Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 1 second everyday

I was going to blog yesterday, but it would have been all about Trump, and who wants to read about that clown?
Anyway, April's done, and so it's time for the 30 second compilation of one second videos from the past month. (Except that I missed a day this month, so there's an extra second of your lives you get to keep. You're welcome.)

Here's the video:

and here's the breakdown:

1. A... flower?
2. Ori eating (when in doubt of what to film, film Ori!)
3. Heavy rains that day, I filmed water pouring in the parking lot at work.
5. Master Control
6. Ori doing tricks
7. Irina riding her bike
8. Angel
9. Grabbing books from the library
10. Turtle peep!
11. Filling up the sink to wash dishes
12. Giant rabbit display at Smith's (for Easter)
13. A watched pot of water (boiling)
14. Dyeing Easter eggs
15. Annual Valley of Fire Easter thing
16. Easter baskets
17. Irina dancing in the driveway
18. Ori in her crate
19. Baby Groot
20. It was a beautiful day outside, I went out and hung out in the courtyard at work for a bit.
21. William Shatner on Match Game 74. (He's giving the answer of Tiger; I forget what the question was)
22. The Phenomenauts performing at the Science March (the Vegas edition was more of a rally, not a march, but, whatev.)
23. Black widow
24. Skeeball at Incredible John's Pizza
25. Giant flashlight at UNLV (well, Giant flashlight sculpture)
26. WHOLE lot of work to be done that day
27. My office is filled with nerdy things. Like Ren parachuting from the ceiling.
28. Opening night of Peter Pan. The actors on stage were out there before the show telling us we couldn't record the show. (To be fair, I didn't record the show, I recorded them saying we couldn't.)
29. It's STILL true, 100 days later. (Also, what is taking so long??)
30. Playing with homemade slime.