Friday, February 28, 2003

Movie talk

Upcoming movies I want to see:
Bruce Almighty ~ Jim Carrey with Godlike powers. Based on a true story.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines ~ I still haven't even seen any of the trailers, but I'm all for flicks (or books) about killer robots. Go homicidal robots!!

Those Matrix flicks ~ Mmm. Special effects.

Dreamcatcher ~ I read the book, and liked about 50% of it. (I don't remember much of what happened, though.) Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt' the director of this movie the same guy who directed Superman (and Superman 2)? Those movies rocked.

Finding Nemo ~ Pixar makes movies that make me spend money on toys!!

Upcoming movies I don't want to see:
Anger Management ~ Adam Fucking Sandler is working with Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicholson!! Sigh.

Cradle 2 The Grave ~ Maybe I'd want to see this if I'd seen Cradle 1.

A Man Apart ~ Vin Diesel needs to be sent away.

Pretty much every other movie.

So last night we went to see Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (finally. Although now we only have to wait 10 more months to see #3. Haha to those of you who saw it opening night and had to wait an additional 2 months. [tongue])
And now, because I enjoy being mocked, I shall present you with some of my more moronic thoughts that occured to me during/shortly after watching the movie. Yay!
Warning: Spoilers for LotR:TTT ahead.


[-] Okay, so the freaky-skinned guy who was controlling the King (Steph told me afterward that he's name was Ringworm. (or something)) went back to Sour-man. But at the end of the movie, the Trees (I refuse to write Ents) broke Sour-man's dam. My question is: What happened to
a) Ringworm
b) Sour-man.

[-] I got the Elvish father and the Elvish Army leader confused.

[-] I got Borimir's brother (what was it...Fur-amir?) and the King's bannished son (the ones who surrounded Aragon, Gimli, and Legolas) confused.

[-] They start the movie with me having to see Gandalf "die" again?! Bastards!!

[-] I thought of Lord of the Drinks, like, 30 times.

[-] I thought of bettie's blog, like, 3000 times.

[-] Stolen from Steph's blog: Gimli was right. He is funny because he's short.

[-] Holy fucking shit it was FREEZING in the theatre.

[-] Who was the actor that played the RingWraith? I couldn't quite put a name to the face.

[-] Gollum was simultaneously apalling and sympathetic.

[-] I totally can't keep the "countries" and "kingdoms" straight. Steph was explaining how Ramen is a different country than Gondor, and I think I understand better, but my brain just works better with names I'm familiar with. Maybe I should either read the books, or rewatch the films.

[-] I can't wait for the third movie.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

We played "The Game of Life" today. I totally lost. It was funny, because I was a doctor, who only made 50,000 a year. And I bought a house for 160,000. And I had a carful of kids that I couldn't support.
Oh well, it was fun.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Wow. It's already 6pm. The day just flies by when you don't wake up until noon.
It's raining. All freaking week long, according to the online weather folks. I finally have days off work, and it rains. [sigh]

It's funny how some people can make bitterness funny, while others are just ...bitter.

New Buffy tonight! Huzzah!

My newest theory (I'll add it to my control panel when I'm feeling less lazy) is that Spike is faking his soulledness. Granted, there's evidence on the show that proves this wrong, but as I told bettie, with the way they've been ignoring continuity lately, maybe I'm onto something!!

And now, Saren will take over my blog:

I love watching TV. I love watching Darkwing Duck. And Gargoyles. And many more.
And I know the alphabet. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z now I know my abcs next time won't you sing with me?
I don't have anything else to say. [/Saren]

10 months until Xmas. Better get shopping now.

Monday, February 24, 2003

My wife pretty much covered it.

It's been the most amazing five years ever. And it can only get better.

ily, SR1484. Thank you for improving my life beyond my imaginings.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

You're such a dork.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Much of this might not make sense. [/forewarning]

Gah. No tools. And no blocks, either. Pity. Maybe I'll do some more searching tomorrow.

