mary-Jane. The sad thing (and this is all me) is that I never seem to get around to sending him emails when I should.

    Throaty - *shakes head slowly*

    tkf - Yay for Tina! It seems like she's certainly lived a very interesting life. I should get to know her better, and get some of her wisdom from her.

    Umeeksk - I have Joe in my AIM buddy list, but I don't think we've ever chatted. Is that weird?

    Victor - My first friend on the WD ever. We've fallen out of contact lately, and that sucks, because he really is very cool.

    WilBot - Um..who?


    Monday, June 16, 2003

    So I'm reading The Story of B (by Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael) and it's thoroughly depressing and interesting and just ...

    So far it's better written than Ishmael was.

    In other news, I'm hating being at work right now. And I've got to be here tomorrow too. [frown] Also, the computer here is making weird Click noises everytime I on something. I suppose it's just much louder than normal. Maybe someone turned up the volume. (Heh. Maybe someone pumped up the volume.)

    I wanted to take this opportunity to say how glad I am that I've met my wife. She's amazing. The fact that I've got her in my life has saved me from being like 99.9999% of the rest of the world. And that's a very good thing.
    Stephanie is, pure and simple, excellent.

    Later, an entry for Jupe. [up]

    Sunday, June 15, 2003

    My last two entries have contained the phrase "world domination". (this makes #3) I'm wondering how long before I start getting ads at the top of my blog that instruct me how to Become the Next Hitler.

    I've got to add links to the side of my blog. And a clock. But I have to wait until I get home to do that, because I'm having Stephanie help me (read: she'll most likely do it all).

    Oh! But I can change the Haloscan comment names. Yay!

    I'm very tired. Waking up four hours before you're used to is harsh on someone my age.

    Saturday, June 14, 2003

    Today was pretty darn good.

    Woke up a little earlier than normal (11am, rather than noon or 1). Had breakfast (pop-tarts. Yum!!). Logged on the computer long enough to see that I had email ("eee-mail" [/homestar]) from Jupe and Beth. (Thanks guys!!)

    Showered, and then I set up Buffy. I was Evil. Steph was Oz and Xander. Saren (I nearly typed "Buffy" [hmmm]) was Willow and Buffy. The storyline we chose was The Judge.

    I started off with Dru getting the Judge's arm right away. All I had to do was get her to the spot where he'd be "built" and all would be well. Except the male aspect of the Scoobies came along and blocked the entrance. Grr!
    A few more turns went by, and with the combo of sunlight and Xander's (girly) punches, Dru ended up dust. The artifact went back into the corner, while Buffy and Xander teamed up on Darla.

    Soon enough, Spike was the sole survivor. The only one to carry on the forces of darkness. Talk about a burden.

    At about this time, Steph went to take her shower and didn't finish the game. [frown] But Saren happily took over. [yay]

    Spike cornered Xander, and exacted revenge for his having killed the female half of the Foursome. Meanwhile, Willow got the Judge's arm, but died when it attacked her. Only (a pretty wounded) Buffy and Oz remained.

    I attempted to summon Kathy, but she must've been busy, and cancelled her world domination appearance. Looked like Spike would have to go it alone.
    But then! Buffy allowed herself to be sired! Huzzah! A vamped Buffy took on Oz, who fought back valiantly, but didn't stand a chance as a human.

    The Judge never even showed up. And yet Evil won.


    Anywhat, after that was cake. The girls and Stephanie all helped put on the frosting and M&M toppings. And then they sang "Happy Birthday to You", and followed it up with "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." [major grin]

    The cake was yummy, and we listened to the Birthday CD while we ate.

    Then Saren took pictures of me with her camera, and then I had to go to work.

    I stopped for a Pepsi on the way in.
    When I got here, Kris gave me a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi and said "Happy Birthday." Heh.

    Work was pretty uneventful at first. There was a little hiccup with the server around 5pm, but no loss of revenue. Didn't even have to call anybody, as I handled the problem all by my lonesome. Yay me.

    Around 6-ish, Beth called me! At first I was like, "Beth who?" and then I was like, "OH!!!" and then I was like, "Whoa!!" and then we talked for about an hour. Yay!

    After that, I popped some popcorn and watched (the edited!!) version of Once More, With Feeling. The final tape of Buffy I've got here at work. And it still produced goosebumps. [smile]

    Once that was done, I posted my "Aducation" post, and got a really nice PM from Bettie.

    Then, it was onto blogger to blog about the days events.

    Pretty soon I'll go home and have some pizza, and that will end the day. All in all, a rather enjoyable one. Tomorrow we wake up early to go out to breakfast with my family. Waking up early sucks. But yay for breakfast!!

    Oh! As for the ranting, it's not worth the time. Jennifer is beneath me.

    And she knows it.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

    Friday, June 13, 2003

    There's a rant a comin'.

    But first!! Good things!!

    My daughters made the greatest birthday post ever for me. Yay!! It's cute and adorable and I love them for it. (and a bajillion other reasons)

    And!! I got a birthday card in the mail from Chandler!! It has "Captain Cool" on the front, a typically cute Chandler message on the inside (Monkey!!), and on the back, it says "I'm Joey." [laughing head]
    I thought she was Chandler.

    And yesterday the butterflies-to-be showed up! They've been in our house (in a jar in our house, that is) for just over a day, and they're already a lot bigger than when they first arrived. I'm trying to stifle the fear that I have of their impending world domination plans...

    And bettie made a hilarious test, that reconfirmed, that, yes, I am the P@. The one and only. All these other people are merely a P@. There's probably a Buffy analogy I could whip out around now, but I'm not feeling up to it.

    Tomorrow I turn 28. And it should be a good day (despite having to work). I'll get to spend the first part of the day with the three girls I admire most (the Mother, Daughter, and Holy Ghost??) and we're going to all play Buffy together! Geeky? Hell yes. And proud of it. I've got to keep focusing on the good things that are going on. Ignore the ...other stuff.
    I'll rant about it later.
    I still need to respond to 99% of these in my inbox...

    Not really anything I can say to that, now is there?

    "Why can't I think of my own questions?"
    I can, they just all suck.

    What's your absolute favourite thing about rafs?
    Mostly that they remind me of Jess. Yay RL/WWW connections!!

    Who is your WD hero? And why?
    Jamie Marie. The amount of energy and talent that she puts into that place astound me. I don't know how she's managed to stay sane (and keep the site going) for so long. I would've quit (or kicked everyone off) ages ago. And numerous times. She's very inspirational.

    Have you ever played leapfrog with a unicorn?
    Nope. Should I have?

    If you don't aim to please, where do you aim? Head? Kneecaps? Spine?
    I just fire blindly, and hope that I hit something. It works, nine times out of ten.

    The Sun: alien space-heater, or mass of incanescent gas?
    Also - it's a bad newspaper. (answer "borrowed" from tkf)

    What's the one odd thing you have to take with you when you travel? (Meaning not clothes or shampoo or any of that..something obscure)
    Myself. (What? I have to take it with me...)

    Which is the best of the recent superhero movies?
    Not exactly recent, but with 1982's Superfuzz, superhero movies reached their pinacle.

    What do you wish was on the Internet?
    A site called, "If you like...". In it, you could compare things you like to discover other things that are similar that you would also enjoy. So if you were searching for a type of television show that you would appreciate it would say: "If you like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, you might also like: um...whatever else is out there like Buffy" (I don't know what it would say, that's why I wish the site was on the Internet!!)

    What is your second favorite website?
    Well, I opened my "favorites", and the second one on there was: this. (I don't know that that's really my 2nd favorite site, but it's as good an answer as any)

    Now that we are about half way through the year, think back over the last six months. What was the best thing to happen to you? What was the worst? Etc, etc.
    We're halfway through the year?!?! Good christ!
    [/avoiding answering the question]

    Hi, my name is P@ and I can't even think up questions for my own PMQ. How pathetic is that? No really, on a scale of one to ten, how pathetic is it?

    I mean, P@ is cool, huh? On a scale of one to ten, how cool?

    The average ending up being: 7.3375
    I think that sounds about right.

    June is the first month of summer. What are your feelings on "summer"?
    Fuck, it's hot.

    Have you ever killed an animal? (directly - not eaten a pre-wrapped bit o' meat).

