Saturday, May 31, 2003

The Jury Duty Saga continues...

So I called the number yesterday, and my date for jury selection has been moved to June 10th. (Remember, I originally got the summons in the mail around the first of May) However, I'm supposed to call them (again) on the night of the 9th to see if I'm even wanted. If they remain true to form, when I call on the 9th, I should be pushed back another 6 or 7 days. It's really amazing that anything gets done with our legal system the way it is. [sigh]

I can't believe that it's already June! (almost) The year is just flying by. In two weeks, I'll be 28. Heh. 28 is a neat number.
Tomorrow I gotta send out the June PMQ...and I think I didn't copy some people's questions. I got most of them, but I think there were a few that slipped by me. Damn.

Steph made these lists for things to do, which, normally makes me cringe, but for whatever reason (I blame a) getting older and b) the fucking heat), these lists seemed really ...good. I want to do the things on them. They're family-oriented lists, and have chores and outing ideas and just overall things to do to prove we're living. I don't think I'm making any sense, but I know what I mean, and that's all that matters. (I KNOW!!) My point, anyway, was that Steph is our family glue. And I'm beyond grateful that we've got her. Stephanie rules. You should all go read her blog and tell her as much. [up]

On the way into work, I had some vision of a Buffy-type character on a quest to battle against the Sadness Machine. That would be a giant steel contraption that causes mass sorrow in the world. Such a machine certainly would deserve an ass-kicking. But not nearly as much as the creator of such a monstrosity. Who would make a Sadness Machine? What the hell for? Sheesh.
Yeah, my brain is odd.

Actually, I think the idea was simply a mish-mash of Otherland (I'm rereading it right now. All you Matrix fans should get a copy as well. It's what The Matrix SHOULD have been), Buffy, and the Smashing Pumpkins (Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is the current tape I'm on). Still, my brain is odd.

I like italics, apparently. [doh2]

I had some other thing to blog about, but now I've forgotten what it was. Some other time, then.

Friday, May 30, 2003

I've seen descriptions of most of the fall's upcoming TV shows, and the only one I'm even half-way excited about is Chasing Alice. The premise is that Alice (of Alice in Wonderland fame) has a sister who works for Scottland Yard, and goes hunting her for her in Wonderland.

This has the potential to be really cool, or really crappy.

Other than that, though, the rest of the stuff sounds like garbage. There are two cop shows set in the future, and I'm mildly interested in checking them out, but overall, meh. I think I'll start reading more.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

"Justice delayed is justice denied."

I don't know where I heard that quote from. Either someone famous said it in RL, or I read it in a (fictional) book, or it was seen by me in a TV or movie. I'm sure one of you Internet Weirdos will know. Ya'll are smart like that.

Anywhat, the phrase is fitting with what I'm typing about. (Hee! Themed entry!!) My Jury Duty keeps getting pushed back.
When I called for the Tuesday info, I was told (via automation) to call back after 6pm on May 30th. {side note: I originally typed May 40th, which would've been really interesting. And also impossible.} So, I won't know whether I'm even "needed" to do my "civic duty" for another 26 hours. [sigh] I'm still interested in finding out how this all ends, but I really wish they'd just get it over with one way or another.

Speaking of Jury Duty, Will, the title of that show could be One-Twelfth of Justice. Or not. [shrug]

Going back to the title of this entry - I need to log onto the forums and see if a certain modly duty still needs to be fulfilled. My stomach hurts.

I'm htinking that my blog needs a template. Changes may be a-comin'. Stay tuned. Or something.

Monday, May 26, 2003

Happy (??) Memorial Day, everyone. Whatever that means.

Anywhat, I'm at work. So far today, I've watched Buffy vs. Dracula (hee!!) and The Freshman. Apparently, it's Season Premiere Day. Um...not much to say about the shows. It was interesting seeing the Riley/Buffy relationship in it's self-destruction stages in BvD, and then turn around and see them meeting in The Freshman.

Erm...I'm bored, so I'm gonna answer my PMQ...

What names are in your Address Book?
Very outdated (I dislike removing names) But here it is:

Calia Winters
Great Attractor
Hi there
Jamie Marie

I was going to put a comment next to each name, but I don't have that kind of time. Or patience. Maybe later.

How many vehicles have you owned? And what (if anything) did you name them? (Hi, Del!!)
Let's see...1...2...3...4. Four.
A white Toyota something-or-other that was just a "Get me from Point-A to Point-B" type of vehicle. Never named.
A brand new maroon Geo Metro. Nicknamed "Cassie 3".
A big black pimp-mobile type of thing. Nicknamed "Blindside".
Our current tan Toyota, which has no name.

What is the best Harrison Ford movie?
I'm still upset that nobody nominated Air Force One. "Get off my plane!" Classic!!

Name an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Yes, I know it's not a question. But I'm curious to see if anyone names the episode I'm thinking of, and also if any episodes get multiple votes.)
I was thinking of Lover's Walk. (I had watched that one in my ongoing Buffy-marathon when I came up with the question.)
Only one person named it. (pellenaka)
Two people did name Doublemeat Palace (Fuchsia and gilibeanz) Other than that, no duplicates. Weird.

Who do you wish was posting more (or still)?
And a good number of the people listed in my Address Book. You folks can figure out who I mean. [wink]

"I don't smoke, so why am I smokin'?"
Everyone knows that smoking is cool.
("President Garfield" by Juliana Hatfield)

There are a lot of really bad children's programs on television. What is the absolute worst one you've seen?
For little children? The absolute worst kids show is Bloopy's Buddies. Man, that thing is just sad.
For older kids? Everything.
For humans of any age? 7th Heaven. (It's on right now, much to my chagrin.)

What are you in denial about?

Buffy update:

Thursday (which was UTP@ day, if you recall) I watched Out of My Mind. Which, upon reviewing simply reinforced my theory that Spike was never truly in love with Buffy, but was always under the influence of a chip.

Fri & Sat I was off (more on those days later)

Today I watched The Wish and Superstar. (It was alternative dimension day!!)
The Wish had the cool death scenes. [up]
Superstar made me laugh again.

Friday and Saturday were fun. But I'm exhausted. Going out on the town has made me realize that I am, officially, old.
Oh well. There's no stopping it, I suppose.
The only drawback to the past two days is my own insecurities that start to sink in after the fact. I'm all worried (now) that Matt and Becky and Annika and Will don't like me. Mostly due to my quietness, and lack of contribution to the conversations.

Oh well. At least I'm interesting and well-liked online. I think I shall spend all my time there instead. ("I KNOW!!")

Today at work the microwave was broken, so I spent my 8 hour shift starving. That was not nearly as fun as it sounds. When I got home, I ate and am feeling better, though. (yay)

Hey! Tomorrow is a holiday, so I get paid overtime for working it. Score!

Time for bed.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

I REALLY need a Pepsi.

It's a good thing I don't drink alcohol.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Good lord, too much has happened to update on. I can't wait until we're all Matrix-y, and then people can just download my memory files. It'll be like telepathy, only...cooler. Plus, it'll be freakin easier as hell.

Going back several days, Jury Duty was a bust. Apparently the day before the courthouse had a power outtage, and they dumped everyone who was there that day out, asking them to return on the next day. So when I arrived Wednesday morning, so did a majority of folks who had been there on Tuesday.

So, to make a long story short (too late [grin]), about 200 of us were asked to come back on the 27th. We'll see what happens.

What else? Oh! Buffy ended. I made a really long, somewhat angry post that nobody read or responded to. (I'll put a link in later, because I want at least the important people to read it. [feedback would make me happy too. ;)])

Thursday was HELL. I stayed up until at least 3 am, and had to be to work at 7. There was a time at work during that UTP@ day when everything was funny. And then I got VERY grumpy, which was not so much fun. And then on the drive home, I fell asleep and got into an accident. (not really, but it's amazing that it didn't go down that way)

Today was better. I actually got some sleep, so I wasn't operating at lower than optimum brain capacity (ha ha ha). I also (obviously) got to go back online for the first time in several days. (Yay for playing catch up. [rolleyes])
Also, I spoke to Annika (briefly) and everything is all set for tomorrow. WOO!
Of course, when I say "everything" what I really mean is "everything but cleaning the house, which is totally unpresentable". [sigh]
I should be cleaning rather than typing, but guess what's gonna end up winning in that battle of the wills.

And the highlight of the day, of course, was meeting Matt and Becky. They're truly nice people, and very funny to boot. We didn't exactly tear up the town (we stayed inside the Excalibur - and mostly at the midway), but I think everyone had an enjoyable time. Tomorrow should be more "adult" since we won't have the girls with us, and there will be 6 of us. Bang Pow!

Erm...I guess that's all. I feel like I'm forgetting something incredibly important, and I probably am, but I guess it'll hit me later. In the meantime, I need to get the girls to sleep, and then finish washing the dishes. Hopefully I won't slice my finger open. Because while getting out of washing the dishes would be nice, losing another finger is a bit of a steep price to pay.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

It's nearly 3am and I have to be to the courthouse for Jury Duty at 8.

I'm so screwed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

So much!!

Okay, briefly, because if I get going, I'll never shut up, and I'll also forget about something that needs to be blogged about.

Two days off!! YAYY!!

Tomorrow I do yard work, straighten up the lawn, whack the weeds, etc. I mowed the front yard today, but need to do a more complete job of both the front and back.

Also tomorrow - we're going bowling. Saren is ultra excited about it. (It'll be her first time. She was asking me all sorts of questiions about it tonight, when she was supposed to be going to sleep.)

Another thing that's taking place tomorrow - we'll be purchasing a new vacuum cleaner! Woo!

Also on the agenda for the 20th - I call to find out the details of Jury Duty.

Oh! And Buffy will close it's universe's doors once and for all. (Of course, Angel will continue, as well Everwood, so it's not totally gone, but still...)

Speaking of Buffy: Tonight's viewings were Intervention (as promised) and Band Candy.
Just some quick comments about those.
Intervention was fun. I miss the Buffybot. Although this episode shows again why Spuffy is a horrific idea. The guy fucking built a sex-toy about the woman he couldn't have. Issues much?
Also of note in this episode - Buffy's guide that lead her to the Spirit Guide (in the form of the First Slayer) was a giant cat. Not a panther, but interesting nonetheless.
Band Candy made me laugh out loud several times. Xander on the SATs: "I believe they're biased against the uninformed." Classic
I remember when it first aired, I liked it, but I think since I've aged some, it was even better. And Ethan Rayne is such a cool mini-villian. Shame they didn't get him back more. Or maybe it's better they didn't. I mean, Clem was wonderful at first, but wound up overused.

While on tv...the season finales of 7th Heaven and Everwood were on tonight.
7H has the creepiest people you will ever find anywhere. Period. Thing 1 and Thing 2 (aka "the twins" aka "Sam and David") should be stopped. Yesterday. They're just...[shudder]
And HEEEE!! Simon pulled a "Pretty Woman"!!

Everwood pissed me off because they attended the "Season Finales must be cliffhangers" school of thought. However, they had two more Buffyverse tie-ins, so that's okay.
1) The "mud wrestle aligators" line.
2) The episode (which was,as I stated above, the season finale) was entitled Home.

During a commercial break, I called Annika's house to let her know about these. But I got her machine, so I hung up.

Erm...I guess that's all. I feel like there's more, but meh.

Monday, May 19, 2003


I was going to post about Buffy, but then figured that people reading this might be a bit tired of my BtVS ramblings.
So I sat here, wondering what to blog about instead.

After several minutes of staring at a blank screen, I decided to head over to blogideas to get some inspiration.
The idea that first popped up?
TV shows you never miss.