Why is everyone else so much smarter than I am? I read other people's blogs, and I'm just in awe. And I don't leave messages because I really have nothing intelligent to add. I feel bad. I want to say things to Del or starshine or Jess or Beth or anyone else who I "stalk", but I open up the messenger-dealio and then sit there going, "a-durh" Bah. Maybe I'll just start adding completely pointless messages that have nothing to do with anything. That will win me friends. [rolleyes]

It's all about winning. And popularity.

The wrong person went to Hell. It's not fair.

My throat is developing a bit of a tickle. I'm not exactly fond of this development.

So, I finally won Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Board Game!! I discovered the secret to my winning.

Play against a five year old. [smile]

Although Saren said that next time we play, she wants to be evil.

As stated in my "description", I'm growing tired of changing it with each entry. (It's difficult to come up with something witty 24/7) So, feel free to toss around any descriptions you think would be apropos for this little blog. The winner will get ...well, the reward of seeing their suggestion used by yours truly.

Gargoyles was a pretty decent show. Saren's totally into it. I think that it has a lot of simliarities to Angel, but I'm too tired to type them out right now.

No, she wasn't. But that's just my opinion.

I need to follow that link.

Ooh! Speakign of links, I need to make my blog more ...linky. I want to have a list of links on the side, such as Soupy and Beth have. ...I've got link envy. [wink]
Maybe later. I think for now I'm going to go watch Ebert & Roeper. They're reviewing (among other things) The Life of David Gale, which is one of those movies that I really want to see (because of the spots for it), but will probably only end up ever seeing the spots. And the review.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I seem to have vanished for a bit. Back now.

Tired, but back.

Um. Wow, I have no energy. Fun!

Tuesday, February 18, 2003


Who is someone that you do not know very well, but you consistently read their posts?
From the "gone but not forgotten" file: Fishboot, Lucretia, AlyKat, morgan, Hi there
From the "still there, but I'm a chicken shit who has nothing of interest to bring to the conversation so I don't bother getting to know them, even though they seem totally cool" file: Zeus, Zer0Signal, Coiled Soul, cub, racharoni (from the limited exposure I've had to her posts, she's really nifty), imissoz, Scooter, Jim_Classe, jessemock (love/hate thing with this person, actually), Sandy_Claws (probably the most interesting poster on the board), Valerie, Rob, Nos402/Fuchsia, mUrt, and most likely a hundred other folks. It's really pathetic how little I know about these people I consider friends.

WD Risk is in the planning stages. It's gonna be really really fun. Would you be willing to play?
[sigh] Assuming I still make the game, I won't have much choice, will I? [doh2]
When I originally wrote this question, I was totally into the idea of playing this. I still might, but right now...I dunno. Seems like a lot of work. And that it might end up being like the real game of Risk, wherein it takes far too long to complete. I don't think people will have the patience to play the game to completion. We'll see.

In America, February is one of the month of "sweeps" (where advertisers look critically at the ratings of programs. Therefore, many 'ratings stunts' are pulled during February. [and November and May, the other two months]). What should Buffy and/or Angel do for a ratings gimmick?
Hmmm. How's about cloning Buffy?
Or turning Angel into a lobster?
Or ...this.

"What do we do when our shirt is all covered with mustard?"
We get the mustard oouuutt!!
Most folks got that.
("We gotta be clean" by Guster)

I've grown a beard during the past month. What's something you've done to alter your appearance recently?
You know those Groucho glasses? I wear those all the time.

Suppose you were going to send me an ice sculpture. What would it be in the shape of? (remember to keep shipping and Las Vegas temparature's in mind)
A lot of these questions don't really apply to me, now do they?

If I were to make you a CD, what song should I have it begin with to capture your interest?
Like I'd ever listen to anything you sent me, you stupid bastard.