    "What should imissoz buy her boyfriend for his birthday?"
    Bally said: I have no idea. Have you promised to send her the answers to this question, or something?[crazy2]
    So, yes. Here's what I got sent to me as suggestions. Hope you're paying attention, imissoz. [wink]

  • PIE Seriously. Why aren't there more questions about pie???? I know it was kind of a 'create your own PMQ' this month and I ruined it by not talking about pie. (many things are ruined this way- man, that meeting sucked, there should have been pie! What was that preacher going on about in church? He should have been talking about pie! How many times do I have to tell you, I am not talking about this! <-- that was a fight I used to have with an ex-boyfriend. We never talked about pie. You see where that got him) So anyway! Make a question about pie next month! Phuuulllease! For instance: How many pieces of pie have you ever eaten at once? What is your favorite kind of pie? If you were going to send talula a pie, what kind and in what diameter? Pizza pie- does it really deserved to be called pie- your thoughts? etc, etc, really, it's an endless topic of discussion

  • Something he likes, wants, and/or needs. (Hey, I don't know the guy...what kind of answer were you expecting?)

  • if they've been together 6 months or less - then something small. I'm a big fan of 'gift bags' - that is - a whole bunch of little things in a fun bag!

  • underpants

  • a car

  • a gamecube

  • a card

  • a bow-flex

  • a rubber chicken, a nine iron, a wet herring, and a manual for a DVD player

  • a foosball table

  • a new sword

  • 10,000 maniacs

    not the band, the maniacs

  • chocolate!!

  • a werewolf costume


  • a good book

    Hope that helps!

    "Does anyone know if you can get The Pillow Book on DVD for Region 4?"
    The Shadow Knows!!

    "When is reality TV gonna end?"
    Is that still around? Reality, I mean. Dude, I thought that came to an end years ago.

    So, how about those Dolphins/Broncos?
    Well, when we saw the Dolphins yesterday, they didn't seem to have any sort of horse genes incorporated...

    and finally...

    Whose hairbrush would you rather borrow: Elvis' or James Dean's?
    Borrow? Yeah, like I'm gonna give it back to them. Pfft. They're dead!
    Oh, and just because nobody said him, I pick Elvis.
    Thank you. Thank you very much.
  • Thursday, June 12, 2003

    Much closer to what I want. Yay!

    We went to the Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage today. Dolphins are cool. I'm very tired and don't have much to say. My day off went by too quickly.

    Tuesday, June 10, 2003

    I'm nowhere near done working on the template change (in fact, I've barely scratched the surface), but I've decided to make my blog "known" to the world once more. There's a link in my (rather empty) profile at the WD, and I'll be making this a Public Blog again on blogger, so there's a chance that when I update, it'll show up on the "last updated" screen. I'm also giving permission to anyone reading this to link to the blog, if they so desire.

    Let's see - what should I blog about?

    I finished reading Ishmael today. Certainly an interesting book. It's amazing how strong the voice of Mother Culture is. (Heee. "Mother Culture" sounds like something out of an edited for tv movie. Maybe from Die Hard 5: Die Hardester!. "Yippie-Ki-ay, Mother Culture!")
    Joking aside, I found myself agreeing with a lot of what Ishmael (the character) had to say, but then instantly finding myself saying, "But, no, it has to be this way." [sigh] People.

    We went to the library today, and we checked out another Daniel Quinn book. (The Story of B) I'm sure Stephanie's already started reading it. [grin]
    I also checked out Sims, a sci-fi book set in the not-too-distant future in which a corporation alters the genes of chimpanzees to create a sub-human slave class. I've not yet begun it, but I'll keep you all informed.
    It seems that since we're in rerun season, the amount of reading I'm doing has increased. Yay for that. I just wish there were more people to discuss books with. I saw that Jess had read Otherland and that made me very happy. I keep meaning to fire off a PM to her about that. Speaking of books and the WD, I've wanted to, for a long time, create a "book club". Just never have due to laziness (and I'm not sure how it would work, exactly.) Maybe I'll do that this summer. (Most likely not. [wink])

    In other news, I've nearly complete the "listen to all of our tapes while driving" mission that I started back in February. Funny thing about that - I discovered that I really like Morphine, Sebadoh, and Robyn Hitchcock. All of which I had previously dismissed. I was a music snob back in the day. [doh2]

    OH! Jupe - gilibeanz made a boq about hair. I answered it already, and mentioned the P@fro. Figured you'd want to take a look at that. [smile]

    Okay. I'm gonna mess around with the template a bit. So if things look odd, at least I have an excuse.
    Lots to say today, hopefully I get to it all. I'd hate to not have my brain purged completely. [appropriate icon]

    Woke up way too late to accomplish anything before having to go to work. Again. This makes 3 days running. Woo!

    Went to work, and I read some more of Ishmael. It's not the world's best-written book, but I like it a lot, anyway. It's given me plenty to mull over, and while I won't get into it all now, I'll simply summarize with this. Fuck god, and fuck farmers.

    At work, Matt and Scott were playing with We're all very busy down there. [rolleyes]
    I saw the Halloween movie, which I'd never seen before, and it was very funny.

    Around 6:20, I called the Jury Duty number, and discovered that I don't have to go down there tomorrow, and that completes my being called. [shrug] I still get paid for the one day I did go down, so sometime in the next ten days or so I'll go collect my 7 bucks. Yay seven bucks!!
    I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get "chosen", but what can I do? Go down and demand to be inconvienenced? Heh. Anywhat, I'm off the hook for at least two more years, which means that I will never be selected for Jury Duty in Nevada, since we'll be moving next June. Perhaps the Oregon justice system will be more rewarding.

    Also at work, I watched Restless which was all edited wrong. [grrr] They put a commercial break in the middle of Xander's dream. Whuh?
    Other than smiling at some of the funny lines and scenes, Restless seemed kinda...not as nifty. Maybe my mind was just elsewhere. I dunno. It seemed like they were hinting at much more (or perhaps my flights of fanficy were searching for more?) than what wound up being shown during the series. [shrug] I'm down to the final four, I think. They are The Body, Forever, Never Kill a Boy on the First Date and Once More, With Feeling.

    At 8:30, I let Mike go home early. I believe my words were something to the effect of, "I've got things covered."

    At about 9:03, everything went to hell.

    [begin long boring work related story. Feel free to skip ahead.]

    Yolonda was working in KFBT (ironically, her last day before a two week vacation), when she came over and asked if Mike was here. I told her that he wasn't feeling good (not true. He was actually going to a concert. The "not feeling well" story was conconcted by us both as a cover for him in case anyone asked. [sigh]) and that I let him leave early.
    "Why? What's wrong?"
    She told me that her board was flashing and she couldn't get anything to come up on the preset screen.
    Not liking the sounds of this, I followed her into KFBT's control room to take a look.
    She was in the midst of a paid program, which meant that she didn't really need to switch for another 20 minutes. Sure enough, her board had the program button and the preset button flashing, and attempting to select anything for the preset resulted in nothing happening.
    Testing all aspects of the board, she hit the transition button - hoping, I guess, to see if it even worked, and then would switch back into the program. The board did switch to the preset (which was just dead air), but did not switch back to the program. Oops.
    It was at this time that we called Greg (the chief engineer).
    To cut a very long story a little bit shorter, Greg talked me through some functions to restore power to the board (basically, turning off the power source, waiting, and turning it back on). That didn't work. He told me he was going to call Bryan (the main engineer for KFBT) and have him call me back.
    Meanwhile, KFBT was broadcasting dead air.
    Around 9:15, we realized that we were stuck on what had been the last thing Yo had switched to (the commercial server) and that that could still be on the air. In a bout of brilliance, I decided that I would dub the segments of her next program onto tape, and load them into the commercial server, so that even though the 9pm paid program was shot, at least the 9:30 program could air (along with all of it's spots). Her 9:30 show was supposed to be MASH. I took the tape, went into KVWB's control room and got out a blank tape to transfer the segments onto. And then discovered that I couldn't. It seems that the power source for KFBT's switcher is also connected to the tunnel that allows dubbing. Doh.
    At about 9:26, Bryan called, and had me do the same thing that Greg was doing (the power down, power back up trick). But!! This worked. Because there were two power sources to switch off. Doh. Again.
    KFBT was back on the air at 9:30, just in time for MASH to air.


    Except. The board didn't stay operational. It worked for one transition, then "froze" again. At that time, I knew the two power source trick, and we did that, resulting in dead air for one minute. (As opposed to the nearly 30 minutes prior.) After that, KFBT's board was up and running and stayed good until 10:40.
    At 10:45, I called Bryan back, and told him that the board was obviously dying, and that the CPR-method was not working. Or, rather, that it was working, but only for a limited time. And that I doubted the overnight crew wanted to spend all night turning off the power and turning it back on in order to stay on the air. He said to pass the "trick" along to the guys coming in at 11pm, and that he'd be down there "sometime tonight". (Cuz, you know, maintaining on-air product isn't a priority or anything)
    I showed the trick to the overnighters, who didn't seem too happy to be inheriting the shitstorm I'd left them with. But the trick, as I said, was losing it's effectiveness each time it was done, and by 11pm, we were back in black. (Heh.)
    I stuck around, trying to get KFBT into some reasonable state of normalcy. Bryan was called one more time, and he was en route by the time I left at 11:20.
    It was semi-amusing (in the not really amusing way) that Yo and I were stressing out, trying to get back on the air, while the engineers were taking a very laissez-faire attitude toward the whole thing. I'm sure there's a message there, but I ain't gonna figure it out right now.
    [/end boring work related story]

    Once I got home, I saw that starshine had sent Saren and Harper some porcelian fairies!! Woohoo! The girls were very excited about them, and I must say that it was a very nice surprise, and a much better way to end the day. [up] Thank you, Cindy.

    It's now 1:12 in the morning, and we're going to attempt to wake up early again tomorrow, so um...

    Monday, June 09, 2003

    If you ever feel that your life is incomplete, that there is some sort of void in your existence, that you've got a hole that needs filling, it's because your life is incomplete. There is a void in your existence. And you do have a hole that needs filling.

    The solution?

    You need to get Jesus Christ into your life.

    Jesus is the salvation to all of life's problems. Through Jesus all things are possible. Christ will carry you through the rough patches of the day-to-day drudgery.

    Of course, by "Jesus Christ" I really mean "material goods".

    Sunday, June 08, 2003

    When I left work today, it kinda occurred to me that nobody that works at the station likes being there. Nobody really likes anyone else there (well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but just slightly), and I think that for the majority of us, we're simply there because of force of habit. And money.
    We get no real satisfaction from earning the station money (because, let's face it, that's what we're really doing. For each day that I get paid my 80 some-odd dollars, I'm sure the station is earning at least 8000) and yet we do it, day in and day out.

    I was thinking earler that it might just be better to pack up the family and move to a rain forest, ala The Mosquito Coast. Of course, we won't do that, because we're far too dependant upon modern life. I love the internet. And television. And having a roof over my head. And eating Del Taco. And Pepsi (can't forget about the Nectar of the Gods). I hate driving (scratch that. I hate driving with 300,000 other people. Actually, I hate driving with even 30 other people on the road. I have issues), but I would hate to give up the car, and the tape deck, and the air conditioned air.
    But the Mosquito Coast lifestyle does have it's appeal. Roughing it. Living life amongst nature. Actually learning something worthwhile. Getting my hands dirty, and accomplishing something. It would be great.

    The downside, at least in the book, was that a) the father was a complete and utter lunatic. And b) despite taking himself (and his family) out of the city, he couldn't take the city out of himself. If that makes sense. It's been a while since I've read the book (and it is a really good book), but from what I recall, it seems that Father's plan was flawed in that he wanted to rebuild civilization. Civilization is flawed. If he had just tried to get away, and live the "simple" life, things would've been better.

    Bah. I don't know what I'm talking about.

    I'm down to the final 7 Buffys at work. I should wrap up on or near my birthday. Yay?

    Saturday, June 07, 2003

    Again with the headache. Wonderful.

    Bah. I have nothing to say. I meant to post the other day, but there simply aren't enough hours. Apparently.

    I have just gotten back from the WD for the first time in several days (still haven't responded to the PMQ responses, like I need to) and I wanted to throw in my two cents on the whole Spike/Angel thing. (He said, as though anyone cared) I think Spike will be revived by accident. A spell will be done, and as a side-effect, completely unintentional, Spike will come back.
    I say this, because
    a) it provides plenty of angst for Spike's character
    b) it doesn't "sully his sacrifice" (or however Joss is wording it)
    c) bringing Spike back from the dead would be an accident, no matter how they do it.

    Also - I think that maybe the vampire that will Shanshu might not be either Spike or Angel. Maybe it'll be Harmony. That would be nice.

