Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Last blog of the year!!

Today we got a washer and dryer! WOO!!

We also discovered that our faucets for the washer leak! WOO!!

And now we're staying up until midnight. I don't know if I can make it. We've got my sister's kids over for a sleepover/new years celebration. It's been ....enlightening.

Jupe won the "guess my post total" contest. Yay Jupe!!! Yay 3456!!!

Tomorrow (the 1st day of 2003. Huh.) I send out the first PMQ. Still need to compose it. And!! I start doing "the funny". Woo!!!!

In some parts of the world, people ring in the new year by shooting guns into the air. I think that these people are pissed off at God.

Happy Old Year, everyone!

Monday, December 30, 2002

I don't have to go back to work until next year!!


Today was/is my 999th on the board (as the P@, at any rate), and I haven't even been there because the work computer is a total FUCKHEAD!!!

In better news, my daughter writes some awesome poetry.

I'm starving, and have nothing to say.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

They're just moments. They all pass.

And there will be good ones. Again.

And not so good ones. Again.

So...wait it out. Just wait it out.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Dan Akyroyd (sp?) is cool. I like it when he gets determined. You can hear the Canadian in him. It's manly.In fact, I kinda wish he was our president.
Dude. Why can't we have a Canadian president?
*writes that question down*

How Buffy will probably not end: Everyone dies in some sort of battleistic apocolypse-style thing, except Buffy. As she begins to leave the battlefield, all friends and enemies from the past 7 seasons emerge (much like a surprise party) and tell her that they were all "Just kidding".
Everyone laughs.

So I had the answers to this boq all typed out (save one, which I was doing research for) and then BAM! the computer freakin' crashed. GRRRR!!

I can't wait until the 1990s become fun to remember. Right now it's the 80s, and while that's all ...well, Eighties-ish, I'm really wishing we'd get to the 90s memorabilia time.

Or, barring that, can we just skip ahead to the 2020s? I think that's gonna be the cool time. The next 17 years or so are gonna suck ass, though. [frown]

"Hope we win." [/It's a Pat thing]
[dumb, low pitched voice]
"Durh, hello. I'm an American. I'm a big stupid dumb-bo who only thinks of myself!
If I don't have money, the world must be coming to an end!! Money is all that matters!
And people who live in other countries can just kiss my fat ass.

Can I have fries with that?"
[/dumb, low pitched voice]


Friday, December 27, 2002

Holy hell he's hungry!


Okay, stop it.

So, um. Let's see.

I'm wearing my Patrick Squarepants t-shirt that Steph-oid gave me for Xmas. It's great! Paul McCartney is on the TV right now. He's great! I went back to the WD today. That place is great! I posted a few things. Don't know if they're great!, but [shrug] I'm getting back in the posting pattern. Heh. Pat-tern. (I'm easily amused.)

I love my wife. She's so awesome that I just want to explode. Why are there people who are so fucking cool? And what did I do to deserve her? [contented sigh]

Heeee. Cosby.

My belly is grumbling like a grumbling belly.

December of 02 is almost done. Wtf, man. Wtf.

All those Eves are making my eyes see patterns. Like fish. Hmm. Also - lots of Eves is like an early X-Files episode. Remember X-Files? Yeah, me neither. Poor Scully and Mulder. Doomed to obscurity. I bet they've already become Jeopardy! questions. [sigh]

There was a 30th anniversary special of MASH on tonight. (Instead of Firefly. Thanks a ton, Fox) Made me wonder if there'll be a Buffy reunion special thing in even 10 years (after it ends). I'd go to it. Erm...I mean, I'd watch it.

I feel like I'm forgetting something.

OH!!! I am!! Food!!

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Today is Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve.

Or, as I like to call it XmasX.

Hope everyone had a good one.

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

"Holy Shit, it's Christmas!"

I promised Steph I'd save that for her to use on this 25th December, but she forgot. Thus, all mine!!

So, yeah. It came, it saw, it left. Presents were opened, smiles were um...smiled. (Oh, this is totally an UTP@ entry) and the Xmas spirit spirited us all, I'm sure.

Despite some setbacks at Casa de Pat Sr. (aka my parents house), overall it was a really good Decemberween.

Steph's family was yayful, and her meals turned out awesome. (She did burn the bottom of one of them, but that really wasnt' a big deal. It was still delicious.)

Plus!!! Bettie called! Woo! And we got mail! From another WDer! (I don't want to name names, but let's just call her Sas. No, that's too obvious. Let's call her Miss amai....) Granted, said mail was most likely really delivered yesterday, and I just didn't check the amilbox, but it was neat to find mail on a Federal Holiday. [grin]

I'm a hungry hungry hippo (in fact, I'm the Yellow One!!) but I thnk I'll go to bed now instead of eating. Sleep > Food.
Heh. Math.

Okay. Slumber calls.
It's officially Xmas.
I know, because
a) I can tell time. [tongue]
b) "Santa" has visited, putting extra gifts under our tree
c) I'm getting a bit of a sore throat
d) absolutely NOBODY is online right now
e) the AOL Main Page has zero stories about war, smallpox, Trent Lott, or any other nightmare you can think of. Judging just by the stories they're showing, one could assume that there really is Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward (hu)man(s). Yay for kidding ourselves!!!

The rest of the day is gonna be busy. I'll be sure to blog all about it. Consider it my present to you all. [wink]

Merry Humbug!!

And God Damn Us, Everyone!!

Monday, December 23, 2002

Twas the night before the night before Xmas of 2002
Pat was bored at work - "What can I do?"

He listened to tunes on the radio,
but that soon grew boring. Then he said, "I know!!"

And he logged on to blogger, and he posted this poem.
Which will mercifuly be a short little tome.
(what?? they can't all be gems)

At home, the gifts were all wrapped and with label.
At work, Pat took a cookie off of the snack room table.

He munched on the sweet little red and green tree,
and thought of Jupe as he typed out "hee hee!"

The cookie was done, and his mouth was now dry.
He drank up his water and said with a sigh,

"I wish that I had a Pepsi to drink.
And also that rhyming words required not to think."

But all was not dark for Pat at that time,
he'd be going home soon. Oops! That didn't rhyme.

So Pat ate lots of cookies, and other great snacks
and mildly wondered about sugar attacks.

And if all this eating, and no exercise
would soon leave him needing new pants. New pants SUPER SIZE.

He shrugged, and his stomach jiggled like a bowl full of jelly.
(This is what happens when your job is just watchin' the telly.)

But Pat was still young, and lazy to boot
so his health was not as important as loot.

And loot there would be, in just 48 hours.
(He hoped that this year Santa'd give him super powers)

Yes, Xmas was only two days away
And Pat suddenly realized he had nothing left to say.

But I heard him exclaim as he logged out of the site
"Aren't you guys glad that I don't write poems every night?"

I heard this story on NPR a few days back, and just had to share.

Dude shoulda bought the extra tickets. [wink]

Well, the dude certainly is well-known. Got to give him that.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Ha! Work computer is working.

For now, at least.

Wow. I STILL have nothing to say.
We're gonna have Spam for lunch today.


The computer at work is totally trashed. Which means no more onlineness (at work) until at least Monday. Grr.

It's hard to believe that today is Christmas Eve Eve Eve. Still need to wrap Steph's presents.

Sometimes...just sometimes...I wonder why I bother blogging at all.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

UTP@ time, folks!!

This may very well be the final UTP@ entry ever! It seems that a coworker is leaving, and therefore my schedule might get tinkered with, thus making all of my nights at work be nights at work, thereby removing the need for me to wake up before the sun does.

453345, I'm tired.

Giant cookies (or something [shrug]) to anyone who figures out the number reference above. [up] (heee. "above", followed by "[up]". similarityes make me smile).

Got another Xmas card in the mail today! From Boo! Plus, Saren got a letter from Merope. I know how to pronounce it, but just now, I really wanted to say it as Me-ropey. IT's funny what sleep deprivation does to you. I think that I might continue to wake myself up at 5:30am one day out of the week, even when I don't have to, just so that I can have the thought processess. Of course, I won't, becasue I'm much too lazy, but it's a neat idea.

When I first woke up this morning, the Police, "Roxanne" was on. Here were my thoughts (I'm amazed I remember them):

I hate everyone. I hate every goddamn thing ever.
I hate the bitterness in the world. I'm so sick of it. There are so many people who spend so much of their time angry. Why???
"Annie waits, for the last time."
"Annie waits, for the last time."
"Annie waits, for the last time."
Jesus Christ, the shower door won't close.
"Annie waits, for the last time."
God, it's cold.
Why are so many people so angry so often? God I hate them. I'm so sick of the bitterness.
"If I could be, who you wanted...."
"If I could be, who you wanted...."
"...it wears me out. it wears me out.
It weeeeaaars me oooutt!" (repeat a few times)
I'm hungry.
God, I'm tired.
I'll have to remember these thoughts for my blog.

I had/have lots of thoughts on the current season of Buff-ola, but I don't think I can compress them into a coherent ...thing. RIght now.

Plus, I got to talk to Clark today at work, and that was always fun. It's neat ot have soemone to talk to about Buffy in Real Life. Or, I hsould say, ANOTHER someone. Since I talk to Steph abvout it. Not as much as I'd like to sometimees, for fear taht she'll think I'm a complete geek, but you get my point. Or you don't. [shmirg]
[shmirg] is not a typo, btw. It's a combonation of shrugging and smirking.

Theft is a funny, victimless crime. Remember that, folks.
I need a name for you guys. Like "gentle readers" or "fellow americans"...some kind of group name. Meh. Or plaah, as Jupe would say.

Saren LOVEs homestarrunner.com. She drew a picture of both Strong Bad, and of Homestarrunner, and they are both teh most adorable things EVER.

Remind me later, when I'm coherent (that's like th word of the juor, isn't it? Iv'e used it twice already today) to ramble on about my new thoughts (or newly reorginazed thoughts) on the nature of the universe, and god.

Also, Umeeksk is always online, but ALWAYS away. [odd]

HErmph. I think I've blahed awy enough of your time, and of mine.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

I now present, for your reading enjoyment,
The True Story Of Christmas

Our story begins about a year before the First Xmas ever.

It involves a man named Feiz (no "L") Navidad. And his friends and family.

Feiz enjoyed gifts. Getting, giving, buying, exchanging, opening, whatever. If it involved presents, he was all over it. This meant that mostly Feiz went to lots of birthday parties. And also that Feiz had LOTS of birthdays. Since there was no such thing as Palm Pilots, or calendars, most people couldn't remember when they had been born. Therefore, Feiz could say that any day was his birthday. And nobody could dispute it.

However, eventually his friends did get a bit suspicious of his numerous celebrations, and the fact that Feiz never seemed to get older, despite having had 47 birthdays in the past week alone.

Feiz, though, was slow to get the drift, and continued to try the birthday scam. This angered his family, his friends, and even the nicest guy in town, Ebenezer Scrooge. It also ticked off Feiz's landlord, who kicked him out of his apartment.

"Where will Ieth goeth?" Feiz protestethed.

"Bah! I careth not!" sayeth his landlord. "Findeth a hotel! Ifin' they'll put uppeth with your constant birthdays!"

So Feiz packed his belongings (of which there were many, due to his past birthdays) and walked around the town, looking for someone to take pity on him. He found none, because, for whatever reason (probably because it was the Past, and the Past SUCKED ASS) there was no good will toward man.

Feiz continued to walk down 39th street, looking for a miracle.

Instead, he found a large evergreen tree, underneath which he decided to sleep under. To insure that his presents would remain safe, he threw them into the tree.

That night, while Feiz was sleeping, a man who worked at the zoo was on his way home, and passed him. The man's name was Christopher Kringle. Now, Ebenezer Scrooge may have been the nicest man in the town, but there were other folks who occasionally had acts of kindness in them as well. Plus, Chris saw that the homeless guy under the tree owned a lot of stuff.

Chris picked Feiz up, and carried him back to his home. Feiz slept on through the night, reportedly dreaming of sugar plums.

When Feiz woke the next morning, he was in shock to discover that he was inside. Upon seeing his host, he asked where he was, and how he'd gotten there.

Chris responded, "I saweth you in the cold last night, and broughteth you into my home."

"Sir! You are too kind! Sayeth....when's your birthday? I would liketh to repay you in some way." Feiz answered, amazed at this man's hospitality.

Chris Kringle pondered a bit, and then (not suprisingly) saideth: "I know not when my day of birth is."

Feiz smiled, and said the following words which changed all of history.
"Well, sir, I do know when your birthday is. It is today! We shall celebrate with a party unlike any other! It will be a festival! A day of worldwide recognition and gift exchanging! In fact, we shall name the day after you!"

Chris smiled. This sounded great! A day in his honor? A day named after him? Amazing!

They then went about spreading great cheer, giving gifts to everyone they met upon the street. Feiz told everyone who asked that this was because today was his saviour's birthday.

Chris Kringle even went so far as to deliver presents to every house in the city. If someone didn't answer the door, instead of leaving to the next home, he broke in (usually by entering the chimney) and left the gift that way. Of course, this was illegal, and before long the police were looking for Christopher Kringle. So he came up with the alias of "Santa Claus". Problem solved.

Eventually, the idea of giving gifts to people on Chris's birthday (or Christmas as it became known) caught on. It turned out that being nice to people (at least during one part of the year) was not too bad an idea. Soon songs were being written, and it was not long at all before people with commercialism for hearts started advertising the thing on television. Before long, everyone was in the Christmas spirit.


Plaah. That didnt' turn out nearly as well as I had hoped it had. Oh well. Hopefully it got a chuckle or two out of someone somewhere. Merry Xmas, guys.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

[chuckles to self] Remember when I wanted to be a writer?

Good times, good times.

On a brighter note, I've come up with a particularly clever little twist to next year's WD gimmick. yay for cleverness! (although at this point I'm always reminded of one of the only lines from Fight Club I can remember: "How's that working out for you?" "What?" "Being clever?" I really need to resee that movie.)

Our cat (who has grown amazingly fat somehow) is eating a bug! Yay for not having to buy pesticide! Nature rules!

I wish I could eat bugs. Then I wouldn't have to buy food. Man, what a life that would be.

So originally we bought this calendar thing for someone, but then we found something better, so I think I'll take the calendar to work tomorrow for the gift exchange. Got to love pawning off unwanted stuff to people I work with. [up]

I'm starving. Why don't the taquitos make themselves? Now that would be a Xmas miracle.

Monday, December 16, 2002

You people are really good people. Especially considering that you're all Internet Weirdos©.

Alias had a truly sad ending last night. [frown] Yes, I realize that I'm a complete dork for being upset over the possible torturing of a fictional character, but, hey, it's what makes me me. [grin]

Did a lotta shopping today (YAY!!!) and then after I got dropped off at work, Steph went out and did even MORE shopping (Ultra-yay!!) and I do believe we are now at the 90% done mark. [woohoo]

Also - whining works wonders!! I made a post the other day bitching about the lack of responses to the final bioboq, and voila! As a direct result, I got 9 new replies! NINE!!!! See? The squeaky wheel does get inflated. Or something.

I missed half of the Bimpsons tonight, but even so, the parts I saw were funny. "Must...save...buffoon." [laughing head]
also: "Jesus is our only king."

My sister's birthday is tomorrow. She'll be 23. Twenty-three!!! Woo!

While putting Saren to bed tonight, she wanted me to sing "19 bottles of beer on the wall". Before I could start, she told me that she had "made up a new part." It goes:
"Zero bottles of beer on the wall.
But wait! Take down the wall!!
And take down the other parts."

Brilliance, thy name is Saren. [smile]

Sunday, December 15, 2002

This is not the "great" entry. Not yet.

Today at work I actually watched two of the movies I ran. (Shocking, I know!)
They were Two Hands as mentioned in the previous entry. It was Australian. (as I said to Jupe: "People said, "G'day" and drove on the wrong side of the street and everything!!") Plus, it was narrated by a zombie. Woo!!

The other movie was one I'd seen before, but warranted another looksie, since it's a great film. Goodfellas.

Both of these movies were violent. (Granted, Goodfellas much moreso, but still.)
Both of these movies were about gangs.
Both of these movies had a great deal of smoking in them.

So, yeah, both of these movies were perfect choices for the holiday season!
Because nothing says, "Peace on Earth, goodwill toward (hu)man(s)" like violence and bloodshed.

Now, I'm off to watch Alias.
Happy Holidays!!

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Note to self (and anyone else reading): Download Powderfinger's "These Days".

I just saw the movie Two Hands, which contained said song. Me liked. If you're in a Blockbuster, you should try and find it. It seemed like the type of flick that bettie and oslowe would enjoy. [up]

Anywhat, I know that I haven't blogged much recently, and that this entry is kinda dull, but I'm working on an entry that is gonna be great. Trust me...yule love this one. [wink]

Monday, December 09, 2002

{cont from previous entry}

It's funny how see-saw-y my emotions can be. Earlier today I was Mr. Gloom and Doom. Not quite Strong Sad, but pretty close.

Now, things are much much better. Part of it is due to having had a Pepsi (yay for teeth falling out!!) and some pizza (yay for getting fat!!) and some money (just plain YAY!!!). But a lot of it is due to having talked to my wife. She's the best.

Stephanie is funny (dude. More people need to read her blog. And read her email....wait. Um...I mean, she's funny. Trust me. You think you're funny? Well, you're nothing compared to the comic wit that is my wife. (Also me.) [comedy-comedy!!]

She's also reassuring. When the world is grey, and lonely, I just pick up my chin, and grin, and say...wait a second. That's not what I meant. I think the pizza's going to my brain.

It's definitely going to my gut, though.
My pants want to be unbuttoned. And not in the Dirk Diggler type of way.

I miss my daughters still. Yay for days off work!!!!

Other people should update their onlineness things more often. I mean Soupy hasn't said anything on her blog in almost a week now. Beth...has been what, 4 days?THAT'S TOO LONG!!
And mayhem hasn't popped in to comment in ages. [frown]

Chandler is still quoting my blog in her sig, though! That warms my heart just like a microwave burrito!

Tonight, if I remember, I'll finish up my GAP interview. It'll be horrific!!
If I don't remember, this'll work as a reminder to remind me the next time I read it.
Or something.

I heard the Kink's "Living on a thin line" for the first time yesterday. I liked it enough to download it.Woo! WinMX rules!

Twenty-seven years old! Yay!! Normally, of late, (like, the last 7 years or so), when I state my age, it's been a "grr argh"-esque reaction. But I think that it's time I become master of my fate, captain of my soul. So, from here on out, positive outlook. It's COOL to be 27. It's a prime number. (um, except that it isn't...unless it is. [just checked, and it's not])
WHich reminds me. I saw this sign on a church marquee the other day:

God adds and multiplies
Satan subtracts and divides.


Both of them are mathematicians.
Who knew?

Anywhat, I guess my point is (hee. point.) that life is what you make of it. And, taking it too seriously is just gonna lead to heartache. And while the occasional heartache is great for art's sake, and perhaps creativity, and also to make you appreciate the good, and also it helps make you stronger... overall nobody really wants it. Yeah.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

At 9:01:00pm, on December the 20th, 2003, I will be 900,000,000 seconds old.

I can hardly wait!
And so, I'm offering this simple phrase, for kids from 1992, although it's been said, many times, many ways:
You can't handle! No, you can't handle...the truth!!!

Meh. Fell apart at the end. But, holy smokes, I've seen a lot of those movies.

Ahh, the 90s.

Saturday, December 07, 2002

You know, if you don't have a brain, I think you'd get a lot less headaches.

Just sayin', the Scarecrow might've been onto somethin...
Harper: Knock, knock.
Me: Who's there?
Harper: Pickle.
Me: Pickle who?
Harper: Don't cry! It's just a joke!!!

Note that the last two words are said at such a decibel level that the blood has JUST NOW stopped flowing from my eardrums.

Also note that this joke is then repeated by Harper 41 more times.

This morning we had doughnuts for breakfast. I gave the girls' their chocolate covered ones, which they ate quite happily. Once Saren was done with hers, she wanted a jelly-filled. I gave it to her, and she ate a bite, then said she was full, because she had, "already eaten a whole donut, and she can only eat donuts with holes."

God, I love my daughters. [smile]

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Whoa, tainted love!

Whoa-oa, ta-ai-nted love!!


My belly is all ...upsetish. And I DON'T CARE!!! In fact, I might even daresay that I LIKE it!!

Today is Jupe's birthday. [smile]

Holy shit, it's Christmas.

Well, not yet, but I'm never unamazed at how fast the time flies by. You'd think that by now I'd've grown accustomed to it, but nope.
If I were a lab rat, I'd starve.

I think I want to be a genko. Or a geico. Or a something. I don't know how they spell it, but it's like a geisha. The discovery channel wasn't designed for idiots like me.

Our car is having a sleepover, down at Ted Wein's place. It feels odd.

Man, my belly is just ...dude, isn't 'belly' a funny word? Bell. Eee. I'm laughing myself stupid right now.

Meat may be murder, but hot damn, is it ever tasty.

I'm like RandomP@ today. yay!

Except that there is nothing random. (for a while, my screenname was zerorandom) I gleaned that bit of knowledge [that nothing is random, not my screenname] from some Douglas Coupland book. Most likely Microserfs. If I were to ever read again, I'd probably reread that. Because rereading is the lazy way of ...something. Dude.


Also, remember how I thought that my 1000th day on the WD would be 12/31/02? Well, I may've miscalculated. But I can't really figure it out. I went to timeanddate.com, and they've got this neat little feature to let you calculate the number of days between two dates, but even with that I don't know for sure. Maybe one of my stalkers with more free time and a bigger brain will work it out for me. [/hint] [smile]

Feckin' hell, some chocolate would be nice right now.

I've been doing catchup at TVWOP, and while they're funny as hell, I think reading negative/sarcastic reviews of shows makes me like them less. I wonder if I'm alone in that.

In 5 years I'll be 32.

Will people ever really grow tired of war? I know I'm sick of it, and I've not really even experienced it. Not really.

Hi, Matt!!

What else?

Oh, I know!


Tuesday, December 03, 2002

I've always relied upon the kindness of, well, not strangers, although that's happened a time or two, but mostly people who are at least "friends" in a very vague sense of the word.

Geez, P@, concise much?

Part of me wants to go back to the board right now, but luckily Common Sense is still with me, and she's telling me that
a) I don't have the time to really visit the hundreds of posts that've been made in my absence
b) I'm sure it wouldn't be worth the visit anyway. Fights and stupid people and whatnot.
c) if I did go back, I'd feel all ultra-guilty for breaking my word.


Tomorrow is Jupe's birthday. She's funny. I left a message on her FOD, and remembered after the fact that the bracket things don't work there. What a stupid piece of software.

I got a ride in to work today from my boss, and I'll be getting a ride home tonight from my coworker. Yay for people doing nice things! (although boo to them for trying to poke holes in my "everyone sucks" theory. [tongue])

Today Saren and Harper helped me clean up the driveway. I swept up 70% of the leaves, and they helped me put them all in a garbage bag.

Also good today: I was feeling all Eeyore-y, and Steph was talking me out of it by telling me all the good things in life. Saren came by and added, "And we've got a great kitty." [smile]

It's 4 weeks until the 31st. Man.
This entry will be incoherent and maybe depressing.

All people, everywhere, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic status, intelligence, or anything else SUCK.


Bill Cosby.
Marilyn Manson.
George Bush. (all of them)
Alyson Hannigan.
that person over there.


People are just crap.

We really really are.

Of course, despite the sucking, there are the good points too.
Like when you get funny emails out of the blue, or when people you like blog....

I've decided that out of all the people I know, I leave the crappiest comments in people's online ...things. I always want to say something witty and funny and insightful, but, let's face it, I'm just not any of those things.

Our car has decided that since we have no money to spend on Xmas (or, you know, really, anything at all) that it will choose now to need repairs. Maybe it's not all people who suck, maybe it's all automobiles. Of course, it's people who make the automobiles, so I guess I was right from the get-go.

I keep meaning to write my next interview for the GAP newsletter, and I was fully intending on doing so today, but then the yuck factor of whateverness took over. [shrug] Hopefully tomorrow.

We always try to change things after the fact. We're a very reactive society, rather than a proactive one. Instead of having people not rely on money so much and doing stressful jobs, we create drugs to get rid of the diseases.
We destroy the world with pollution for decades at a time, then, when it's far too late, we look into alternative methods. Guess we'll eventually get what we deserve.

Note to self: Stop blogging when you've not had a Pepsi. [wink]

Monday, December 02, 2002

So, seeing how it's all Decemberish, and three of the twenty-some-odd radio stations in town are playing holiday music (plus the spanish station that is playing Feliz Navidad NONSTOP!!), I thought I'd comment on some thoughts I've got on Xmas music.

My all time favorite line from any Xmas song ever?

The ox and lamb kept time.
From "The Little Drummer Boy".
For whatever reason, the thought of animals that dumb being able to keep time as though members of a band truly amuses me.

Then, there's the line from...something (I forget which song) that says in it:
There'll be scary ghost stories.
Um...at Xmas?!?!

Another line that bugs Steph is from "I'll be home at Xmas": presents on the tree
She insists that the presents should be under the tree. I'm fairly certain that presents used to go on the tree, and that it has historical creedence, but I agree that it is a silly line.

Speaking of Xmas music, and Cds (well, I wasn't talking about CDs, but I am now.) I saw the PERFECT Xmas compilation CD at Barnes & Noble the other day. It was called "Maybe this Christmas", and here's what made it ideal:
1) The first song was done by Phantom Planet
3) The other artists were all gen-x-y cool people too. (I forget who, exactly, but Ben Folds was in there, and Sense Field (whoever that is?) did a cover of "War is Over" that was actually half way decent. [up]

I didn't listen to the whole thing (much as I wanted to) but dude, if I had a spare $160, I'd've bought ten copies, and everyone would get one for the holiday.
So the moral is, people should send me money so I can buy things for them.

I had more Xmas song thoughts, but I'll add them later. maybe it can be a month long thing. You know how I am with "things". [doh2]
WOW!!! The Internet does have a lot of porn.

...or so I've heard.

Saturday, November 30, 2002

"It's been years since a human has visited me," the ogre said.
A pause, and then, "Yes. At least three decades."

The human said nothing, but continued to walk into the the ogre's dwelling.

Sniffing the air, the ogre recognized the scent.
"Well!! It seems the last human ..."

The human stopped walking, raised the shotgun and fired, thus removing the ogre's head.

"...was my father." the human said.
This entry has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit your screen and edited for time.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Okay, weird.
I just got a Spamail, titled, "Stop hating yourself". It was about weight loss.
Weight loss??

Shouldn't those go out after Thanksgiving? [shrug]

I've got a new Buffy theory, but I can't tell anyone about it. [doh2] Steph said that I "finally came up with a funny one." Yay me!

So my dreams last night were of the ...whuh? variety. Shall I share them? I shall.

Starts off, I'm living in New York City, and I (and, apparently, at this point in the dream at least, I alone) know that at some point in the near future, NYC is going to be subjected to an atomic bombing.
Not wanting to be, you know, vaporized, I'm spending this part of the dream building my "atomic bomb proof bomb shelter." It was shiny.
Later, but still in this section of the dream (it's in three parts), I found out/somehow knew that the bomb was being dropped on New York as planned by our own government in order to make the enemy look more ...enemy-ish. The anger I felt was (and still kinda is) intense.

Dream jumped/changed.

I was a spy, much like Sydney Bristow. (Um..except I dont' think I was a double-agent. And I wasn't nearly as good looking. [tongue])
Anywhat, my current mission was to infiltrate Saddam Hussein's headquarters and plant some bugs there.
I had gotten inside, and was searching for good places for the bugs to go.
The bugs were tiny little pictures of Del, bettie, and Kinitawowi. I'm assuming that I had Soupytwist, Boo, and Annie "bugs" as well, and had already planted them. However, I may not have. [shrug]
As I was planting them (in lamps, of all places), a guard noticed what I was doing, and one of those well-choreographed fight scenes took place.

Dream jumped/changed.

I was back in NYC, working as a busboy in a restaurant, and it was the night the bombing was going to take place. I was attempting to convince everyone there that we were in grave danger.

Fade to white.

So any of you dream analyzers out there wanna take a crack at deciphering my skull, have at it.

Today I took the girls to the park while Steph went Xmas shopping. We played robot games, and had a pretty good time. Yay!!
Later, at home, I played Risk with Saren. She won. The last territory that I had? Greenland.

It was six years ago today that my life forever changed for the better.

I love you more than I can express, Stephanie.

I love your laugh, and your jokes. I love your hair and your eyes. I love the meals you make, and the way you think. I love everything about you.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Things that come with age:

[-] Mellowing out.
[-] Getting fat.
[-] Getting sore.
[-] Sadness.
[-] Wrinkles.
[-] Discounts at Denny's. (WOOHOO!!)

My pants are too tight. (or are they, Steph? [raised eyebrow])

My back aches, and I don't recognize songs on the radio or MTV2 (cuz MTV doesn't play videos) anymore.

What a drag it is getting old. [/Stones] (Whom I did NOT win tickets to see. And I still don't have Forty Licks. Maybe for Xmas.)

It's 2003. Almost. (Sheesh. I thought it WAS 03. I'm losing my mind.)

But the story is supposed to take place in 06. And have I written any of it? Nope. [sigh] Laziness, I do sometimes hate you.

Hmm. Rereading this entry, I can only think of two words: Need funny.

I got nothin'. Which isn't to mean that I'm depressed, folks. I'm okay. I'm good. I'm just not able to make with the jokes. Damn it. I think it's board-withdrawl. [wink]

I promise tomorrow will be a better blog. (hee.)

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Ah, sobriety.
Not to mention bitterness. [doh2]

I don't know if I'll blog everything I'm thinking (I'm not Ultra-tired P@, after all, so I *do* have restraints), but I'm sure a good portion of it will get out.

Here's how to make the world better: Clone some kind of monkey/robot/dog/sex slave thing for everysingle person on the planet. This monkey/robot/dog/sex slave thing will give every person undivided attention 100% of the time. Whenever you want someone to notice that you're wonderful, just turn to your mrds. Whenever you think people aren't paying enough attention to you, go to your mrds. Cause here's the thing. It seems that some people (actually, a LOT of people) can't stand NOT being the center of attention. Well, the world just doesn't work that way.
But with mrdses in the world, problem solved. Hurrah!

Another thing - why do people care what other people think? I mean, I'm glad that we do (can you imagine what it would be like if nobody gave a flying f*ck about ANYONE?), but there needs to be some kind of balance, I think. Too often we put so much stock into what other people will think if we do this, or say that. And in the end, their opinions just aren't that important. I mean, so someone thinks you're a fool. BIG DEAL!! Do you have to look good in other's eyes all the time? [sigh]

A good portion of this epidemic of 'other-people-itis', I think, stems from school. In school, you learn that if you give the "right" answers, you get attention (going back to the mrds thing), and people like you. And we all want to be liked. Even by people who we shouldn't want to be liked by. (Hmm. I'm starting to think that drunkP@ made more sense than soberP@)

The bottom line of all this, I guess, is to thine own self be true. While you don't want to delibaretly hurt other people, you shouldn't hurt yourself, just for other's approval.
Or something. [shrug]

Tonight I'm airing The Wizard of Oz. Normally, I'd say "Yay!" (and it is a yay! event) but it's on up against Futuremama and The Bimpsons. So I'm gonna miss at least an hour of it. Sorry, Dorothy.

What else?

I'm hoping that in the next month that I might actually do some writing. You know, of the fiction kind? I mean, while the journal thing is nice, and (hopefully) slightly amusing, doing something else would be a great relief to my mind.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go pay attention to my monkeyrobotdogsex slave.
My last entry sais" "Yay for alcholoh!"

Yahy for alchol inedeed!@

HOLY@ FUCKI! My dautghter just waoke up wand came urnning out here and scared the bejseus uout of me! Who! At leasty he was n't a monster! O IM nean a muderdre.

Also, fholy chirst, I'm the wordsr dad in thw weorls!
I thihk all the other mods just atoelarate me, btw.!

Oh great, herw comes the serl=f-depreciaiation!

Yay for pity!

STehe just taole me some story about cars and the price. I ditn'd understand, it really,m but , [heh]

I meant nod. Im ean t {meH!!!} but I said NOTD!!

OH! Whe nI w as drinving home, I was thinking about how all humatns sod ids to judge. Judge about this, and jusdge about hta, and I had amore um............ coherent? thought when I was thinkgin it erailer ,but ohw ell.

OH yeah! Hee! I banned Throaty AGAIN!! WOOO!! Eventually, I will shoot him.


We're on Interetne Explorere, insteed of ALO ,becasue AOL is all suckassy. Anywaht, IE has a sheepload of aicons. And it's frrekin me out. It's like CNN with all the crawlins and whatnot. Agof information. Pshahw!

My wfiew is woarm!!! AN d toughcy!! I love it! I vleo her!! I want cheesED~

I want cheese! Heeeheeheehe. I'm unstabler.
The hoel tiem I was laughing , iwas typing. it as like some awful feeback problem that ouwln'td stop. Finally, tid odid.

stepah is laughing her rains out. Yayu for brains!!

xMasn is comgin!
I think i"m gonna barf!

Friday, November 22, 2002

mayhem = funny

I miss people.

Yay for alcohol!

Thursday, November 21, 2002

The entry above this one didn't go through last night. Computers are so tempermental.

It's Thursday night, folks, so, of course this entry is being typed up by UTP@. (That's Ultra Tired P@ for those new subscribers. [wink])

Steph made meatloaf tonight! It was yummy. Along with corn, we had ourselves a musical dinner. [/lame joke. VERY lame] (Meatloaf....and Korn...musical groups...[sigh])

We also had mashed potatoes, which, to my knowledge is not a musical group. It is a dance, though, so it fits the motif. Yay for lameness! (I think I should have that tattoeed on my forehead.)

I read chapter 4 of HPatSS tonight. My throat hurts. Partly from the lack of sleep, partly from the long chapter, partly from doing Hagrid's voice. [grin]

What was I going to say?

God. I'm lame. If you (the reader) knew what I was going to say, why would I have to type it? And why would I have to aske it? And why ..my head is starting to hurt. Which reminds me of when Annika (bettie to the new subscribers. Although round the comment sections, she's known as pie. Mmm...pie.) Um..OH! Yeah, the other day Annika/bettie/pie called us up. Out of the blue! WEll, out of thegreen, since our phone is green, not blue. But I digress.
She called, and we talked, and I told her a funny joke and she said that it was making her head hurt.
The joke (which is what the last paragraph was a setup for. My brain is a scary place) was this:

If the power ever goes out, I'll have to write my blog entry by hand, and then mail it to the Internet.

I should take my act on the road.


I suppose I should pop in to the WD and see what's happened in the last 72 days or so since I've last been there. [doh2]

Holy feces! It's a week until Thanksgiving (wanted to type Halloween)! I could write a big ol' entry about my family and the guilt that goes along with them, but meh.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

We had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory tonight. Harper had applesauce, which she hates. It was funny, though, because she asked for a bite of it, so I gave it to her, and she promptly spit it out. Her reaction after that was to say that it was good. She's funny.

Saren wanted to marry the hostess. And was saying how she was disappointed that when she grew up she wouldn't be able to. (Never did find out her reasoning behind that one.)

I read the 3rd chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone aloud to Saren tonight.

Oh, and I'm not gonna have myself deleted from the WD. Sorry to disappoint. [wink]

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

I'm in a bad mood. I mean, I'm a bad mod. Or both. Yes.

First things first.
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Bastard.

remember when I wanted to be a robot? (scroll down, if not) Well.

So many thoughts.

I'll get to WD things later, since they're the things troubling me most. [doh2]

We went to do laundry today. And despite the fact that I did not want to go to Shuffle-man's laundromat, we did anyway. It's weird how I *completely* despise this man, for no real reason other than he's old and creepy. Which, okay, is a good reason, but you'd think there'd be more. And so today, oddly enough, I found out a little more about him.

The guy lives there (or so I assume. I'm fairly safe in that assumption, that he owns the place, and most likely either sleeps there, or very close by) but today he approached Steph and I while we were folding the laundry (I was folding it wrongly, but that's another story.), and he asked where the bathroom was.

the poor creepy guy is senile. [frown]

So I think maybe part of why I freakin' hate the guy is because he's like looking 80 (or 800??) years into my future. [shudder]

We went Xmas shopping today as well. Or Xmas window shopping, I suppose, since we didn't buy anything for the girls (or anyone else [doh2]) but just did a lot of looking and saying, "Wow. If we had money..."
You remember the magic 8 balls from our youth? Well, now they've got a Talking Yoda version. The doll is about a foot tall, and looks like the Jedi Master. You squeeze his hand, and that activates him. He tells you to 'concentrate and feel the Force.' and then to ask him a 'yes' or 'no' question, and squeeze his hand again, and he answers you.
It was rather freaky. At first all his responses were saying how "the Dark Side was clouding his judgement" (ie "Ask again later"), so then I asked if he ever gave straight answers, and his reply was "Yes." [shocked]
After that, all his replies were in the affirmitave. So then I asked, "Is 'yes' all you say?"
"Simply answer you ask, the answer is 'no'."
Hee. Even fake Yoda is a wise Yoda.

Carrow's has crappy food.

At the laundromat (it's good to dwell. Makes me forget about the board.), a homeless guy came in and started "playing" with the video games. Mrs. Shuffle-man shooed him out. Which was amusing, and also a little sad. I always feel a little sad for homeless people. Got the whole 'I can relate' vibe going on, I guess. Plus, I know how fragile our 'secure' worlds can be. [sigh]

Dinner was Taco Bell. (because, you know, it was there, and, hey, savings?? What's that?)

On the way home, I somehow made Steph laugh until her head exploded. It wasn't pretty. And the worst part was that we had just washed the clothes.

Got home around 10 to 8, then watched Buffy. I didn't cry at the end, but I came awfully close. And normally decapitation is a funny thing.

After Buffy ended, I played a game w/ Saren until her bedtime. It was fun. I love board games. It'll be great when the girls are older and can play the more complicated games. We have a box of Yloponom that still hasnt been opened. [doh2]
Steph went on the computer, and she made a really nice entry about me.
I put Saren to bed, and we talked about Buffy and Angel (how warped is it that that's what we bond over?), and then when I grew tired of that (who knew that could happen??) and told her it was time to go to sleep, she started kicking and having a tantrum. So I left, and now Stephanie is in there with her. I'm such a wonderful father. [rolleyes]

And right now, I think I'm going to turn off the computer. I've been thinking about the whole mess at the Board, and the thought that keeps coming back to me is to simply ask to be deleted from the database. Cuz, you know, running from your problems is what I excel at.

