Sunday, March 30, 2008

we'll all float on, okay

I should do a lyric title recap post again soon. Haven't done one for a while. I'm not sure that I'd *remember* what titles were song lyrics anymore, though. Or even where they came from.

This one is an easy one, though. It's from Modest Mouse's, Float On, because it's currently playing on the iTunes.

Yesterday we partook in the Earth Hour exercise, even though Las Vegas was not on the list of official cities. We turned off all the lights, and the computer, lit some candles, and sang songs and told stories and laughed like loons. Did it accomplish anything significant? Not in environmental terms, I'm sure, but it was a fun hour in our house, and maybe we'll do things like that more often. (Eventually, of course, we'll all be forced to...)

Well, it's month-end, and that means that I can do my movie-roundup as well as the daily post totaling. Hooray! I still want to see a) if I end up seeing 200 movies within the year, b) if my grand total of words will be over 200,008 (doubt it!), and c) a graph/chart with my posting totals on them. Perhaps later I'll do some googling and see what I come up with...

Movies this month - March was not a very big movie month, for some reason. Maybe April will be more movie-friendly.

Hide and Seek - Dakota Fanning was creepy as hell in this movie. I really enjoyed it, until the final 20 minutes when it became another cliche-filled Hollywood "thriller". [sigh] And then the final 20 seconds was just stupid icing. But, seriously, the first hour or so were quite good.

Hellboy - I had seen this before, but didn't mind rewatching it. They're coming out with a sequel now! I don't know how I feel about that!

Across the Universe - Fabulous. A musical using Beatles songs, and set in the 60s, but not about the band. Visually and aurally, this movie kicked forty types of ass. Plot wise it was a little thin, but I'm not complaining. It was just a treat for the senses, really. Plus, Jupe is an extra in it. Heh. "Hey, Jupe!"

Global Effect - This was one of those late-night grade C (or lower) movies that I screened at work. It was about a virus being released in Africa, and terrorists steal the only! vaccine! in the world!! I have to say, though, that for the type of movie that it was, it wasn't half bad. It wasn't half good, either, but I've seen much worse, really.

Falling Sky - for example, this. Oh man. This was a 'drama' about a single mother and her teenage daughter (played by Brittany Murphy!) who move to Las Vegas. The mom battles alcoholism, while Brittany narrates REALLY bad poetry/philosophy/life lessons through the entire movie. Brittany Murphy gives a pretty decent performance, truth be told, but overall, the writing is just horrible and the whole thing seems kinda pointless. If I hadn't had to screen it for work, I definitely would've turned the thing off.

Surf's Up - I almost turned this off, too. (We got it from Netflix) But I'm glad I didn't. The first 10 minutes or so were ...I don't know. They didn't flow right, or something. But after that, it got a lot better, and was enjoyable. Spoiler for the biggest laugh of the movie:
"C'mon, she likes you. She called you crap."

An Ideal Husband - Another screened for work movie. Oscar Wilde movies are...okay. This one was no different. I think The Importance of Being Earnest was better.

Okay. Post totals!
In order: 416; 186; 132; 145; 1,031; 633; 19; 381; 683; 1,324; 92; 112; 161; 444.
And this post has a total of: 641
For the total of March being - 6,400
And for the year to date - 16,821

Friday, March 28, 2008

Experation Date

Remember Andilus and the disappearing people in her world?
(even if you do, you should go and reread it. It's got moments of goodness, even if it is incomplete)

Well, I recently found the notebook that that was being written in, and there was a whole page of stuff I had as the beginning before the beginning. (And it was then X-ed out, and I restarted the story with what you can read if you follow the link.)

Normally I would've just been all, "Huh. That's neat." and leave it at that. But! There's a neat little coincidence in the story (you'll see in a minute) that made me say, "Okay. Gotta blog this."

So. Here we go:

2006 - Sep. 11th

14 months. I have 14 months left to live. Exactly.
It's difficult to believe that there was ever a time when people did not know their death dates. That was BV, of course. Long before I was born.

I'm doing this wrong.

Can a journal even be wrong? Not in most cases, I guess, but this is most certainly not a normal case.

They say that as people approach their Vanishing Day - mine, as I said before, is 14 months from today - that they become nostalgic. Introspective. Reflective. Morose. And scared. Scared is in there. Oh yeah.

One could ask me - in fact, I can hear Karen's voice right now- always logical, always questioning. It's been two years already since she Vanished. She'd ask me about this if she could, I know. "Claire," she'd say, "Diaries are written for future generations to read." She'd most likely put a cynical laugh here. "There will be no future generations," she'd conclude.

And she'd be right. After March 28th, 2008, there will be no humans left on the planet.

So unless some alien race stumbles upon this book, who is my intended audience - why am I writing this?

Because there's hope.

As incredible as that seems, there's a small glimmer of hope taht the human race will not die out in just under two years. It's a long shot, but it beats sitting around doing nothing.

Or maybe I'm grasping at straws.

I suppose I'll find out soon enough.

First, I'm going to include excerpts

That's where it ended. After that I turned the page and began writing what I linked to. Funny that I wrote all that in 2003. Whoa. 5 years have past, and I've not done any work on it at all. That's....

Anyway. Thought it was interesting that I refound the notebook so close to the date that had Claire's people dying off. I wonder what, if anything, it means.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the 28th it is, then.

I had started a post today that could very well have been posted on the 28th. I wasn't sure whether I should have posted it today, or the next time I blog, which will, of course, be 3/28.

As I said, I started it, but before I could finish the post, I had to get dinner, then eat dinner, then remove the middle and back seats from the van, then drive across town to a friend's house to pick up a slightly used couch he was giving away, then drive back, then unload the couch from the van and into the house, then put the seats back into the van, and get the girls some ice cream.

By this point I'm freaking exhausted, and not in the mood to blog at all, so the post is in draft mode, where it will remain until Friday, when it will be completed, and posted, and read by all.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Things William Shakespeare never knew about

Alas, poor Shakespeare!
  • Trains
  • Cell phones
  • Pizza (?? Not sure on that one, but I know for a fact he never had 'modern' pizza - in a box.)
  • The Simpsons
  • Game shows
  • Swiffer Wet Jet
  • Parking lots
  • Shopping carts
  • Riding shopping carts in parking lots (so. much. fun.)
  • Recreational vehicles
  • United States Presidents
  • World War [insert number here]
  • plastic
  • genetic manipulation
  • The Beatles
  • google
  • Harry Houdini
  • Stephanie
How can you be the greatest writer of all time, and yet none of your characters have ever heard "Let It Be"? Then again, people are still reading his work 400 years after his death, so he must've done something right.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

53 minutes

left in the day, and I'm just now getting to blogging. I'm such a procrastinator. (I very nearly wrote "protagonist". Heh.)

I don't have much to say.

I've typed several different sentences now (about being in a bad mood, two sentences about Easter, and one half sentence that started with 'I guess') and erased each of them. Long live the backspace key!

It would be interesting one time to just type without using the backspace key the entire time. Just turn off the censor/editor all together? I don't know about that.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I opted to watch Smallville tonight for the first time in a long time. (I think the last time I watched was at the start of this season when they introduced Supergirl...)

I'm going to recap tonight's episode, even though I really don't have a clue as to what is going on story-wise. But that's okay, because, statistically speaking, neither do you.

Tonight's episode was entitled Traveler. (It's always bugged me that all Smallville episodes are one-word titles. Makes them too difficult to remember, imo.) Anyway, on we go!

No previouslies, which is kinda weird, but I guess they figure that we don't need to know what's going on.

It opens with Papa Luthor signing things at his desk. A lackey approaches him and says, "You got one more, sir." An autograph request?
It shows that the envelope has a wax seal, so maybe it's a Hogwarts acceptance letter...
Papa Luthor opens the envelope, reads the contents (we don't see them) and looks very worried.

Clark is in the barn, looking at one of those octagon-key-portal-spaceship pieces that played importance several thousand seasons back (and might still?). He hears a noise, and the suspicious music clues us in that it is not Lana, despite him calling out to ask if it is. (So I guess he and Lana are back on speaking terms this week?) Suddenly, an electric shocking dart flies through the air and hits Clark in the chest. It's obviously laced with kryptonite, and he gets the first of what will prove to be many shocks of the episode.
He manages to remove it from his chest, and instead of super-zipping out of the danger zone, he watches as another shock-dart hits the wall next to him. He turns to see that a military commando guy is standing nearby. Clark hurls him through a wall (he must be hypnotized [/running gag on Smallville]) but is soon taken down by the rest of commando guy's crew, who put many many many kryptonite-laced shock darts into Clark. So, it's the Initiative, huh? Leader of the crew says, "I understand why they'd want you," and kicks Clark.


Lana and Chloe are in the barn, examining the aftermath of the abduction. They find one of the shock-darts, and see that it has a piece of Clark's red shirt in it, so they deduce that he's been abducted.

Clark wakes up in a kryptonite-laced cage. The commando leader from earlier is behind a glass wall with a control on the cage, where he can raise the amount of krytonite flowing into the bars, and he claims that he can kill Clark if he doesn't stay put. In case you missed this torture scene, don't worry, it's repeated several times throughout the episode.

Papa Luthor meets up with a woman he addresses as "Patty" Swann - she is the daughter of Virgil Swann (who was played by Christopher Reeve). She expositions that she knows that when she was a kid, Papa Luthor, her dad, and two other folks used to have meetings all the time where they would talk about the upcoming arrival of "The Traveler". They used to call their group "Veritas", and all of the members are now dead - except Papa Luthor. And she says she has proof that he murdered them.
Papa Luthor doesn't take threats well, and implies that if she comes forward with her information, that it would end badly for her.

Supergirl is living at Lex's house...and doesn't have her memory? Huh? Anyway, Lex suspects that Supergirl is ...well, he doesn't know what, exactly, but he's got his people constantly spying on her, in case her memory comes back. And if that doesn't happen, he's got some memory retrieval thing set up to put her through. But the scientists warn him that it could kill her. Lex doesn't care, he wants answers. Oh, Lex.

Clark is in the cage o' torture. Psycho-guard guy is there, torturing Clark. Suddenly, Papa Luthor walks in, and gives psycho-guard guy a warning that Clark is not to be hurt, just watched, and if anything happens to him, he'll hold psycho-guard responsible.


Lana & Chloe arrive at Papa Luthor's place of business to ask him if they know where Clark is. They show him the shock-dart they found. Papa Luthor tries to direct them toward Lex.

They go to do research, and quickly discover that it is really Papa L. who is holding Clark hostage. They realize that the only way to get Clark out is to have Supergirl save him, but Supergirl is with Lex...

Patty Swann shows up to talk to Lex and subtly gets him interested in Veritas. She gives him a painting he made as a kid of the Veritas symbol, that Lex has no memory of, oddly. She tells him that she bets her dad would have more information...


Lex confronts Papa L. about Veritas. He tries to deny it, but Lex ain't buying it. Once Lex leaves, Papa L. calls Patty Swann and says he's ready to make a deal. (No, Lionel!! Your case has more money in it!! Don't do it!)

Lana & Chloe are getting in Chloe's Toyota Prius, saying they're going to rescue Supergirl. In her Prius! They drive down the road in the Prius. And... scene.

Lex is ready to do the memory retrieval, but at just that moment, the cameras that are focused on Supergirl go dead. Chloe & Lana arrive and tell Supergirl that she 'has to go with them right now'.

Another torture Clark scene.