Link me to something funny. (bonus points if it's something I've not seen before)
Figured I'd simply link to the links that were provided for me. [grin]

Loki (warning: Surreal as hell)
Truman (and another one by Truman)
talula sent me two links.


What flavor of Kool-Aid best represents you?
Jim Jones.
or one of those kind that changes colors. Like the one that looks green, but tastes like cherry. [up]

Apparently, buying drugs supports terrorism. Driving SUVs supports terrorism. What else supports terrorism?
Training bras?

Whose 15 minutes of fame are over, but they are still trying to squeeze another few minutes in?
George W. Bush
(um...I might've switched my last two answers)

What's the best (or worst, your choice) pick up line?
Best: "So, what kind of writing do you do?" (hehehe)
Worst: "Wanna fuck?"

What's the best (or worst, your choice) way to say I love you?
Best: "So, wanna fuck?"
Worst: "So, wanna friend?"

What's the best (or worst, your choice) way to break up with someone?
"Can you hear me now?" (cell phone humor. Classic)

and finally....

How many PMs do you have in your inbox?

It's been a rough month.

Time for Smallville!!

Monday, February 17, 2003

Has anyone heard from Amy since the 13th?

I miss her.

Sunday, February 16, 2003


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

As I sat in the turn lane, the blinker began to hypnotize me.
The emerald green arrow flashing. There. Gone. There. Gone.
The tick-tick-ticking that accompanied it lulled me into a dreamlike state. The meaning of everything was sudd...the light changed, and I drove away.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Life is really good.

Got pizza in my belly.
Had some Pepsi.
Got a good night's sleep.
Listened to They Might Be Giants on the way into work.
Traffic wasn't bothersome at all.
I'm airing Star Wars: A New Hope tonight at 8pm.
Tomorrow is the 300th episode of the Simpsons! (woo-hoo!)
The weather outside is wonderful!
I've got Cat's Cradle to read later on.
There's a new Alias tonight.
Got Valentines/ a letter for Saren in the mail today from Bethy.
I'm blogging. And happy.

Life is good. [grin]

My only complaints?

I'm not at home with the girls and Stephanie.
Haloscan seems to be taking lessons from FOD on how to suck.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Congratulations! You're Sam!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Well, DUH!! [wink]

The quiz is quite amusing, though.
Why do my archives keep disappearing?

It's already midmonth! Holy hell!

So the other day I was thinking that the human race is going to get whatever it deserves. Mostly, get wiped the fuck out by nuclioid war. This thought was brought on by watching the Fucking News ®, and Maury. and while we still may (hurray for killing millions due to PRIDE, christ what a stupid reason for war), I don't know whether we deserve it.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Money fixes everything.

God, I love money.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I just spent about two or three hours at the board. I still haven't read all of my PMs. And I didn't respond to any of the PMQs, like I should have.
I did post, though! Yay!

Backwards day is being pushed back. (heh) The reasons for this are:
1) We didn't wake up until noon-thirty. (Well, actually, I woke up around 8, and tossed and turned and slept again until noon)
2) Harper was quiet ill when she woke up. She was not lively at all, and her face was very pale. She had a bit of a fever, and complained of a having a headache. Later, she threw up. [frown] RIght after that, she was fine.
3) Steph is sick now. She's been lying on the couch, trying to muster up enough energy to do anything. [frown]
4) It's a grey and loveless day.
5) It would just be better to do "backwards day" sometime next week when we've been able to plan it better.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I'm a quiet person.
To borrow a (para)phrase from Victor (does Victor read this? if so, "Hi, Victor!"), I can make Oz look like a blabber-mouth.

The whole "small talk" thing? I understand it, but I don't like it. I'd much rather experience awkward silence. Or non-awkward silence. Silence is freakin' golden, man. Hush was a great episode for a reason.

Anywhat, I wasn't always this way. I have audio tapes of me as a child (6-ish, I suppose.) and I just blathered on like there was no tomorrow. I also have memories of being much more talkative when I was younger.

