Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the 28th it is, then.

I had started a post today that could very well have been posted on the 28th. I wasn't sure whether I should have posted it today, or the next time I blog, which will, of course, be 3/28.

As I said, I started it, but before I could finish the post, I had to get dinner, then eat dinner, then remove the middle and back seats from the van, then drive across town to a friend's house to pick up a slightly used couch he was giving away, then drive back, then unload the couch from the van and into the house, then put the seats back into the van, and get the girls some ice cream.

By this point I'm freaking exhausted, and not in the mood to blog at all, so the post is in draft mode, where it will remain until Friday, when it will be completed, and posted, and read by all.

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