Supergirl and Chloe (where's Lana??) are now in the Fortress of Solitude, where Chloe forces Jor-El to return Supergirl's memory (and powers, apparently, I didn't realize she'd lost those too.) Dramatic music and CGI ensue, and now Supergirl is back, and ready to save Clark. But first, commercials.

Patty meets with Papa L. to make a trade: Her evidence on his murders for the Traveler. But then psycho-guard knocks Patty out, by hitting her on the back of the head with a gun. This makes Papa L. happy, but then psycho-guard turns on Papa L! He claims that Clark needs to be terminated, since he's a threat to national security. He knocks Papa L. out, and cranks up the juice on the torture-cage. Clark is near death, when in comes Supergirl! Hooray!
She uses her fire-eye-beam power to destroy the voltage on the cage, then hurls it through the glass window where psycho-guard was. He ducks.
Clark & Supergirl share a moment, where Clark is glad to have her back. Psycho-guard stands above them with a gun, armed with more electro-shock-darts, but before he can fire upon the Kryptonians, Papa Luthor smacks him on the back of the head, where he falls to his death, impaled on a piece of the broken torture-cage. Ha! Poetic justice. Followed by commercials.

We return at Clark's house, where Patty is giving Clark a journal that her dad wrote, all about him. He reads some of the prophecies, which state that "The Traveler will bring great change to the world."
They discuss the Luthors and how Lionel had done all those bad things to have Clark under his control. She leaves Clark, telling him she'll be in Metropolis, and to look her up sometime.

Clark goes to see Papa Luthor, angry about having been put in a cage. Papa L tries to put a good spin on the situation ("I built the cage to store other Kryptonians"; "These death threat letters I got said they were going to kill you!") but Clark isn't hearing that tune.
Clark and Supergirl talk at home about how people are mostly good, but that the Luthors are probably a lost cause.

Patty is being driven to Metropolis. Her driver stops the car, gets out, and shoots her.

Lex contemplates the Veritas painting that Patty gave him. End!

Next week - Spike comes back! With information about Supergirl!! Wait. What?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I love the scan button on the van's radio. Or any radio, for that matter.

Today, during my lunch hour (after I had eaten, of course), I sat in the van with a notebook and pen and hit the scan button, stopping on each station long enough to write down a brief description of what was airing at that moment.

Here we go!

88.1 - DJ says, "I need you to tell me your favorite radio station." the listener responds, "Power 88," and I hit the scan button---

88.9 - [Preset 1] - KNPR! I usually love KNPR, but right now all that's going on is the announcer listing this hour's sponsors. Boring! Scan...

89.3 - This is a christian music station. A woman is signing, "All that matters is, all that matters is - I know your love has set me free," while guitars rock out behind her. It's actually not a badly sung song, but I scan...

89.7 - Classical music. Scan...

90.5 - Some guy is talking about his debts on a talk radio interview type of thing (he still has to finish paying off his student loan and...)

91.5 - KUNV, which is the university station. This used to have a program on overnights called Rock Avenue, where they played truly awesome alternative music. Now, it's all jazz, all the time. Right now is no different. Scan.

92.3 - [Preset 6] - KOMP - The "Rock" station. Currently some unidentifiable rock song, which sounds vaguely metal-ish is playing. I finish writing this description, and am still unable to ID the song, so I hit scan...

93.1 - a commercial for Wal-Mart, followed by a traffic report. Evidently, the 15 Southbound is looking slow...

95.5 - some country song. Interesting that the radio didn't stop on 94.1 this time around (I blame that on the lack of antennae on the roof) scan...

96.3 - KKLZ - another commercial. For Vista Chevrolet. Man. This is turning out ot be quite boring. Where are all the songs? Scan...

97.1 - [Preset 3] - KXPT, aka ninety-seven-one, the Point - Yet ANOTHER commercial. This one for Fitzgerald's Casino. Followed by a lawyer talking about the Hepatitis A, B and HIV scare from the Endoscopy Clinic fiasco. (Several clinics here in town have been shut down recently due to them having practiced the "money saving" technique of reusing needles on patients. Somewhere around 40,000 people may have been infected. Which is pretty horrific, actually. Needless to say, the lawyers have been advertising like crazy, trying to cash in.) Anyway, no song, so ...scan...

98.5 - KLUC, playing a hip-hop song I couldn't ID if my life depended on it. Scan...

99.3 - A Spanish speaking station

100.5 - [Preset 4] Jack FM, playing ELO's "It's a Living Thing". I bop my head a bit (because I'm dorky) and just before the song ends, I hit scan...

101.9 - Spanish speaking station

102.7 - [Preset 5] Star 102.7, now called "Fresh 102.7", playing some soft-ballad type of song that would be at home on VH1 if VH1 still played videos. The singer is saying he's "going home and the miles are getting longer, it seems"... and then I hit scan.

103.5 - Spanish speaking station

105.1 - Another Spanish speaking station

105.7 - The station Identification tells me that this is the "Smooth Jazz" station. The tune that starts after that is...well, smooth jazz. It's instrumental, but also somewhat familiar. I think if someone started singing, I might be able to recognize it. Instead, I hit scan.

106.5 - Bryan Adams is asking me if I've ever really, really, really, really ever loved a woman.

107.5 - The DJ is rambling far too quickly to write everything he's saying, but ooh! A caller just requested "some old school Rage", and so now he's playing "Just Another Bomb Track". Yay! Once the song is done, I hit scan one last time.

107.9 - [Preset 2] - Area One-oh-Eight (aka Area One-oh-Seven-Nine) plays a station ID, followed by Nirvana's "All Apologies". Yay! Two good songs in a row. But overall, this just highlighted how sucky Las Vegas radio is. If anyone else wants to duplicate this experiment, I'd be interested to see how other cities' stations compare.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

National Defence College of Thailand


  • If there was a movie that just followed Irina around for two hours, it would be the best thing ever. She is so freaking adorable. And mischievous, but really really adorable. Her latest thing is to scream (happily) - "Iiiiii ....DID IT!!!" - after accomplishing, well, pretty much anything. Adorable!
  • Went to the libe today. Got a book called The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman. I've never heard of the guy before, but he had quite a collection of books there, all critically acclaimed, of course (I want my book to be balanced and have the less than stellar reviews put on the back as well. "Astounding." - the Steph; "Meh." - The New York Times), but the book does look interesting, and from the two chapters I've read so far, I've liked it, so I may've found a new ...what's the word? Well, whatever. I'll just be satisfied to have new novels to occupy my time.
  • While in the library, staring at all those thousands of books, I felt a powerful urge to write. It's still with me, sorta, but why's it so damn hard to do? [sigh]
  • I keep hitting the return key twice, which takes me out of list mode.
  • Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I need to remember to wear green.
  • This weekend vanished abruptly. Unfair.
  • Harper is so into reading now, it's great. She's never without a book in her hands, usually a Cam Jensen story. I'm reminded of when Iwas her age and was constantly reading too. Very cool.
  • Last night's dream involved time travel, a guy named Greg, a nuclear (?) bomb going off near our backyard as we watched, and a pterodactyl and an archaeopteryx chasing an airplane.
  • I'm about 3 episodes into season 6 of The Shield now, and I have this fear that they're going to introduce a storyline that is going to piss me off royally, due to contradicting continuity, and just plain not making sense. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  • Spent a few hours reading archives (mostly March 2004, for some reason) of my blog, and Steph's blog, and Amy's and Annika's and Soupy's ... Good times.
  • I have a potentially cool blog post in mind involving the radio. I mention this as a reminder to myself to post it on Tuesday.

Friday, March 14, 2008

No, I won't elaborate.