I wonder when it changed. And why. My theory is that at some point in my development some adult (or more than one?) made it clear to me that my constant yammering was irritating.

Saren and Harper are very talky. I love them for it. I hope that they always remain that way.

In other news, tomorrow is Backwards Day. Should be nuf. [kniw]
I have a headache. This is going to be a whining entry, so consider yourself forewarned. [wink]

I miss the board. It's been over a week since I was there last, and then all I did was make the archived polls for the new Buffy & Angel eppies. [frown]

I miss mayhem's jabs at Soupy. And Chandler's amazingly funny...everything.
I missed Crystal's 5555th post, and that fills me with more saddness than hearing about a murder on the Fucking News ®
I miss the boqs, I miss the sticky post review threads. I miss fixing morons spoiler tags. I miss the back stabbing and betrayal and depressing feeling I used to get when I would see people fighting. I even, god help me, miss the stupid people.
And I really miss PMs. I sent out the Feb. PMQ ...what? 11 days ago now? And I have read 2 of the responses, I think.

I've been gone too long. And it's not like I want to be gone. It's work. And I'm REALLY beginning to resent it.

But the board isn't the only place I've been neglecting due to being overworked. I haven't been able to properly catch up on other people's blogs in forever either.

Also...something. I don't remember what. I'm ultra tired. But not UTP@. I just have a headache, and I'm hngry, and headachey and all around just BAH-Meh-grr!

Soon, very soon I'll go back to the forums and do a massive catchup on everything. It'll take me 30 or 40 hours straight, but it'll be worth it.


Sunday, February 09, 2003

Work sucks.

That is all.

I suppose after a week of non-updateness, I should pull out all the punches and have something really amazing here, huh?

Fat chance.

The past week, I haven't even checked my email. (In my mind, the word "email" was said like Homestar would say it. "eeee-mail") I finally cracked today. I had 28 emails. Quite a bit of it was spam.

So, I've been off the computer for nearly 7 days. Why?

I don't know, really. I wasn't exactly training at work (although the new girl was there, just being trained by someone else), but while I was working, I simply didn't have the desire to go online. (I guess I was "setting a good example") And when I would get home, I was just too tired to bother.
Two nights back I had a dream in which I went back online, and had an overwhelming sense of ...overwhelmingness. Which, really, just means that I felt too much had happened in my absence to catch up on. The only part of the dream I remember clearly was getting an Instant Message from HyperOnion, in which he made reference to the phrase "Fim, Fam, Fum."
I had no idea what that meant (I still don't), but concluded that he was meaning "Fee Fi Fo Fum" from Jack and the Beanstalk fame, but Onion assured me that that was not what he was talking about.

I did finish my Terminator book. It had a "middle book" feel about it, so I suppose I've got to wait another year or so until the third book comes out. Other than that, though, it was entertaining enough.
I started to read "The Coming", and got about 40 pages in. I haven't picked it up in days.

At the beginning of Feb. I started a new project. I've decided to listen to all of our cassette tapes. While in the car. (The radio just got all sucktastic. Well, actually, the radio was always sucktastic, I just finally drew the line and said, "Hey, we've got all these tapes that we never listen to...") Currently in the tape deck? A mixed tape of Steph's that is The Pixies on one side, and Juliana Hatfield on the other. "This monkey's gone to heaven." =)

I've got a bit of popcorn kernel in my teeth, and it's driving me insane.

Earlier today, when I finally came back to the all-embracing Internet, I was blog hopping, and I noticed a few people with these chat-box type deals. I considered putting one on my blog (and I still might) but it does appear to be something done mainly by preteen...types. Of course, mentally, I'm on par with a twelve year old, so there ya go.

I've developed this nervous eye-twitch. Only it happens all the time, not just when I'm nervous. I don't like it.

There's something ...unique about this blog entry. Points to anyone who can pinpoint what I'm thinking of. (I don't know what these "points" are going toward. Perhaps they're like points on Whose Line Is It Anyway? and they simply don't matter. Much like the old "Pat is weird" donation fund thing.)

Speaking of money (sorta), Jupe, I owe you a quarter. Luckily it's not a quarter for each stupid thing said, otherwise, hoo-boy.

What else?


Huh. I had a whole lot to say (well, duh, seeing how I've been away for so long) but now I can't seem to remember any of it. Ain't that how it always goes?

OH!!! Today was like time-warp to 1992 day. First, when I was still home, we were watching SNL repeats on Comedy Central. They were the ones with Sharon Stone guest starring (musical group: Pearl Jam) and then whats-her-name...Tom Cruise's wife? OH! Nicole Kidman. (musical group: Stone Temple Pilots)
Then, at work, the movie that was ending at 3 was Singles. My 3pm movie was The Bodyguard and my 8pm movie was Pretty Woman (I think that might be 89...91? Whatever) It was totally 1992 day. Stuff was funny back in 1992. And now it's all old. Which makes me a little bit sad.

Speaking of sad, we saw Jungle Book 2 today. As my wife said, it had a very "direct to video" feel to it. But, hey, it was free.

All right. I've rambled enough. I think I've learned my lesson in regards to staying away from onlineness. Of course, I haven't gone to the forums in a week either, and I know I've got a number of PMs to read/respond to, in addition to all the posts.

Sunday, February 02, 2003


We went to the library today, and my library card is all rebalanced at zero. ($20.75 fine. Procrastination can be pricey)
I'm all excited about my books. They're crappy, because I don't read "literature", but screw class.

The four books I checked out:

Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
I've read it before, but it was a while back, so I thought I'd reread it.

Instant Karma by Mark Swartz.
About an anarchist planning on blowing up a library. Got to love cynical, sadistic stuff like that.

(I couldn't find this on Amazon) but the third book was a sci-fi book about aliens coming to earth and our reaction to it. [shrug]

T2: Rising Storm by S.M. Stirling

This is the one I'm all giddy about (and the first one I'm reading). Stirling wrote a sequel to T2: Judgment Day (It was T2: Infiltrator) that I read about a year ago, and really enjoyed. It did, however, leave a few loose ends. So I was quite happy to find that he'd written another book in the T2 series. [grin] As I said, it's not Dickens, or anything that'll ever hit the New York Times Bestsellers list, but dude! Killer robots from the future!!

We watched Alias last night. It's amazing how much better a show that is than Buffy is of late. There's even a (semi) similar plot thing going on, but Alias is pulling it off 1000 times better than BtVS. [smile] (I'm trying to be vague for those spoiler-phobes out there.)

Wow. I really want some ice cream.

So, Puxatawney Phil saw his shadow today. No big surprise, given his history.

Saren, Steph and Harper made Groundhog puppets yesterday. We played with them a little bit today. I even made them sing Sheryl Crow songs. [wink]

It's weird how normally today is a great big deal for me. (Well, I like to pretend that it is) But I haven't even logged onto the board. And I don't think I will. Last year around this time, I know I made some sort of noise about the date (02/02/02) and I think I posted my "Believe it or boq" post. I'm just in a meh-mood with the board, I think. It'll circle back around, I'm sure.

Well, I'm off to go get absorbed into a book. Yay books!
I am 55% Internet Addict

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Take the Internet Addict Test at

I am 57% Evil Genius

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Saturday, February 01, 2003

I really don't know what to say. Two space shuttle explosions in my lifetime is two too many.

Meanwhile, despite the facts that
a) I've seen it a hundred times
b) it's edited, and therefore not as good
c) it's not that great a movie
d) you'd think I'd have had enough explosions today

...I still sat down and watched Die Hard 2: Die Harder at work.

And, yes, I got a thrill out of watching John McClane shoot people, and watching the bad guys get blown up real good.

Yippie-kay-ay, my friends. Yippie-kay-ay.