Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Movies seen in 2019

And now it's time for the movie part. Ah, traditions.

Books read in 2019

Here it is, the end (almost!) of the year, and that means it's time for me to transfer over my Google Docs that were keeping track of my media consumption over the course of the past 365 days.
This year I joined a group on Goodreads.com - the Across The Year Challenge board/group...thing. They post 52 book challenges - so that you have a themed book to read for each 52 weeks of the year. I ended up completing all but 14 of the weeks (I skipped around a bit, starting around week 12 or so). But I still ended up reading more than 52 books, so win-win. Also, I had the additional element of making sure that each of the books I chose for the challenge were female authors.
It was a fun challenge, and it certainly got me to pick up a lot of books I wouldn't have otherwise, so I'll try it again in 2020.

That being said...here's the book list from good ol' 19: