Monday, May 19, 2003


I was going to post about Buffy, but then figured that people reading this might be a bit tired of my BtVS ramblings.
So I sat here, wondering what to blog about instead.

After several minutes of staring at a blank screen, I decided to head over to blogideas to get some inspiration.
The idea that first popped up?
TV shows you never miss.


For the past two years or so, the syndicated runs of Buffy (s1-5) have been coming down on the satellites on Thursdays. (9:30am, Telestar 5, transponder 10) When I've been able to, I've recorded the feeds onto DVC tapes, and stored them in my private stash. The original plan was to transfer them onto VHS so that I'd have my own copies.
However, I've scratched that plan. Why? A few reasons.
[-] The show is ending, and s6 and s7 have been disappointing. They've been so bad, in fact, that they've sullied my view of the earlier seasons. (Sad, but true)
[-] Where would I get that many video tapes anyway? And even if I did get enough tapes to record the series, when would I watch them? Besides, in a few years, we'll probably get a DVD player, and then I can (if I'm still all into the show) buy them on DVD.
[-] We're moving into the new building in about a month. If I were to do the DVC to VHS transfer, I'd have to finish it before then. Since the only time I'd have the chance to do that would be on weekends, it's just not possible.

So. Instead, for the past three weeks or so, I've been giving the episodes that I have one final viewing, and then tearing off the label, and adding the tapes back into the library to be recorded over. I started with about 80 of the eps. I'm down to about 30.
It's been interesting rewatching the old show. (although I'll admit there have been eps I've not really "watched". Today I had Pangs running, but I didn't have my full attention devoted to it) The other day, for example, I watched Fear, Itself and was incredibly amused to discover that there was a scene with a guy dressed as a lobster in it!! Shout out? I think so. [grin]

I think, from now, until I finish watching, I'll mention in the blog what episode(s) I watched at work that day, along with any commentary that occurs to me. Why? [shrug] I dunno. Something to do, I guess.

Today, in addition to Pangs was Smashed (I know that's S6. I had taped that from the UPN feed on a Tuesday night that I had been working. I have a few S6 shows in my stash. One of them is Once More, With Feeling. I plan on having that be the final tape I watch.)
Despite the fact that Smashed was the introduction to two of the worst things Buffy has ever done (Spuffy, magicrack, and Spuffy), I actually kinda liked it this time around. Seeing Amy de-ratted was amusing, and full of promise (too bad they dropped the ball with that). Spike thinking his chip had failed was disturbing fun as well. (Made me hope that we were getting Big Bad Spike back. Nope. [sigh]) Jonathon's hair looked funky in the ep, though. Made him look ...younger, or something. And the fact that the freeze ray was never used again was always something that bothered me.
Neat thing that I didn't notice the first time: When they're researching the diamond/frozen guard connection, Xander says, "I found it!" And Anya says, "That's the D&D manual."
Which, of course, meant that Xander had (again) found the truth. It's really shocking how often something Xander says or does ends up having some kernel of truth to it.

Wow. Super long entry, all about the Buffster.
I think tomorrow I'll watch Intervention and post something different.

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