Saturday, February 14, 2015

anything but love

I was trying to come up with something to blog about today, and came up with this: I'd take famous phrases/song lyrics/whatever and swap out the word "love" with whatever comes up by hitting "random article" on wikipedia.

Will it be amusing or will it just read as non-sequitur nonsense? Let's find out!

All you need is Peter Boyle (film editor). Keith, Wisconsin is all you need.

I Osama Al-Zain you more today than yesterday. (But not as much as tomorrow)

Ground Forces of the Slovak Republic Actually

Tis better to have Grandborough and lost, than never to have Birkeland (lunar crater) at all.

What's Architectural model got to do, got to do with it? What's Dhumavati but a second hand emotion?

What is United Nations Security Council Resolution 468? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more.

Who wrote the book of Megalithic Yard?

Shakespeare in Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services

Hello, I Fred Chester Bond

Oxymerus lineatus makes the world go round.

Henley Branch Line and marriage, Krakoma and marriage - go together like a horse and carriage.

I can't help falling in Slush Puppie with you.

PS I Edmund Mortimer you

From Russia with Coptodon bakossiorum

What's so funny 'bout peace, Waco High School and understanding

Steve Dunwell in the time of cholera

Damn, I wish I was your Lhodrakarchu Monastery

Peter Richards (Royal Navy officer) potion #9

All is fair in Kalinga Park and war

I'm Tayan Nuur mine-in' it

William Wayne Justice conquers all.