One of my biggest weaknesses in my writing is that I don't provide enough details.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

everything else

I've been having thousand yard stares a lot lately. I mean, I guess I've done it frequently all my life - those instances where I'll "drop off" and "be somewhere else". Everyone has 'em, I suppose. I'm just saying that I've noticed myself doing that more in the past ...oh, two days? Maybe more.

This post is going to be jumpy/stream-of-consciousness...thing that I alluded to earlier. As I said then, each of these statements can probably be expanded upon to be their own blog entry - and I might expand on them as I'm going. We'll see. Time is not on my side, either, since it's already 9:15pm, and as we all know, time waits for no man.


I really like The Mountain Goats.

I'm currently reading The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland, and it's quite good. I've been a fan of his since Generation X and Life After God: Tales for an Accelerated Culture, so I was happy to see that he had a new book out. I've read almost everything he's written (fiction-wise, anyway) and enjoyed most of it. Gum Thief doesn't really have much of a plot so far (a complaint that Steph pointed out about another fave of mine, Microserfs) but it doesn't bother me much. Coupland's books are generally more about the imagery and the ideas, imo.

Superman: Red Son might be one of the best graphic novels ever.

Matty is posting again! Finally, something good comes out of Ohio!!

The Project has been calling to me lately. Well, whispering. I mean, it's been quiet for ...3 months. Jesus F'in Hell-Christ. Where does the time go?
Anyway, it's still sitting there. Waiting. In it's way. As things do. You know.
Plus, there's the Project Spinoff(s), which have been very loud.

There's also the long-abandoned OTHER project, which ...I don't even know about that one.

I could never live in California. Or at least, not LA or San Diego. Why? Because the whole time I'm there (well, not the whole time, but a lot of it) I'm in fear that nukes are going to hit the city.
Probably due to living on a diet of Hollywood style disaster movies, but when we were at Will & Annika's house, and we went out on their porch to look at the Hollywood sign, I had this irrational fear that it would be the 2nd to last thing I'd see. (The last being a bright white flash) And of course, I know it's an irrational fear - but only because it hasn't happened yet.
Sites like this don't help matters.

I will get back to Roger, but when I do, I suspect that I'm going to revise things a bit, and probably start completely over.

On the bus ride home today, I had a bit of the "nuke" fear. And I was just thinking as I listened to some woman bitch about her work day about how sad that would be if the last thing she ever said was, "That fucker is such a liar." and then we were all vaporized.
And how many hours of my life I've wasted at work.
D. Pressing.

Free Will

We've had the same Netflix discs for, like, a month and a half. And tomorrow is Lost/Survivor night, so we won't get to any of them until at least Friday. We're never going to get to Donnie Darko at this rate. (Donnie Darko was just a randomly chosen movie from our queueu. It's currently at position 67 out of 127.)

We need to sell this house. And I really don't want to do the work involved. Why can't it just be done for us, like everything else was? Anyone out there know how to sell homes, and want to handle it?

*stares into the distance*


Obviously, when I said that I would blog twice on the 11th if I couldn't blog on the 10th, I was delirious from lack of sleep. I meant the 12th. How would blogging 2 times on the 11th, and then again on the 12th be in step with the blog-every-other-day gimmick? It would not.

Anyway. So, I'll probably blog twice today. Maybe.

My mind is currently scattershot - it seems like every passing thought could be blogged. Or blogged about. I don't know if I'll go that route - I get easily distracted, and will probably lose most of my thoughts (a good percentage have already left during the bus ride/walk home, and even more have fled while typing this) but we'll play it by ear, huh?

Steph already did the reader's digest version of our trip to Cali. (Go read it!)
But, here's another (heh.):

On Saturday, we drove, and the driving was not bad at all. Well, I mean, except for the length, and how monotonous driving is. I mean, really. You sit there, and the machine does all the work. And stuff passes you. Bor-ing!!
But, I was pretty impressed with how little traffic there was, relatively speaking. We made pretty good time, I thought.
Anyway, at the Pepsi Playpark in Barstow, CA, we didn't get to eat as is our tradition. (Steph has covered this...) But! What she left out was that the park was angry about it!
Since we didn't get a chance to dine there, the park demanded a sacrifice of some sort. Namely, blood.

Okay, here's the deal-i-o: I got on one of the swings, and decided I would jump off. Fun, right? Well, it was. Until I landed.
On my hands and knees.
And, really, it didn't even hurt at the time, but I looked at my palm and saw that I had now had wood chips where skin used to be.
Overall, I had a three minor cuts on my left hand and one microscopic cut on my right hand.
However - this was back on the 8th, and my left hand is still in a pretty significant amount of pain. One of the cuts, it turned out, was right on one of the creases in my hand. (Um. Hold on, I'm gonna use the internet to figure out exactly what line I'm talking about. Ah-ha! My "Heart Line" is the one that is injured. It had a small piece of skin chunked out of it, and since it's in a crease, it hasn't been able to heal properly. And, as a result, nearly every time that I move my hand to straighten (or curl) my fingers, the nerve endings go berserk. Fun.
Anyway. After staying at the park and bleeding a little more, we ate, then continued the drive into LA, where we had dinner with SAW (or AWS? maybe WAS?) At any rate, food was shared with Annika, Will, and Sam, whom we have not seen in about a year and a half, which is way too long.

Annika & Will are great hosts and great people, and Will builds one hell of a good Duplo-tank. Also, carmalized onions are pretty tasty on pizza. Who knew!?

I wish (as I always do) that I had interacted more, and that I wasn't so damn boring, but I think overall everyone enjoyed themselves.

Sunday morning we were awoken to a phone call from my work. At 7am. Which, according to our bodies, was really 6am.
Unfortunately, my cell phone is crap, and so the reception I was getting was pretty much one bar. So, the "conversation" consisted of me saying, "Hello?" three or four times, and the person on the other end saying... something, and then me hanging up.
An hour later (on the dot!), my phone rang again.
Again, I attempted to speak, but was answered with silence.

At 9am they called a third time, and I guess it was the charm, because I was able to carry out a conversation with the guys in master control that time. I informed them during this talk that I was in San Diego and also, that I was not the person to be calling about this matter. (At least not first. I am still just the Program Director's Assistant, after all.)

The rest of the day was pretty good, though. Breakfast at Denny's was ...satisfying, which is about all you can ask for from Denny's, really. And later Saren, Harper, and I took turns being Terminators and chasing after each other at the park. Harper's Terminator Walk is hilarious, though, so if she really were a killer cyborg, I think she'd probably catch me because I'd be too busy laughing to run.
We also all argued with the ocean, which is always a fun thing to do. It's so relentless!

Monday was Legoland day, and it was great. There's not a lot to say about it, because Steph covered it already (and has pictures) and well, it was just fun. Plus, I'm getting hungry and my mind is wandering again. It would've been nice to have two days to go through the park - or go to the beach or drive around Cali* or just not have to work - but I did appreciate the time we had. Lots of fun overall, I think.

Once the park was closing, we got into the van, and I realized that I was sunburnt and would be dealing with a lot of "You got a lot of sun!" comments on Tuesday when I went back to work. (5, in case you care) But getting some red skin and being physically drained is a sure sign that a good time was had by all. Irina was conked out before we even got to the van, and the girls did fall asleep on the drive home - momentarily, anyway - they were awake again by the time we pulled into the driveway at exactly 12:00am.

We agreed that going to Legoland in early March for Homeschool Days is a good time, and we're going to attempt to make it an annual thing.

*Remind me to talk about my Cali-driving fears in my next blog entry.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Get up, gotta go!

Don't know if I'll be able to blog on the 10th, but if I can't, I'll blog twice on the 11th to make up for it.

