Saturday, March 20, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Recon

So, in the alt-world,
James Ford is a policeman.
Miles is his partner.

I guess every cop
is a criminal, and all
the sinners saints, right?

Well, no. Kate is still
on the run from the law, though
she's not good at it.

Here's a hint, Kate -
don't run your getaway car
into a cop car.

James still has desire
to find and kill Anthony
Cooper (still Locke's dad?)

I have a theory
Smocke is from the sideways world
and wants to get back.

Evidence, maybe?
Smocke has issues with his mom
instead of his dad!

Smocke tells Kate his mom
caused him "growing pains". Show me
that smile again, Smocke!

I still can't raise much
sympathy for this devil,
because he smacked Claire!!

Though at least he stopped
Claire from killing Kate. Unlike
non-action Sayid.

Smocke sends Sawyer to
Hydra Island so Sawyer
can do some recon.

He visits the old
bear cage/sex pit which makes him
long for season three.

Also on Hydra -
a dozen new characters
who work for Widmore.

Um. Did the writers
get the memo that this is
Lost's final season?

Widmore's got a sub
and he brought sonic fences
and a padlocked door.

What's he got locked up?
Or should I say "who"? I bet
it's Desmond. Or Walt.

Sawyer promises
Jin they won't leave without Sun,
plans to steal the sub.


P@ said...

Cooper (still Locke's dad?)

I'm betting that he is. I mean, it would have to be a pretty big coincidence for the con man to be named Anthony Cooper, use the pseudonym of Sawyer, and NOT be the same man that fathered Locke, but, then Locke does seem to have a decent relationship with his dad in alt-world, so I don't know.

And while I'm here, the smack of Claire was meant to shortcut that, yeah, Smocke is NOT a good guy. The fact that a) people still are trusting him, and b) people were saying that scene was the best part of the episode was highly disturbing.

And lastly, the lyrics to the Growing Pains theme song seem awesomely fitting to the overall themes of Lost. I'd love to see a mashup.

Amy said...

Maybe Bizarro Locke is evil, too.

Or serval

Amy said...

Oh, also I don't know what folks you've been reading, because most of the ones I've seen thought the best part of the episode was several seconds prior: when Claire had a knife to Kate.

... I sorta agree.