Monday, November 18, 2002

A robot with lots of money. I forgot that part.
I've got nothing to say. Why am I bothering to do this? Bah. Whatever. I guess I need to vent, or scream or something. And, hey, why not online? Where nothing matters, because it's just text? Yay for meaninglessness!!

I SO want to be a robot.

Steph, I love you.

Oh, at work, I've been replaced. They set up mousetraps today. The machines ended up catching three in one day. Yay for progress. [/John Henry sarcasm]

This was a fun entry. [/P@ sarcasm]

Saturday, November 16, 2002

So many times when I'm driving home at night, I simply blank. Go into the "zone", I suppose it's called. Or zoning out, perhaps. I know there's a zone in it.

It's actually quite disturbing. I mean, I'm cruising along, at 70+ miles per hour, and I'm on auto-pilot. Probably not the best thing to think about. Or maybe I *should* try to think about it more, so it doesnt' end up killing me. (ha ha. Laughing at one's own death is such a teenage thing to do. And I'm not a teenager anymore. Far from one.

It's probably time I start acting like an adult. No, that's wrong. It's probably time I start being an adult.

At the same time, I could (should?) start being a decent human being too. But, hey, why start now, huh?

I need to buy milk on the way home.
Oh yeah. I meant to blog about this earlier, and forgot.

Got paid today, and after cashing my check, it was lunchtime, so we drove to the Carl's Jr. Drive-thru.
Long story short, the cashier gave us the food without asking for the money.

I drove away without paying.

I guess what they say is true. "There's no such thing as a (guilt)free lunch."

Thursday, November 14, 2002

UTP@Thursday! (It's like "Must See TV Thursday" only...funnier. And more tired.)

Kinda a long entry. So if you've got a short attention span, or um...

Remember a few whiles back, when I said that the WD was full of great people? well, there are also some shits there. I don't understand certain folks, and the thought processes that they "possess". I'm quite angry, despite being really fucking tired, and I'm sure that were my mental capacities fuller, I'd be more coherent. Also, I bet that I'd send some angry emails. (But, alas, I'm too chicken to do that, even if I'm well-rested. [sigh])

Yay bras!!

But, yeah, to quote Jane's Addiction, "Some people should die. That's just common knowledge."
And maybe I don't really want these losers to die, but maybe some small, primitive part of me does. Ya know?

Switchign gears -
Last night we watched Alias. That show is fun. Even though we stayed up til like 1am (and then Harper woke up and kept us awake until 2, and I had to get up at 5:30...) it was good.
This am, when the alarm went off, I incorporated the dream into my song. (Scratch that, reverse it.) I probably would've kept on dreaming, had Steph not hit me in the back to wake me up. [doh2]

Took my shower, dressed, got breakfast, and watched Conversations with Dead People with the CC on, and the sound down low. Why? Because I'm a geek-a-potamus.

Once it was done, it was time for work, so I drove to work (on fumes).

Work was slow, as it generally is on Thursdays. I relly don't know why I bother going there. I mean, the money helps matters tremendously, of course, but could I get a better-paying gig somewhere else? Most likely, yes. Will I? Most likely, not unless I have to. (ie get fired or move)
God. lazyness.

There was a neat thing at work, and I considered making a post about it, but Ithink instead, I'll blog it, and if I want to post, I'll do the ol' cut and paste. (or just not post. Stupid....people, making me not want to post. Well, and also tiredness.)
A few days back, a mouse was discovered running around in the control room. It freaked Eli out (she didn't *quite* do the Tom&Jerry 'woman standing on a chair screeching, "A mouse!! A mouse!!" bit, but pretty close. [grin]), but I thought it kinda neat.
Everyday since then, I've seen Mr. Jingles (for lack of a better name) scurry by. Never gave it *much* thought.
Today, though, it was the topic du jour when I came in at 7. Because apparently Mr. Jingles has some friends.

Lots of friends.

Because, rumouredly, someone has been feeding the mice. Smart.

Later, this turned out to have some evidence backing it up, since a few times a tiny little (baby??) mouse came out of the woodwork (more like 'wirework', but whatever) and (I kid you not) looked up longingly at me and Troy, as though awaiting snacks.

So, everything's going fine, I'm trying to stay awake, blah blah blah, and around 10am, little mouse comes out again, and is mere feet away from me. I had a tape in my hand, and for whatever reason, I tossed the tape toward the rodent.


The tape didn't completely smoosh the mouse, though. The back half of it's body was under the tape, while the head and front legs were attempting to crawl away. The mouse was screeching in pain.
(Why do I find this so amusing??)
Troy saw what I had done, and got a large plastic cup to scoop the mouse up with. As he approached it, it finally died.
We put his dead body in the cup, and then threw the cup and the mouse away.

Sadly, there were no large black inmates to revive the mouse. [heehehehe]

The best part of the story, though? Curiousity got the better of me, and I put the tape into a deck. I pushed play, and there was a promo for the show Crossing Over on it. Irony, you're a beautiful bitch.

After the mouse-killing, the rest of the day was pretty much a let down. None of the other mice made appearances, though. So I guess lesson learned. [eyebrow]

We had a meeting, and it was, as per usual, rather pointless. But free food! Even I can't resist free food! (What?)

I drove home (on fumes of fumes) and then Saren told me the Buffy story that is on my wife's blog. [plug]
Then, we went all 21st century for dinner and ordered pizza over the internet! George Jetson, eat your heart out!


Oh, then I went to the board, and became thoroughouly depressed (and unable to spell. [tongue]) and then I decided to blog my brains out.

And now I have.

So I'm going to watch Friends and Scrubbies, and try not to fall asleep. (And dream of killing mice.)

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Harperism of the day:
Steph: "What do you want for Christmas?"
Harper: "Halloween!"
Many, many times it is really great to be me.

RIght now, despite the fact that it's 2am, and I'll most likely sleep til noon, and get nothing done tomorrow, is one of those times.

Monday, November 11, 2002

Your publish request was sent at 11/11/2002 11:11:12 AM.
Damn! Early by 4 seconds.

It's 11/11, and 11:11. (er...if I time this correctly, it will be. I'm done typing, at 11:08am, I'm just waiting for the clock to reach the "magic" time before hitting 'Post & Publish'. Wish me luck.)

I am such a geek.
Harry Potter!!
Dobby wasn't quite as I'd pictured him, somehow. But still amusing. "Stupid, stupid Dobby!" [hee] (Plus, he was voiced by Willow! Note: Willow from the 80's action/fantasy movie of the same name, not Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)
I had forgotten that Dumbledore's phoenix was named Fawkes. [laughing head] I love J.K. Rowling's wordplays.
Saren wasn't scared at all! Even during the Aragog/spider scene!! She said, on the way out, that she "knew it was just a movie". Smart cookie.
And, of course, there was the trademarked Chris Columbus 'happy ending' ending. And, of course, I'm a huge ol' sap, and it gave me goosebumps. (I didn't cry, though. Not at that part. I did leak a few tears at the beginning, though. Music. Gets me everytime.)

Now, the bad part. Waiting. I'm wanting part 3 to come out like NOW. And, of course, the 5th book REALLY needs to be in my possession. [sigh]

Thursday, November 07, 2002

It's late Thursday night, and you all know what that means:
Another exciting adventure of Ultra Tired P@!!
(Note to self: look into getting that trademarked.)

I had/have many things that I want to post/blog/write about, but fate seems to have a thing against me, and so I'll simply do the Reader's Digest versions here.

Del, mUrt, adn CassyLee were very nice. And, believe it or not, it turns out that they are actual people!! (I know. I was shocked too.)
Also, they were nice enough to keep their opinions (fact) that Steph and I are unbelievably dull to themselves. [up]

The best thing, I think, that'll come from the other night is that we will all PM each other more, and we'll become better friends. Yay!

What elsse?

Oh yeah. I was gonna answer my "no" boq. I don't even know how well it did. [shrug] Plus, I need to move on to "O". But right now, I'm far too tired.

I'm not funny UTP@, I'm grumpy UTP@. I men, LEttermen is on right now, and normally I find his flavor of wackyness (wackiness??) amusing. Right now, though, it's just plain irritating.

Of course, right after I type that, I find myself giggling at something he just showed. (Just shown? English and tiredness (tireditity?) are way unmixiy.)
What was my point?

At um..In less than 3 days, we'll be seeing Harry POtter!! (The movie, not the actual boy.)

Oh yeah. I think that America is in dire need of a revolution. Bush is a gah. It doesn't matter. Whatever. Let him kill us all. Whee!

And, gee, that's an uplifting note to end on. [doh2]

I missed Scrubs tonight. SUPERSIZE Friends, though, had some very ggiggle worthy moments. Chandler is funny. (heeheeehee!!)

I need somethign new to read. Suggestions, folks? And, please note, that it needs to be something not too difficult, and not too stupid. I'm picky.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Random randomlings.

People are such sheep. "Grow, little children, and be good consumers."
And most of us do.
Which isn't all that bad, per se, but I sometimes get the feeling that there could be more ...if things were different. [shrug]

You know what's freaky? There are radio waves all around us. All the time. Penetrating our bodies and minds and whatever. All. The. Time. !!
So at any given moment, the latest Duncan Sheik song could be making it's way through my spleen. And I don't even know any Duncan Sheik songs.

Air has weight.

If you're going to reply to a boq, and your answers are just one word nothings that contribute crap, do all of us a favor, and DON'T RESPOND!! Christ on a biscuit. Put some fucking effort into responding. I mean, the questions took some time, the least you could do is attempt a joke or two. Lazy retards.

Life is entirely inefficent. We have to eat everyday? Often more than once? What's up with that? Plus, we create far too much waste. The planet is only so big. And we keep filling it with our crap. We should make stuff out of the crap. That would help.

Yay for days off!!

Monday, November 04, 2002

Sunday, November 03, 2002

...not so much freaked out, as annoyed at the not knowing aspect.
meh I'll either get it later, or I won't. [shrug]
There are times when I think that I am the funniest person on the planet.

Friday, November 01, 2002

I've never been a real "goal"y (heh. "goalie") type of guy. As the old P@age goes, "Planning is for intellectuals and morons."
I prefer to just let things (life) happen, and deal (or not) as the circumstances arise.

However, I do have some new board-related goals. (Ain't ya'll proud?)

{{-}} To make the board fun again. (I don't know if I can do this single-handedly or not, so I'm taking typing courses in order to be able to use both hands. [/self amusement] On a serioius note, though, I do want the WD to be a place of enjoyment once more. I shall be trying my damndest to obtain that.

{{-}} To get on the first page. I've been the first person on page two (of the User List, going by post totals in descending order) for a while now. I would like to appear on page 1. Then I'll have "made it". Of course, CassyLee is the current member I have to surpass in order to achieve this goal. And she is at 3300. As bettie said, "Good luck."

{{-}} To have Jupe post again. And GA. And Onion. And Victor. And Chandler. Although those later folks are more a case of 'often' instead of 'again', but you get the drift.

{{-}} Address gathering. Must stalk better.

{{-}} Gimmick. I think that part of the reason the board has been ... lately, is due to the lack of cool people posting. And since I'm cool, and haven't exactly been Mr. Post-a-holic of late, I share part of the blame. But lets face it, the last cool gimmicks were the Mr. WD Pageant, and WD Clue. And those were both 5 months back. 5 months in internet time is something like 150 days.

{{-}} Strike-through. It's not fair that only the mods can use this feature. I bet if everyone had strike through, the board would rejoice, and all would be well again.

{{-}} That icon. I keep meaning to make it, and keep not. Stupid laziness.

So, yeah. That's about all on my plate in regards to our favorite forum.

In non-board related news, my youngest daughter is all grown up. [sniffle] Well, not all grown up, but she did use the potty for the first time today. (She even called me at work to tell me! I was so proud. And peeved that I couldn't've been there. Stupid work.) Harper is the best. She is incredibly smart, and funny. And cuter than anything known to man.
It's odd watching your children grow up. There's not really a word to describe the emotion that is unfiltered joy, with a sampling of melancholy thrown in. [sigh]

Also, I obtained tix to the Harry Potter sneak preview. [does dance] Hehehe!

I'm hungry. Guess I better go eat some peanut butter cups. Yum!!

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Ultra Tired P@ returns!!

God, Thursdays are fun. In the sleep-deprived type of way that sleep-deprivation is.

So, yeah, today is/was Halloween. End of another month. Woo!

We took the girls all around the neighboring neighborhoods. Evidently, the hip thing with adults nowadays is to "forget" that it's Halloween. I swear that 88% of the houses were dark. (plus, we did have two houses that had people at them who used the "I forgot" excuse for lack of candy. Weird.)

We also didn't see very many other kids. At least at first. Then, after eating some of the LSD-laced Twix bars, we saw goats all over the place.
[bwahahaha! Sorry. Ultra-tired P@ has an odd (aud) sense of humor)
But, yeah, we pretty much had the streets to ourselves, which was more depressing than it should've been. Or is in hindsight.

As I just said to STeph: "What? What?" UTP@ is FUN!!

I had a point, and now I forget what it was. Or maybe I didn't have a point to begin with, and I didn't forget what it wasn't. I'm sounding very zen right now. "Everything Zen" by Bush (not George) has some line in it about Elvis ...eating ghosts? [shrug] It's on topic (not On Topic, though), because I was dressed as Elvis while we trick-or-treated.

I was King for a Day. [/self amusment]

There was one guy, who had all these stuffed animals hanging above his driveway, and when the girls came up to his house, he took a knife and cut two of them down. That was impressively cool. When I was a kid, all I ever got was candy.

The girls also got coupons for a free Frosty from Wendy's. So we walked there for dinner. Yum. (note: "yum" meaning "yuck".)

This is lengthy. UTP@ types a lot. Which is a good thing, no?

Comments rule.

From the other day: I've discovered that other people (parents mostly, and mostly mothers) suck ass. They just talk too much. About stupid junk that is stupid. And junk. God, I want them to shut up and go away. And they never do. Stupid junky ass sucking moms.

I know I'll have "made it" when someone quotes me from my blog in their sig. Or their bio. Like the "stupid junky ass sucking moms" line seems like something that mayhem would have in his sig. Or not. [shrug] I'm done now.
Tomorrow is the first of November. Rabbit rabbit.
Note to stalkers: Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

We carved pumpkins tonight.
That was a heck of a lot of fun. Got our hands all gooey, and orange. Harper, who has a thing about being clean, was simultaneously appalled and intrigued. (god, I need a spell check)
Saren, always wanting to be independent, wanted to carve the lid off, scoop the insides out, draw the face (she did), cut out the face (she helped), and light the candle.
She did not offer to help clean up. [tongue]

Oreo tried to eat the seeds, and climb inside the pumpkin shell. We have a strange cat.

Now that we have our Jack O Lanterns, it's finally feeling like Halloween. yay!!

In board news, meh.

Monday, October 28, 2002

A few nights back, I was trying to get Saren to sleep, so I sat in her room, and sang to her.
I sang "99 bottles of beer on the wall" in it's entirety. (what? It used to work on Harper)
After I was finished, she turned to me and said, "Can you sing it again?"

Inside everyone's head is an entire universe. I want to swim inside Stephanie's. I love her so much.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

You know what's funny? (well, not funny haha, but funny odd)

Nobody ever comments on the older entries. (They will now.(or not, since I said they would. Stupid reverse psychology) of course now that I said they won't...))

What was my point? I forget.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Dude!! Tonight is Daylight savings!! Which means that we get an extra hour of sleep.

Of course, we'll most likely end up using it to stay online for an additional hour, but, hey, an extra hour is an extra hour.

Finally, farmers did something right!
Note to self: Trading one online obsession for another is not productive. Yeah, it's wonderful you are writing (although the quality of the writing is a whole other matter), but you have books to read. And work to do. And you should be writing something ...else.
And doing something with your life.

Lazy punk.
Hey, cool!! I got thanked!! By a newbie, no less!
no_j sent me a Private Message thanking me for fixing his/her spoiler tags, and saying that s/he would be more careful in the future. (I honestly don't remember fixing them, but that's not the point) It certainly felt good to hear, "Hey, thanks for a job well done." (in not so many words)

Speaking of jobs, wouldn't it be nice if we didn't need them? What if everyone one day woke up and decided, ya know, I'm not going to go into the office today. I'd much rather go out and enjoy the sunshine, and perhaps have lunch with some friends and family.

Ignoring the idea of complete social chaos for a moment, could that idea work? And, really, would society breakdown? I mean, the things that had to get done would get done by people who wanted to do them. Wouldn't they?Gah. I'm not expressing myself very clearly.
I think what I'm trying to say is "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". Or something.
It's not even Halloween (although it is really close) and I'm already dreading the holidays. I love Oct. 31st, but it's Turkey-Day, Xmas, and sometimes New Year's that bother me.
Gah. Focus on the good, P@, focus on the good.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Adventures of Ultra Tired P@!!
So, when I tried to log onto my blog just now, I typed in my WD password.
Also, while driving home from buying water and milk a few moments back, I realized I was Ultra Tired P@, and then I spent about 3/4ths of a mile (or, roughly 2 minutes) trying to figure out a funny/witty/stupid/clever acronym for UTOPIA using "ultra", "tired" and "P@". I gave up.

What else has Ultra Tired P@ done?


Oh! We went to a Halloween carnival today. The girls had a good time. Harper even won the "prettiest" costume in her age bracket. (2 and under)
Of course, Steph wrote about all this in her blog, so I won't repeat it here. Also, I'm ultra-tired.
Heh. Reminds me (vaguely) of that Orange...movie. What was the name? Pettycoat Orange? No. It was Operation Oran...a Clockwork Orange!! Yay for brain! cells!
Why'd it remind me of that? Oh! The ol' 'ultra-violence'. Great term.
Um, except that violence is not a good thing, really. Or, it is, it's just not something to aspire toward.

The past two nights to help Saren fall asleep, I've been reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer aloud to her. It hasnt' helped either night, but she seems to want it. (She did, after all, ask for me to read it to er tonight.)


Laundry tomorrow. Plus, work again. It seems slo far away. Normally, I'd be just getting home around now. Time is weird. And fleeting.
What the hell am I still doing up?

I'm a sucker for punishment. Or, tiredness. Something like that.

Tomorrow (today) we are going to a Halloween carnival. That means the girls get to wear their costumes!! Yay!

I had something else to say, but meh.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I want Crazy Flakes.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Random thought time.

We went to Sunset Park today. The girls had a fun time climbing trees, swinging, playing in dirt, feeding ducks. The weather was beautiful, as it is in Vegas this time of year. Steph brought her camera(s). She was beautiful, as always. I took a picture of her on a swing with Harper. I was a bit too far away, but that just goes to show why she is the family photographer, not me.

While watching the ducks (and geese, and some other unknown type of water-fowl) swim around the man-made pond, scrounging for bits of bread and crackers, I wondered what type of life that would be to lead. Anytime any of the birds managed to capture a large piece of food, they would have to swim away super fast, otherwise another bird would snatch it out of the other one's mouth.
OH!! Also! We saw some of the unknown-type-birds attacking each other!! One of them actually managed to push the other under the water....and we didn't see it resurface! Murder most fowl. [groan. And thank god I don't have the comment deal up yet, or I know I'd be hearing about that one.]
Anywhat, the point is that Nature is a harsh bitch.

Funny quote of the day comes from the show Elimidate.
"Her mouth was as open as a camel's ass when looking for water."
[laughing head]
And also, huh?

I should be working on ...that piece I should be working on. Laziness, you win another round.

I had too much soda today. I'm all semi-hyper. And not craving a Pepsi. Freaky.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

So, yeah, there's this janitor who comes into to work periodically, and the guy is a freak. I mean, totally weird. He's talked to me before about his belief systems and I just don't get him. At all.
And yet, he talks to me everytime I see him. He attempts to make idle chit-chat, despite the fact that I'm giving off signals that say "I do not want to talk to you. Go the hell away. Or at the very least, stop speaking."
But he doesn't get it.

This happens all the time in other places too. People (not all people, just the annoying ones) in public, just have this odd "I must pass the time by chattering to this complete stranger" gene. My defense against this is to smile, pretend I'm listening, and occasionally murmur an "Mm-hmm.", all the while wishing for the Gentlemen to come along with their handy "Shut the hell up" box.

So, yeah, maybe if other people could read my mind, they'd know that I was not interested in their blather, and bugger off.

Hee. I said "bugger off".

Angel is on in like 20 minutes.
I wonder if having the ability to read minds would be a good thing. I think maybe not for me to have, but other people should be able to read my mind.

I'll expand on this thought later.
I think the past is bad. Or, not bad, per se, but not as good as now. Or the future.
I mean, go back two years, and there was no Harper.
Go back 5 years, and there was no Harper, and no Saren. =(
You continue to go back in the past, and there's just less stuff. I mean, dude, a mere 15 years ago, most people didn't even have a clue what the Internet was. (Um. what is it again? [dork2])
So, really, there's no such thing as "the good old days". There's now. And there's what's coming.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Heh. Interesting.
Whenever I go to write in my journal, I "block" at the blank page. I would think, since I'm posting and/or PMing at the WD all the time, that sitting at the computer would be easier. And yet, here I am, "blocking" at the blank white screen.

Of course, it's much less blank now. But that's a good thing.

I've been in a lot of up and down moods today. The board was getting to me earlier, all the stupid infighting. All the negativity. All the taking everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) way too seriously. Gah.
But then I just said (to myself), "Enough. Screw coming here and feeling bad. I come here for fun, and to sometimes interact with folks whom I consider pretty good friends. Don't let the bad stuff get to you."
And then I didn't. I actually posted some fun, funny stuff. (Mildly amusing, at any rate) and sent out a few good PMs (although nobody I'm *really* friends with was on, and I forgot to PM bettie and Jupe. [doh]) And by the time I logged out, I was no longer upset. Yay for mind-set improvement!

But then I came here, and was a bit upset again (not to a great degree, or anything) by the lack of interesting writing that was going on. Of course, now, I'm simply just blathering away like some kind of ...blathering thing. (I believe the phrase is "blathering idiot" [wink])

Hm. Now that I've said *that*, though, I seem to be done. Again.

But I'm not. Not really. I mean, I've got a LOT of things that have been going through my head, and I just haven't *said* them yet. Weird. Maybe sometime soon they'll actually make the leap from brain to computer screen.
It's almost noon, and none of us have even showered yet. Laziness, thy name is, ah screw it.
Oh, watch how boring this entry will be.
Nice first impression, P@.

So, yeah. I've finally decided to take the leap and jump onto the bandwagon. I've done got myself one of them thar blogs!

So what will I use this for? Hm. Good question. Mostly, just random thoughts. Maybe story writings (there's a laugh). Undoubtedly I'll come here to rant. Or when I'm bored out of my skull. Or happy. It'll be like my non-online journal. Only hopefully much less boring. (Um. Not thus far.)

It ought to be fun.

Or not sure. Or not important.

And that'll do it for now.

-the P@