Friday, March 28, 2008

Experation Date

Remember Andilus and the disappearing people in her world?
(even if you do, you should go and reread it. It's got moments of goodness, even if it is incomplete)

Well, I recently found the notebook that that was being written in, and there was a whole page of stuff I had as the beginning before the beginning. (And it was then X-ed out, and I restarted the story with what you can read if you follow the link.)

Normally I would've just been all, "Huh. That's neat." and leave it at that. But! There's a neat little coincidence in the story (you'll see in a minute) that made me say, "Okay. Gotta blog this."

So. Here we go:

2006 - Sep. 11th

14 months. I have 14 months left to live. Exactly.
It's difficult to believe that there was ever a time when people did not know their death dates. That was BV, of course. Long before I was born.

I'm doing this wrong.

Can a journal even be wrong? Not in most cases, I guess, but this is most certainly not a normal case.

They say that as people approach their Vanishing Day - mine, as I said before, is 14 months from today - that they become nostalgic. Introspective. Reflective. Morose. And scared. Scared is in there. Oh yeah.

One could ask me - in fact, I can hear Karen's voice right now- always logical, always questioning. It's been two years already since she Vanished. She'd ask me about this if she could, I know. "Claire," she'd say, "Diaries are written for future generations to read." She'd most likely put a cynical laugh here. "There will be no future generations," she'd conclude.

And she'd be right. After March 28th, 2008, there will be no humans left on the planet.

So unless some alien race stumbles upon this book, who is my intended audience - why am I writing this?

Because there's hope.

As incredible as that seems, there's a small glimmer of hope taht the human race will not die out in just under two years. It's a long shot, but it beats sitting around doing nothing.

Or maybe I'm grasping at straws.

I suppose I'll find out soon enough.

First, I'm going to include excerpts

That's where it ended. After that I turned the page and began writing what I linked to. Funny that I wrote all that in 2003. Whoa. 5 years have past, and I've not done any work on it at all. That's....

Anyway. Thought it was interesting that I refound the notebook so close to the date that had Claire's people dying off. I wonder what, if anything, it means.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, neat! Though now I am a little nervous about going to bed...

Amy said...

Well that totally explains that!

Even though I was familiar with Andilus and the disappearing people, I still went back and read it. And, man, I like that story so much.

Also, it occurs to me that when you first wrote this, I probably wouldn't have vanished, and now I totally would. I hold you responsible for this.

Amy said...

Or not. I'm bad at math. But my point still stands.