Tuesday, May 29, 2018

go knights go

So, we (along with, apparently, 29% of all other television sets in the city of Las Vegas) watched (part of) the Stanley Cup game one yesterday. It was wildly entertaining! Even though we didn't watch the entire game (I did go online later to make sure the Knights won - and they did (and I felt pride about it! What in the world is happening???)), I ...kind of got sucked into it a bit. Like, I don't care about sports or hockey teams or any of that AT ALL.
And yet... I found myself getting tense whenever the capitals were near our net, and ... yeah. I guess I can kind of see how you could easily get into it.

I'll still be very glad when all the games are done, since it's a massive amount of extra work for me (and a LOT of pressure/stress since the commercials that are airing during the games are SUPER pricey. I screw something up there, it's gonna be noticed, for sure). But, still. Go Knights Go.

Friday, May 25, 2018

oh, oh, oh, it's magic

So, I went to Firehouse subs to pick up dinner tonight. I ordered 3 subs, two drinks, and two cookies.
After I paid, the clerk handed me the cups and I went to fill them up, then sat down at a nearby table and waited while the subs were being prepared.
I realized then that the cookies I ordered were sitting on the counter in front of the clerk, and I was supposed to grab them myself.
So, I approached the counter and took a chocolate chip and an oatmeal raisin cookie that were in the pile of saran-wrapped cookies. I then sat back down, and waited.

Food gets done, and the employee that made my food handed me my bag of sandwiches. I thanked him, and left.

I get home, and we start going through our sandwiches - they were all in cardboard containers - each with a numbered sticker on them; 1, 2, 3. (I'm guessing that it matched the receipt, but I didn't keep it, and can't confirm that.)

After we finished the sandwiches, we went to eat the cookies. And that's when I saw that the chocolate chip cookie had a sticker with the #4 on it, and the oatmeal raisin had a sticker with the #5 on it.


Nobody touched the cookies but me. And, yes, i'm sure the stickers were on there all along, but... why would they have stickers on the cookies out on display, and how coincidental is it that I would grab the ones that corresponded with the amount of items I was purchasing??

I feel almost like I'm on the Carbonaro Effect, except that it's not *that* crazy a trick, and also, it wasn't discovered until I was at home, and there were no cameras here to film me when the surprise happened. (That I know of)
But, still.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

so long ambition, so long desire, hello apathy

So, since two weeks ago (no, wait, three? nope - two.) when my class ended, I've had pretty much zero drive to write again. Sigh. I guess it was fun while it lasted.

I've thought about revisiting/revising Stupid Monsters again, a little bit. But that's as far as it's gone. A little thought. I haven't even reread it completely through myself. I assume that when I *do* read it again, that that will mean I'm ready to take that step  of working on it again.
Of course, it's equally likely that it will join the list of all my past work and just continue collecting dust.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

it was "Laurel" last night, and the first part of this morning. But since about 10, it's consistently been "Yanny".

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Think my years of bad living are finally catching up to me. I feel drained and bluh.
Anyway, it's really weird to think that every single person you see came from a mother. It's just ...sort of amazing.And yet ordinary and super common.

Monday, May 07, 2018

2 sad semesters it was only 15 grand

So, all done with school.
Fittingly I finished my second draft (71 pages, exclamation point) of Stupid Monsters today. I turned it in to the teach, and also emailed copies to the rest of the class. I appreciated a lot of their insights and feedback, and told them as much. They've got my personal email address, so, if a friendship or two can be maintained from that, well, that'll be cool. I really hope, though, that I'll be able to keep up my motivation and [urgh, someotherword I can't think of right now] for writing.
SMv2 has some obvious flaws in it as well, and in a week or so, I plan on going back and fixing things, even if I don't receive any additional criticism from anyone that has read it. So, that's of the good. I also hope that I can generate the muster to creating something OTHER than Stupid Monsters. It's a great, fun universe I've made, but I feel like for the past month or two it's ALL i've done creatively. (partly because that's the case)

Thursday, May 03, 2018

next question, please

the universe is just a big old simulation designed to answer questions posed by whomever is running it.
Since, oh, July of 2015, the question was "How many laws can a wealthy scum fuck get away with breaking with no repercussions?" And now we have seen that the answer is "All of them."
So, now that we have the answer, can we just move on to a more interesting and less stress inducing situation? Please?