Right now the girls and Steph are still asleep. I really wish I were, too, but, on the other hand, I'm very excited about this trip. Even though it's just one weekend (and a weekend that has an hour less than usual, at that!), it's our first trip out of town in quite a while, so I think I'm more looking forward to it than normal. (After reredading that sentence, I have to apologize to anyone who speaks English. That was ...grammatically horrific. Heh. "Grammatically horrific." Like Lucky Charms!)

Anyway. We shoudl be outta the house in...oh, I'd give us two hours. And then we won't be back until sometime early Tuesday morning.


Thursday, March 06, 2008

3, 2, 1

I was thinking about movie trilogies and, in particular, ones that I've not seen any of the installments, and that it would be interesting to watch them in reverse order.

So, what series would fit this bill?

The X-Men trilogy
The Godfather trilogy
The Bourne movies
Blade trilogy
those Ice Age movies (although the 3rd one isn't out yet)
The Final Destination movies
The Santa Claus trilogy
Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3
the 3 Fast & the Furious flicks
Oceans 11, Oceans 12, and Oceans 13

What would also be neat is if some creative director/writer/producer decided to make a trilogy wherein they released the 3rd movie first, then the 2nd, and finally the 1st. Maybe if Lost ever gets turned into a motion picture. Or, um, three.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Ugh. That word is ...

I've been in a cranky mood most of today - work caused a lot of it, or rather, I'm blaming work for a lot of it. I don't know that it's the cause. I think I'm frustrated with myself for not keeping up on my writing. I had wanted to work on my story/ies during March - I had self-imposed goals of doing a NaNo type month: at least 50,000 words between the 5 stories I've got taking up the majority of my imagination. The first two days were great(ish). And since then, nada.

And it's not that I can't still write - I can. And, you know, I can write whenever, it's just... I can't. Plus there's the stupid critical part of me that says that my writing sucks, which ..whatever.

The killer headache I have (and, yes, I've taken aspirin, it's just not helping) is certainly contributing to my bad attitude.

*deep breath*

I tihnk I'm going to hit "publish", go change a diaper, and attempt to salvage the rest of the evening by appreciating what is good in my life.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

In like a lion

How does it know!?! Seriously, the weather became all incredibly windy two days back. And it got extremely windy today. On the 29th of February, things were still normal, weather-wise. But as soon as it becomes 3/1, the winds pick up, and here we are, suffering 50 mph gusts. Crazy.

Anyway. We roughed the weather and went and found a letterbox.

My heart right now is so *not* into blogging. And it's not that I don't have things to talk about, I just really don't want to. Weird.

I remembered the other things I wanted to talk about on 2/29, pretty much about three minutes after posting it. [doh2] I was going to talk about how there was a ricin scare downtown, where evidently someone had ricin (which, in case you are unaware, is a highly lethal toxin) inside their hotel room. What was hilarious was that the story broke on Thursday night, while we were watching Survivor. Channel 8 interrupted part of Survivor to have the breaking news story. (But we didn't seem to miss *much* of the show. We came back in just as Ozzy was discovering the HII)
The funny part is, after Survivor, we switched over to watch Lost, on Channel 13.

During part of Lost, they had a crawl down at the bottom of the screen about the ricin find. (I was, for the most part, able to ignore the crawl.)
As soon as Lost was done, Channel 13 had the "Breaking News" interruption, and then they joined Eli Stone in progress. I just find it funny that Channel 13 knows that even if there is some sort of important news story breaking, that if they had interrupted Lost, heads would have rolled. I mean, if they had broken in during that episode, I think I would've definitely made a phone call the next day. And I know what a pain viewer phone calls can be. So, good job, ABC!

Additionally - I've always thought it would be neat to write a story wherein each chapter is the title of a song from a CD.
I think, maybe, that Rumours would be a good contender. The track titles have good chapter sounding names. The trick would be in making the story fit...

And lastly, I think we may be going to LegoLand next Monday. We don't *really* have the money to be doing it, but you know what? You only live once, and we need a minivacation seriously bad.