For the past two years or so, the syndicated runs of Buffy (s1-5) have been coming down on the satellites on Thursdays. (9:30am, Telestar 5, transponder 10) When I've been able to, I've recorded the feeds onto DVC tapes, and stored them in my private stash. The original plan was to transfer them onto VHS so that I'd have my own copies.
However, I've scratched that plan. Why? A few reasons.
[-] The show is ending, and s6 and s7 have been disappointing. They've been so bad, in fact, that they've sullied my view of the earlier seasons. (Sad, but true)
[-] Where would I get that many video tapes anyway? And even if I did get enough tapes to record the series, when would I watch them? Besides, in a few years, we'll probably get a DVD player, and then I can (if I'm still all into the show) buy them on DVD.
[-] We're moving into the new building in about a month. If I were to do the DVC to VHS transfer, I'd have to finish it before then. Since the only time I'd have the chance to do that would be on weekends, it's just not possible.

So. Instead, for the past three weeks or so, I've been giving the episodes that I have one final viewing, and then tearing off the label, and adding the tapes back into the library to be recorded over. I started with about 80 of the eps. I'm down to about 30.
It's been interesting rewatching the old show. (although I'll admit there have been eps I've not really "watched". Today I had Pangs running, but I didn't have my full attention devoted to it) The other day, for example, I watched Fear, Itself and was incredibly amused to discover that there was a scene with a guy dressed as a lobster in it!! Shout out? I think so. [grin]

I think, from now, until I finish watching, I'll mention in the blog what episode(s) I watched at work that day, along with any commentary that occurs to me. Why? [shrug] I dunno. Something to do, I guess.

Today, in addition to Pangs was Smashed (I know that's S6. I had taped that from the UPN feed on a Tuesday night that I had been working. I have a few S6 shows in my stash. One of them is Once More, With Feeling. I plan on having that be the final tape I watch.)
Despite the fact that Smashed was the introduction to two of the worst things Buffy has ever done (Spuffy, magicrack, and Spuffy), I actually kinda liked it this time around. Seeing Amy de-ratted was amusing, and full of promise (too bad they dropped the ball with that). Spike thinking his chip had failed was disturbing fun as well. (Made me hope that we were getting Big Bad Spike back. Nope. [sigh]) Jonathon's hair looked funky in the ep, though. Made him look ...younger, or something. And the fact that the freeze ray was never used again was always something that bothered me.
Neat thing that I didn't notice the first time: When they're researching the diamond/frozen guard connection, Xander says, "I found it!" And Anya says, "That's the D&D manual."
Which, of course, meant that Xander had (again) found the truth. It's really shocking how often something Xander says or does ends up having some kernel of truth to it.

Wow. Super long entry, all about the Buffster.
I think tomorrow I'll watch Intervention and post something different.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Yay!! I found the Jury Duty paper!! I feel so much better now.

I pinned it to the bulletin board. Now, as long as I don't misplace the bulletin board, things will be fine.

Blah. I hate having nothing to say. Hopefully later I'll be able to blog again with something of interest.
I cried at work today. [rolleyes]
I watched for the first time Mr. Holland's Opus, and their usage of "Beautiful Boy" got to me. That, and the end. I'm a sap when it comes to standing ovations/crowds supporting a single individual. I think that's what helps The Prom and Graduation Day pt. 2 be such special episodes.

Um...what else? I forgot. I know I had something to say, but it's completely escaped me now. Doh.

Speaking of misplacing things (I was, wasn't I?), I seem to have misplaced my Jury Duty papers. Major sigh. And major anxiety. I'm sure that Steph is right, and the court has a "back up" system in place, and it'll all be taken care of Monday, but still. Grrrr.

Why is Fear Factor still on television? I so don't understand.

Oh, and summer has officially begun here in Vegas. We've started using the AC in both the house and the car. Only 6 more months until it cools down again!! Yay!!

Friday, May 16, 2003

The Buffy/Everwood connections: (prepare to be underwhelmed!!)

  • Both shows take place in small-town communities, roughly the same size. (Granted, Everwood gets more snow than Sunnydale, but it has been known to snow there from time to time.)

  • Buffy has a girl named Amy (who turned out to be a rat. And a witch.) Everwood has a girl named Amy (who has done some rat-like things, but is probably not into magic. Or is she? [eyebrow]

  • The first couple of episodes had Doc Brown's dead wife appearing to him. This was obviously the First.

  • The coma connection. Everwood had Colin. Buffy has had: Willow (S2), Faith (S3 & 4), and [Begin spoiler for Angel S4, Inside Out onward-highlight to view]Cordelia[end spoiler]

  • Amy's mom is the Mayor. Buffy also had a character known as the Mayor.

  • On Everwood, Doc Brown plays god and performs brain surgery on a young man. On Buffy a god performs brain surgery on a young woman.

  • Last week's episode of Everwood was called Fear Itself. (I didn't see the fear demon, but he is pretty small....)

  • All those vampires that get killed in both shows.

I'm really thinking that Buffy is going to end up with Buffy Summers waking up in Everwood, CO...

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I don't want Buffy to end. Less than a week to go until the final episode.

And the trailer made it look as though it's gonna be a good one.


I'll be retiring my water bottle after Buffy's done, too, btw. I've had it since S2. Half the writing has worn off, so it looks like it's advertising a show called Bully ampire slayer, and it constantly leaks at the top because the lid doesn't screw on right anymore, but it'll be sad to see it go. (The show, and the water bottle)

I was originally going to write about the Everwood/Buffy connections, but I'll save that for another time.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Okay, I defeated King Bowser. Where's my refund?

Monday, May 12, 2003

I may be stupid, but I'm not smart

All of the blogs I read (on a regular basis, that is, not just random ones that happen to be on blogger's main page) are written by people who are either more intelligent than I am, or at least more interesting. Why is that?

I think the number of words I know (that word would be "vocabulary") is like 2000. Maybe.

I want(ed) to write some fiction today. (Need you ask? Of course it was the ever-elusive "Perth" story. The damn thing that i've had in my head (or bits of it, at any rate) for the past 5 years, and done nada about.) But did I? Nope. So, not only dumb, but lazy to boot. The greatness that is me knows no boundaries!

In less self-pity-ing news, They Might Be Giants are wonderful. The song "Ana Ng" always reminds me of HyperOnion, whom I really like. I should give him this address, in case he feels like stopping by.

Um.......okay, done. (See, Beth? That was a lame denouement.)

Sunday, May 11, 2003

I am so tired of being tired.

Anyone remember that PSA from several years back, that said (something along the lines of) "Nobody ever says they want to be a druggie when they grow up" ?

While that may or may not be true, I somehow doubt that anyone ever says, "When I grow up, I want my life to have an empty, unfillable void. I want to join the Rat Race and go to a job I loathe five days a week for forty years. I want to spend years neglecting my dreams and desires and instead fitter them watching hours upon hours of mind-numbing bad television, and surfing time-wasting websites. When I grow up, I hope my soul is a black hole of depression and crappiness, and I need drugs to escape the banality and cruelity of life."

Or maybe some people do say that, and they don't get what they want either.

Wow. This isn't meaning to sound as depressing as it's coming across. I'm just kinda in a haze (or daze. Or zone. Or something.) and I haven't really given much thought about what I'm saying.

On the way home from work today, I came incredibly close to running over a stray dog. Luckily, I slowed down, but sheesh, that animal had some balls to just strut into the middle of the road like he owned the thing.

Do you ever have times when you just want to smash ugly things? When you wish there were some sort of weaker, uglier alien race nearby that we could conquer? And anytime that you had rage issues, you'd just storm over and beat the tar out of one of them?

Guess it's just me, then.

I think I need to get drunk.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

So far all I can think of that I want for my birthday is the Orko action figure currently available in McDonald's happy meals, as part of their "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" promotion.

Of course, the He-Man/Battlecat combo is undoubtedly cooler, but the wacky magician will always have a special place in my heart.

Also, spaghetti.

Mother of peark, I am TIRED.

I had a dream a few nights back that Jamie changed the WD. It was all....different. Like the text was floaty, and three-dimensional. And blue.
And Angie was a mod.


What else? Oh! I should so go on the Price is Right. I was off by 49 cents. BAM!

Most non-manly thing to admit today: Angel almost made me cry.

Next week Matrix Reloaded opens. And two weeks from now, I'll know whether I'm going to be on a jury or not.
Yay May! Or something.
Note to self: Most stop blogging while exhausted.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Tonight's Everwood mostly made me re-realize how much I despise religion.

On a completely unrelated matter, I think the world would be much better off if human beings had a better sense of smell.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Man, I haven't posted in forever.

I'd almost forgotten what the internet was like.

Okay, there's really only one thing on my mind right now, and that would be the season finale of Alias.

I hope the tags work.
[Begin spoiler for "Second Double" and "The Seeing" highlight to view -]
The thing that irks me the most, is the waiting to find out. Cliffhangers SUCK!!
Although, the fanwanking (read: speculation) has already begun in earnest around these parts, and I will now share the most entertaining (or not) theories with my appreciative audience. (That would be you)

It's obvious to me that the Telling is a time machine. Syd was put into it (probably by Sloan) and put into the future (or, rather a possible future). The stuff to back me up on this theory:
Sloan's dialouge with Jack in Mexico City included the following bits:
[-] "It took me a long time - longer than I thought. But I got them [the Rimbaldi artifacts]."
[-] "I've seen what's possible."
[-] "We'll see each other again, Jack."

Also, the part where SpyMommy was on the ledge of the building was a total nod to Back to the Future. When she jumped off, she should have been saved by a flying DeLorean.

Speaking of SpyMommy - remember her message to Sydney from about 5 episodes back? "Truth Takes Time". Mm-hmm.

The thing that doesn't quite fit into this theory is the scar. If she were simply transported two years into the future, her wounds shouldn't have had time to heal. So maybe she was just held captive somewhere for the past 730 days...

And was the scar from the fight with the FrancieBot? there maybe a SydneyBaby out there?

And why didn't SpyDaddy come in to talk to her? [frown]

And why do I have to wait all summer to find out?!?!

Steph came up with the best idea, though. Next season will pick up where it left off. Syd and Vaughn walk out of that room, and all of the CIA are in the next room, and yell, "Surprise!!" I love my wife.

Oh. I forgot to mention that Sydney must have the cheapest furniture in the world. Maybe she buys it at the same place Buffy gets hers from?
[end spoiler]

Thursday, May 01, 2003

So, to sum up the meeting today:

My job (and everyone's in Master Control) is going to change drastically in the next two months. No vacation time will be approved for the month of June, and mandatory overtime and/or long-days will be required of everyone for training on the new switcher and preparing for the move to the new building. Apparently, we're to be moved (and be starting news [fucking news]) on June 23rd. Which means all of the operators need to be trained and ready to roll before then.

Also - there were rumors of a dress code being implemented. GRRRRRRRRRR. Although Greg (our supervisor's supervisor) said that he would talk to Upper Management about allowing jeans. If it turns out that jeans aren't allowed, I'm just gonna show up to work pantless. We'll see how well they like them apples.

What else?

The girls are havign a "picnic" right now. They've spread out a blanket on the living room floor, and brought out a plethora of stuffed animals and dolls who are the "guests" of the picnic. If I weren't so damn tired, I'd join them.

We made up stories earlier. Saren told a very creative tale about Princess Wackywoo (she was named that because she was always wacky, and she always said "woo") being turned into a unicorn, and how Princess Saren made a spell to revert her back to her human form. [up]

I made up some sleep-deprived nonsense about a group of people looking for the "lost pyramid" in a jungle. They encountered some quicksand, but some fast thinking and use of rope resulted in the crisis being averted.
Chapter two was simply: "They found the door."

Earlier I was takign the laundry out of the dryer and I just totally lost my train of thought.

Don't worry, another one will be along in a minute.

I have a semi-ammusing post idea for the WD, but I just do not have the strength to log in to make it. And today is the first, so the new PMQ should be going out. Damn my laziness. Damn it to meh!