Monday, October 21, 2002

Random thought time.

We went to Sunset Park today. The girls had a fun time climbing trees, swinging, playing in dirt, feeding ducks. The weather was beautiful, as it is in Vegas this time of year. Steph brought her camera(s). She was beautiful, as always. I took a picture of her on a swing with Harper. I was a bit too far away, but that just goes to show why she is the family photographer, not me.

While watching the ducks (and geese, and some other unknown type of water-fowl) swim around the man-made pond, scrounging for bits of bread and crackers, I wondered what type of life that would be to lead. Anytime any of the birds managed to capture a large piece of food, they would have to swim away super fast, otherwise another bird would snatch it out of the other one's mouth.
OH!! Also! We saw some of the unknown-type-birds attacking each other!! One of them actually managed to push the other under the water....and we didn't see it resurface! Murder most fowl. [groan. And thank god I don't have the comment deal up yet, or I know I'd be hearing about that one.]
Anywhat, the point is that Nature is a harsh bitch.

Funny quote of the day comes from the show Elimidate.
"Her mouth was as open as a camel's ass when looking for water."
[laughing head]
And also, huh?

I should be working on ...that piece I should be working on. Laziness, you win another round.

I had too much soda today. I'm all semi-hyper. And not craving a Pepsi. Freaky.

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