Thursday, October 31, 2002

Ultra Tired P@ returns!!

God, Thursdays are fun. In the sleep-deprived type of way that sleep-deprivation is.

So, yeah, today is/was Halloween. End of another month. Woo!

We took the girls all around the neighboring neighborhoods. Evidently, the hip thing with adults nowadays is to "forget" that it's Halloween. I swear that 88% of the houses were dark. (plus, we did have two houses that had people at them who used the "I forgot" excuse for lack of candy. Weird.)

We also didn't see very many other kids. At least at first. Then, after eating some of the LSD-laced Twix bars, we saw goats all over the place.
[bwahahaha! Sorry. Ultra-tired P@ has an odd (aud) sense of humor)
But, yeah, we pretty much had the streets to ourselves, which was more depressing than it should've been. Or is in hindsight.

As I just said to STeph: "What? What?" UTP@ is FUN!!

I had a point, and now I forget what it was. Or maybe I didn't have a point to begin with, and I didn't forget what it wasn't. I'm sounding very zen right now. "Everything Zen" by Bush (not George) has some line in it about Elvis ...eating ghosts? [shrug] It's on topic (not On Topic, though), because I was dressed as Elvis while we trick-or-treated.

I was King for a Day. [/self amusment]

There was one guy, who had all these stuffed animals hanging above his driveway, and when the girls came up to his house, he took a knife and cut two of them down. That was impressively cool. When I was a kid, all I ever got was candy.

The girls also got coupons for a free Frosty from Wendy's. So we walked there for dinner. Yum. (note: "yum" meaning "yuck".)

This is lengthy. UTP@ types a lot. Which is a good thing, no?

Comments rule.

From the other day: I've discovered that other people (parents mostly, and mostly mothers) suck ass. They just talk too much. About stupid junk that is stupid. And junk. God, I want them to shut up and go away. And they never do. Stupid junky ass sucking moms.

I know I'll have "made it" when someone quotes me from my blog in their sig. Or their bio. Like the "stupid junky ass sucking moms" line seems like something that mayhem would have in his sig. Or not. [shrug] I'm done now.
Tomorrow is the first of November. Rabbit rabbit.
Note to stalkers: Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

We carved pumpkins tonight.
That was a heck of a lot of fun. Got our hands all gooey, and orange. Harper, who has a thing about being clean, was simultaneously appalled and intrigued. (god, I need a spell check)
Saren, always wanting to be independent, wanted to carve the lid off, scoop the insides out, draw the face (she did), cut out the face (she helped), and light the candle.
She did not offer to help clean up. [tongue]

Oreo tried to eat the seeds, and climb inside the pumpkin shell. We have a strange cat.

Now that we have our Jack O Lanterns, it's finally feeling like Halloween. yay!!

In board news, meh.

Monday, October 28, 2002

A few nights back, I was trying to get Saren to sleep, so I sat in her room, and sang to her.
I sang "99 bottles of beer on the wall" in it's entirety. (what? It used to work on Harper)
After I was finished, she turned to me and said, "Can you sing it again?"

Inside everyone's head is an entire universe. I want to swim inside Stephanie's. I love her so much.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

You know what's funny? (well, not funny haha, but funny odd)

Nobody ever comments on the older entries. (They will now.(or not, since I said they would. Stupid reverse psychology) of course now that I said they won't...))

What was my point? I forget.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Dude!! Tonight is Daylight savings!! Which means that we get an extra hour of sleep.

Of course, we'll most likely end up using it to stay online for an additional hour, but, hey, an extra hour is an extra hour.

Finally, farmers did something right!
Note to self: Trading one online obsession for another is not productive. Yeah, it's wonderful you are writing (although the quality of the writing is a whole other matter), but you have books to read. And work to do. And you should be writing something ...else.
And doing something with your life.

Lazy punk.
Hey, cool!! I got thanked!! By a newbie, no less!
no_j sent me a Private Message thanking me for fixing his/her spoiler tags, and saying that s/he would be more careful in the future. (I honestly don't remember fixing them, but that's not the point) It certainly felt good to hear, "Hey, thanks for a job well done." (in not so many words)

Speaking of jobs, wouldn't it be nice if we didn't need them? What if everyone one day woke up and decided, ya know, I'm not going to go into the office today. I'd much rather go out and enjoy the sunshine, and perhaps have lunch with some friends and family.

Ignoring the idea of complete social chaos for a moment, could that idea work? And, really, would society breakdown? I mean, the things that had to get done would get done by people who wanted to do them. Wouldn't they?Gah. I'm not expressing myself very clearly.
I think what I'm trying to say is "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". Or something.
It's not even Halloween (although it is really close) and I'm already dreading the holidays. I love Oct. 31st, but it's Turkey-Day, Xmas, and sometimes New Year's that bother me.
Gah. Focus on the good, P@, focus on the good.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Adventures of Ultra Tired P@!!
So, when I tried to log onto my blog just now, I typed in my WD password.
Also, while driving home from buying water and milk a few moments back, I realized I was Ultra Tired P@, and then I spent about 3/4ths of a mile (or, roughly 2 minutes) trying to figure out a funny/witty/stupid/clever acronym for UTOPIA using "ultra", "tired" and "P@". I gave up.

What else has Ultra Tired P@ done?


Oh! We went to a Halloween carnival today. The girls had a good time. Harper even won the "prettiest" costume in her age bracket. (2 and under)
Of course, Steph wrote about all this in her blog, so I won't repeat it here. Also, I'm ultra-tired.
Heh. Reminds me (vaguely) of that What was the name? Pettycoat Orange? No. It was Operation Oran...a Clockwork Orange!! Yay for brain! cells!
Why'd it remind me of that? Oh! The ol' 'ultra-violence'. Great term.
Um, except that violence is not a good thing, really. Or, it is, it's just not something to aspire toward.

