Monday, May 07, 2018

2 sad semesters it was only 15 grand

So, all done with school.
Fittingly I finished my second draft (71 pages, exclamation point) of Stupid Monsters today. I turned it in to the teach, and also emailed copies to the rest of the class. I appreciated a lot of their insights and feedback, and told them as much. They've got my personal email address, so, if a friendship or two can be maintained from that, well, that'll be cool. I really hope, though, that I'll be able to keep up my motivation and [urgh, someotherword I can't think of right now] for writing.
SMv2 has some obvious flaws in it as well, and in a week or so, I plan on going back and fixing things, even if I don't receive any additional criticism from anyone that has read it. So, that's of the good. I also hope that I can generate the muster to creating something OTHER than Stupid Monsters. It's a great, fun universe I've made, but I feel like for the past month or two it's ALL i've done creatively. (partly because that's the case)

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