    I watched I Was Made To Love You the other day, and when Xander said his "I miss Oz." line, it made me giggle uncontrollably. I'm a dork.

    I finished Otherland: City of Golden Shadow today. I'm now going to read Ishmael because Steph said it was an interesting read, and it looks like something I'll enjoy. It's been a while since we've both read the same book to discuss. That's mostly because I don't read the stuff I should.

    OH!! Bally's birthday was the other day!! He shares a birthday with Choset! Woo!! (Um...I suppose sharing a birthday with the Destroyer of the Universe is cause for celebration. [wink])
    My birthday is next Saturday. I'll be working. Yee-haw.

    I need water.

    Erm. What else?

    There's work to be done, but I really don't want to do any of it. Truth be told, I'd much rather be at home. Mowing the lawn. Or sleeping.

    Tuesday, June 03, 2003

    Mmm. Headache.

    I wanted to answer this yesterday, but I decided to "compress the hard drive" (not as pornographic as it sounds), and it took much longer than I'd've thought. To add insult to injury, the computer doesn't seem much faster, either. Doh.

    How many blogs do you have?
    Let's find out. One. Two-who-who-oo. Three. Crunch!!


    How many blogs do you "stalk"?
    About 5 on a absolutely every day basis. About another 20 when I remember/have the time.
    I'm a bad stalker.

    What the hell is a "blurty" anyway?
    All the cool names were taken already.

    "Tell me girl did I blow your mind?"
    Heeeeellllll yeeaah! [/psuedo-gangsta]
    ("Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)?" by New Kids on the Block)

    Exactly how evil was FOD?
    It's like the First Evil, and Haloscan is like Jasmine. Huh.

    and finally....

    Cut and paste a passage from some other blog. (Preferably one that I don't already frequent.) Links are also welcome.

    This is from Damn the Man, Save the Empire!

    And The Phone Never Rings, When You're Cold And It Stings
    i'm FREEZING! gaaaaaaaaaaaah! it's june! stop the madness! so....basically after friday of last week...i was just done with school. i just can't do work anymore. it's too painful. i keep procrastinating on everything. >.< english deserves it. and french can bite me. world cultures is boring. japanese is pointless. and math....i haven't even thought about. THEN WHEN IT COMES TO BIO! alex and cecelia will NOT let me work. it's sick. i was attacked! multiple times...geez back to japanese

    In other news, we're going out ot see Finding Nemo tonight. This will be the first movie we've been to since The Jungle Book 2. You can draw your own conclusions about our movie-going. It should be fun, though. I have a strong suspicion that Finding Nemo will be a vast improvement over JB2.

    Oh, and the Buffython is still going on at work.Yesterday, in fact, I watched Fool For Love, A New Man, and Helpless. I've just not been talking about the eps, since I didn't want to bore everyone.

    More than usual, that is.

    Sunday, June 01, 2003

    Today, you are witnessing the birth of the newest gimmick.
    The bloq.

    Most of you are familiar already with BOQ (Bunch Of Questions). A BLOQ is simply a boq in a blog.
    Of course, if you take it literally, the "L" should stand for something.
    Person A: Hey, P@, what does the "L" stand for in "bloq"?
    P@: "L if I know." [/official answer]

    Anywhat, enough semantics and hemandhawing. Onto the first ever BLOQ!
    And, appropriately enough, this one is about blogs. Yay!

    New Kids on the Bloq

    I've got the Right Stuff. [/preamble]

    OH! Also, for the sake of this bloq - the term "blog" refers to all online diaries. Blogger, blurty, diaryland, moveabletype, whatever. If you purge your thoughts online for the world to read, it's considered a blog. [up] [/disclaimer]

    <b> How many blogs do you have? </b>

    <b> How many blogs do you "stalk"? </b>

    <b> What the hell is a "blurty" anyway? </b>

    <b> "Tell me girl did I blow your mind?" </b>

    <b> Exactly how evil was FOD? </b>

    and finally....

    <b> Cut and paste a passage from some other blog. (Preferably one that I don't already frequent.) Links are also welcome. </b>

    This should prove interesting. [grin]
    Also - don't worry. Even though I'll be doing the periodic bloq, I'll still be posting on the WD. I'm all over this Net thing. [wink]