Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I'm a quiet person.
To borrow a (para)phrase from Victor (does Victor read this? if so, "Hi, Victor!"), I can make Oz look like a blabber-mouth.

The whole "small talk" thing? I understand it, but I don't like it. I'd much rather experience awkward silence. Or non-awkward silence. Silence is freakin' golden, man. Hush was a great episode for a reason.

Anywhat, I wasn't always this way. I have audio tapes of me as a child (6-ish, I suppose.) and I just blathered on like there was no tomorrow. I also have memories of being much more talkative when I was younger.

I wonder when it changed. And why. My theory is that at some point in my development some adult (or more than one?) made it clear to me that my constant yammering was irritating.

Saren and Harper are very talky. I love them for it. I hope that they always remain that way.

In other news, tomorrow is Backwards Day. Should be nuf. [kniw]

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