The past two nights to help Saren fall asleep, I've been reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer aloud to her. It hasnt' helped either night, but she seems to want it. (She did, after all, ask for me to read it to er tonight.)


Laundry tomorrow. Plus, work again. It seems slo far away. Normally, I'd be just getting home around now. Time is weird. And fleeting.
What the hell am I still doing up?

I'm a sucker for punishment. Or, tiredness. Something like that.

Tomorrow (today) we are going to a Halloween carnival. That means the girls get to wear their costumes!! Yay!

I had something else to say, but meh.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I want Crazy Flakes.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Random thought time.

We went to Sunset Park today. The girls had a fun time climbing trees, swinging, playing in dirt, feeding ducks. The weather was beautiful, as it is in Vegas this time of year. Steph brought her camera(s). She was beautiful, as always. I took a picture of her on a swing with Harper. I was a bit too far away, but that just goes to show why she is the family photographer, not me.

While watching the ducks (and geese, and some other unknown type of water-fowl) swim around the man-made pond, scrounging for bits of bread and crackers, I wondered what type of life that would be to lead. Anytime any of the birds managed to capture a large piece of food, they would have to swim away super fast, otherwise another bird would snatch it out of the other one's mouth.
OH!! Also! We saw some of the unknown-type-birds attacking each other!! One of them actually managed to push the other under the water....and we didn't see it resurface! Murder most fowl. [groan. And thank god I don't have the comment deal up yet, or I know I'd be hearing about that one.]
Anywhat, the point is that Nature is a harsh bitch.

Funny quote of the day comes from the show Elimidate.
"Her mouth was as open as a camel's ass when looking for water."
[laughing head]
And also, huh?

I should be working on ...that piece I should be working on. Laziness, you win another round.

I had too much soda today. I'm all semi-hyper. And not craving a Pepsi. Freaky.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

So, yeah, there's this janitor who comes into to work periodically, and the guy is a freak. I mean, totally weird. He's talked to me before about his belief systems and I just don't get him. At all.
And yet, he talks to me everytime I see him. He attempts to make idle chit-chat, despite the fact that I'm giving off signals that say "I do not want to talk to you. Go the hell away. Or at the very least, stop speaking."
But he doesn't get it.

This happens all the time in other places too. People (not all people, just the annoying ones) in public, just have this odd "I must pass the time by chattering to this complete stranger" gene. My defense against this is to smile, pretend I'm listening, and occasionally murmur an "Mm-hmm.", all the while wishing for the Gentlemen to come along with their handy "Shut the hell up" box.

So, yeah, maybe if other people could read my mind, they'd know that I was not interested in their blather, and bugger off.

Hee. I said "bugger off".

Angel is on in like 20 minutes.
I wonder if having the ability to read minds would be a good thing. I think maybe not for me to have, but other people should be able to read my mind.

I'll expand on this thought later.
I think the past is bad. Or, not bad, per se, but not as good as now. Or the future.
I mean, go back two years, and there was no Harper.
Go back 5 years, and there was no Harper, and no Saren. =(
You continue to go back in the past, and there's just less stuff. I mean, dude, a mere 15 years ago, most people didn't even have a clue what the Internet was. (Um. what is it again? [dork2])
So, really, there's no such thing as "the good old days". There's now. And there's what's coming.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Heh. Interesting.
Whenever I go to write in my journal, I "block" at the blank page. I would think, since I'm posting and/or PMing at the WD all the time, that sitting at the computer would be easier. And yet, here I am, "blocking" at the blank white screen.

Of course, it's much less blank now. But that's a good thing.

I've been in a lot of up and down moods today. The board was getting to me earlier, all the stupid infighting. All the negativity. All the taking everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) way too seriously. Gah.
But then I just said (to myself), "Enough. Screw coming here and feeling bad. I come here for fun, and to sometimes interact with folks whom I consider pretty good friends. Don't let the bad stuff get to you."
And then I didn't. I actually posted some fun, funny stuff. (Mildly amusing, at any rate) and sent out a few good PMs (although nobody I'm *really* friends with was on, and I forgot to PM bettie and Jupe. [doh]) And by the time I logged out, I was no longer upset. Yay for mind-set improvement!

But then I came here, and was a bit upset again (not to a great degree, or anything) by the lack of interesting writing that was going on. Of course, now, I'm simply just blathering away like some kind of ...blathering thing. (I believe the phrase is "blathering idiot" [wink])

Hm. Now that I've said *that*, though, I seem to be done. Again.

But I'm not. Not really. I mean, I've got a LOT of things that have been going through my head, and I just haven't *said* them yet. Weird. Maybe sometime soon they'll actually make the leap from brain to computer screen.
It's almost noon, and none of us have even showered yet. Laziness, thy name is, ah screw it.
Oh, watch how boring this entry will be.
Nice first impression, P@.

So, yeah. I've finally decided to take the leap and jump onto the bandwagon. I've done got myself one of them thar blogs!

So what will I use this for? Hm. Good question. Mostly, just random thoughts. Maybe story writings (there's a laugh). Undoubtedly I'll come here to rant. Or when I'm bored out of my skull. Or happy. It'll be like my non-online journal. Only hopefully much less boring. (Um. Not thus far.)

It ought to be fun.

Or not sure. Or not important.

And that'll do it for now.

-the P@