Saturday, May 30, 2015

and other stuff

You'd think I'd be more prepared for these blogging days, and have pre-planned topics.  You'd think wrong, though.

So, an update blog post it is:

we got a dog. I'm sure that when Stephanie blogs omorrow, there will be pics, and she may even write about the whole sitch, so I won't go into major details, but, yeah, we are now dog owners. Her name is Ori (short for Orianna) and she's a chihuahua/something mix (my best guess is Jack Russell Terrier, but we don't really know) and she's about three years old. She's very sweet.

Silas turned six, which is just amazing. Low-key birthday, as that was all he wanted. Found out that Silas and Minecraft share a birthday, a fact that is highly amusing to me.

My asthma returned pretty hard core, and for a few nights I had to use my inhaler multiple times throughout the day/night. It's gone back into hibernation mode, recently, which is a huge relief.


that's probably gonna do it.

Friday, May 15, 2015

never odd or even

Wasn't sure what to blog about today, but then, Oh ho!!,  I remembered - today is 5/15/15.


Then then, I remembered that other than pointing out the coolness factor of that, I don't really have anything to say about it. But, it is cool.

(And, yes, the palindromic dates have been happening all this week, and continue for the next four days, but you have to admit that out of them, TODAY is the best.)

To celebrate today's date, here are two appropriate (and wonderful!) music videos: