Friday, January 31, 2003

You know what bugs me about religion? (Well, lots, but I'm thinking of just one thing right now.)

The egocentricness of it all.

If there really is some all powerful God up there, to think that it would be so utterly concerned over the minutiae of your life (or, really, any of the stuff going on on Earth) is laughable at best.

I'm sure there's some sort of connection to be made between this thought and the whole concept of blogs, websites, and posting stuff like this, but I'm too tired/lazy/stupid to find it right now.
Perhaps God will shed some light on the subject. I know the Almighty reads my blog, after all.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Guess who knows the principal's secret.

Wow. I'm so not in the mood to write right now.

Well, that's not technically true. I just don't have anything to write about.

Yesterday I (half)jokingly suggested to Steph that I get a feature on my blog that sends out email notifications whenever I update. (And that it would be nice if other people had those too)

Got paid today. Money makes things better.

They've hired a new person!! She starts two weeks from now. YAY!!

Now the bad news: for the next two weeks, I'm still on 6 day work weeks. AND guess who is doing the training. [sigh]

Yesterday was fun. We went to the park, which is freakily right next to a police substation. While Saren and I were swinging, we looked over at a police officer getting into his cruiser. He had an extremely large gun. Like AK-47 big. Note to self: Avoid confrontation with Las Vegas police. (at least until I'm better armed. [wink])
Saren suggested that he was going to "keep the bad guys away from her phone." [up]

Steph wants to make a volcano with the girls. I want to be involved with this too. Only I want to have a miniature city with citizens fleeing. Maybe I'll use the Zombies!! pieces. [wink]

We've determined that Stephanie is part cat. This is because she needs 15 hours of sleep in order to function. Also because she bathes herself with her tongue.
(love ya, honey. [smile])

OOOOH! Feb. is just a few days away. PMQ for all! (I've already got the questions typed up. And saved on my other blog. Yay for other-blog!)


Doh. I keep forgetting to get phone numbers from people. And/or give ours out. And write letters. Gah. All the time my brain is a big ol' forgetting machine.

The song was "Vogue" by Madonna. Yes, I deserve whatever mocking you dish out.

I hope Chandler returns soon. I've missed her.

I do love these random thought entries, don't I?

In [some undetermined amount of time] we're going to go back to the library. (We've not been there since...God..November?) When we go, what should I pick up to read?

Had the windows rolled down today. It's so nice out. If only it could stay this way year round.

I think my only complaint with blogger would be that it doesn't come with a comment feature built-in. Haloscan is sometimes womlu, and that irritates me. [/whining of spoiled homo sapien]

I wonder if chimps look at chimp porn.

Pepsi is great. I wish I had one right now.

If you could see 2000 years into the future, would you really be able to tell what the hell was going on? Even if you could, you most likely wouldn't be able to understand what was being said. Assuming that your native language was still being spoken, I doubt that you'd know half the words, and who is to say that the meaning wouldn't have changed for the words you do recognize? I mean, just 3 years ago, "boq" was either what chickens said, or a "bachelor's office quarters" (or the Bank of Queensland), and now...
Plus, 2000 years from now would just be scary to witness, I would think.

Wow. I've written a lot for not being in a writing mood.

Dinner time!

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I think they've taken these off the air (and replaced them with a new batch) but oh well. I promised a tirade, and a tirade you shall have.

So, there were these anti marijuaina PSAs running for a while. Each of them ends with the word "Harmless" and the smoke drifting up from the joint (or roach, or whatever...I don't know the drug slang) forming into a question mark. There were four spots, and I will describe each one, and then tear them apart as to why they don't work. (YAY!)

Spot #1 had two kids sitting in the all American den. They're "high", as made evident from the smoke drifting up in the room, and they're laughing. (Fact: Teenagers can't laugh unless they use drugs.) For some unexplained reason, all four of these spots use a Run, Lola, Run type of gimmick in which the same scene happens four different times. (I suppose it's to say, "This could happen if you smoke weed, or this could happen, or maybe this" [shrug])
Anywhat, two boys, smoking the chronic, both in the den. Kid One is in a chair, and we see his face. Kid Two is in a chair across from Kid One, and we only see his head.

Scene one: Chair squeaks as it turns, Kid Two says, "If you're parents get divorced, who gets the fish?" [giggling from the boys]
Scene two: Chair squeaks as it turns, Kid One belches. Both of them laugh.
Scene three: Chair squeaks as it turns, Kid Two says, "Dude. You're sister's hot." Kid One says, "That's not cool."
Scene four: Chair squeaks as it turns, Kid One picks up a gun and says, "Check this out." Kid Two asks if it's loaded, Kid One says, "Nah." Gunshot.
The CG text comes up to say that "Marijuania can distort your sense of reality. Harmless?"

Um...yeah, it is. In the first 3 of the four scenes, nothing "harmful" happens. And the 4th scene wouldn't have happened if the kids' parents didn't have a gun in the house!!!
Or, barring that (I know how we Americans can get all uppitty about our precious gun 'rights'), the weapon should have at least been locked somewhere.
Maybe the parents were smoking marijuania too?
Or, my personal theory, Kid One purposefully shot Kid Two for saying his sister was hot. [grin]


Spot #2 is at a party. Boy and Girl sitting on a couch. It's never made clear whether Boy is stoned or not, but Girl certainly is.
This one only has three "scenes", and they're all pretty identical.
Scene one: Doorbell rings, Girl falls on couch, laughing. She snorts when she laughs. Boy smiles.
Scene two: Doorbell rings, Girl sits on couch kinda upside down and points at Boy. Boy smiles.
Scene three: Doorbell rings, Girl falls on couch in semi-concious state. Boy looks around, then puts his hand up her shirt. Girl moans, "No." Boy says, "Shh. Shush up." (although the closed captioning reads, "Shh. Shut up.")
CG text says, "Marijuana can impair your judgement. Harmless?"

Well, it doesn't make me not want to smoke weed, it makes me angry that there are men out there who would take advantage of a woman under the influence. This spot works just as well if you replace marijuana with alcohol. (Heck, all of them do. With the exception of the final one.)

Spot #3
Group of teens (all black) in a car, going through a drive-thru. The drive-thru restaruant person is wanting to take their order.
Scene one: "Can I take your order, please?"
Teens in car say: "I'd like 50 cheeseburgers." (laughter)
Scene two: "Can I take your order, please?"
Teens in car: "Can I take your number?" (laughter)
Scene three: "Can I take your order, please?"
Teens in car: "You got any eggs?" (laughter)
Scene four: "Can I take your order, please?"
Teens in car: "Oh, I ain't got any money."
They proceed to drive away, not seeing the child riding her bicycle in front of them. Sound of brakes, followed by sound of a crunch.
CG Text says: "Marijuana can slow your reaction time. Harmless?"

Well, DUH
Just like you don't drink and drive, don't smoke and drive.


Last spot (yay!)
Inside a public restroom.
Scene one: From behind the stall, guy says, "Awesome concert, man." (laughter)
Scene two: From behind the stall, guy says, "What's up rookie?" (laughter)
Scene three: From behind the stall, guy says, "I am so stoned." (laughter)
Scene four: Guy starts to speak, then a plainclothes cop kicks the door down and pulls him out, placing him in handcuffs.
CG Text: "Marijuana can get you busted. Harmless?"

Well, yeah, it would be if we legalized it.

Note: I'm not in favor of smoking marijuana. I've done it, and it's nothing I'm proud of. I just think that having it be a crime is a huge waste of time. And these spots were a waste of money and airtime.
Dude. If I see that Pepsi Twist commercial with Ozzy Osbourne and his kids turning into the Osmonds one more time...Heads. Will. Roll.

The "ironic" thing is, I will see it. Again.

And again.

And again.


It was mildly amusing the first time. The second time was kinda meh. By the time I left work today, I had seen that commercial 9 times.

And guess what folks? I still don't want to consume Pepsi Twist!

I've got a whole tirade about some other spots that are on TV right now, but it's very long, and I was half way considering making it a post on the WD. (Remember when I posted new stuff there?) But I think I'll wait until tomorrow for that entry.

Tonight I watched Joe Millionaire, which is just getting sillier as the time goes on. I didn't think it was possible, but they do manage to get more and more surreal with each passing week. I really watch it just for the TWOP recaps. Or at least that's my story. [grin]

At 10, I watched the pilot episode of Miracles. That was some predictable shite. Although I laughed for a good 30 seconds when the train hit the truck. [smile]

The best part of the TV viewing night, though, was from a news teaser during "Miracles". I'll write what the announcer said, and leave it at that:

"Local soldiers going overseas are leaving something special behind. Sperm."

Tomorrow night is the State of the Union Address Speech. [yawneyes]

Sunday, January 26, 2003

So, it's Super (Boring) Sunday. I've caught bits and pieces of the game and some of the spots (that's what I used to be interested in, but nowadays I can't seem to bring myself to care about them. [hee. I did a quote of Angel.])

I've discovered a better thing than exercise. Instead of actually working my body, I simply start to call a WDer. The fear causes my heart to beat super hard. Instant workout!! [grin]
I should make workout videos. [up]

Can you believe that only 11 more months until Xmas again? Sheesh. Where does the time go?

I could not sleep yesterday night. Not really unusual, seeing how I had spent about 7 hours online, and had a really bad computer-screen-induced headache. I swear, once I find my life (it's online somewhere, I just know it), I'm gonna reduce the amount of time I spend "jacked in". (Gee, remember that episode?)

All of the story ideas I have are pretty much the same. Some huge crises erupts, due to some sort of paranormal occurance. People die. People panic. Eventually the survivors deal with the paranormality/put things back/just come to terms with new way of life. The only difference between the stories, really, is the paranormalness. Sometimes it's dragons (as it was in the story a few days back), sometimes it's robots (probably my next one), sometimes it's Choset (well, it would be if I ever got around to writing it). The rest is just window dressing. Or salad dressing. Or something.

I need to be happier. Remember the carefree, happy, chipper blog entries? I want those back.

Stephanie is a wonderful cook. I just finished eating her chili, and it was awesome. My belly is all big now, though. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go work off a few pounds by picking up the phone.

Saturday, January 25, 2003


If it weren't for the lack of money, I think I'd just pack up the family and move to California to be neighbors with oslowe and bettie.

Of course, I think if it weren't for the lack of money, nearly everyone would do that. [wink]

I just spent much too long perusing this site. Man, there are a lot of games in the world.

Blah. My brain is fried. Boring entry.

Friday, January 24, 2003

So. I missed blogging yesterday, which kinda sucks, since it was 1/23, and we all know what a sucker I am for silly dates. Oh well. It'll roll around again next year. [wink]

Wow. I have nothing to say. But I'm typing away anyway.

And you're still reading. [eyebrow]

What should I talk about? Let's see.

The other night, I was reading HP&tPoA to Saren. Chapter 6, to be exact. At that point, Draco gets bitten by the hippogriff. Ron, Harry, and Hermoinie were all upset and worried that Hagrid would wind up getting expelled as a result. Saren stopped me to say that he shouldn't get in trouble because, "It's good that he got bit. He's mean to Harry all the time."


I played Zombies! (thanks again, bettie and oslowe!!) with Saren the other day. It's actually quite fun. We didn't use the event cards to the extent that we could have, but overall I think we still enjoyed it.

Speaking of games, last night Steph and I played chess. And I won!! ME!!!! I know, I'm in shock too.

Still on the subject of games, but more board related, I hate the fact that I'm overthinking the WD Risk thing. I'm still excited about it (and I think the people that do end up playing will have fun) but I've got 3 or 4 different ideas for ways that it could be played, and each one has it's merit. Gah. Oh well. I'll eventually get it narrowed down to just the right way. [smile]

I love Soupy's Angel theory (I won't post it here, for those still unspoiled) regarding Cordelia. I don't think it'll happen, but it's the best theory I've read so far.

I forgot my water bottle at home, and I'm dying of thirst right now. Sucks.

I haven't had a memorable dream in days.

Hey, the schedule for next week is up. And guess what? I'm working six days this week too! Woo-mother-fucking-hoo!
I swear, if they don't hire someone soon...

Dude. In the still not answered question of "What the hell is wrong with me?", I offer the following point to ponder:

When listening to the radio, songs are starting to effect me. The other night, I almost cried as a result of listening to Jim Croce's Time in a Bottle. (Which is understandable. It's a really good song.)
Today, on the way into work, I got teary-eyed twice.
Once, due to Cats in the Cradle, which always gets me.'t want to say what the other song was. Because it's so damn weird that it would choke me up.

Um...what's that over there? *points and runs the other way*

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Why do my days off go by so quickly? Probably because I've got one for every six days I work. [rolleyes]

I did a good deed today. I had to go to the bank in order to deposit money so the checks don't bounce. (Check bouncing = no good. See? I have learned things. [wink]) Anywhat, the ATM machine was broken, so there was a line. (There were only two tellers. What is it with banks and the lack of open tellers? [/Seinfeld]) The guy in front of me did his dealio with the woman, and got his cash. He then left, and it was my turn to do my transaction. When I got up there, I saw that he had left a 20 dollar bill behind. I gave it to the teller, and she put it back into his account.

Let's ignore the fact that I contemplated keeping it for an entire 2 seconds first, shall we?

In other money related news, yesterday I arranged with Southwest Gas to keep our service going until the 31st (they had sent us notice of disconnection on the 27th) and today I talked to Nevada Power and set up payment arrangements so that our power won't be shut off at the end of the month.


Tuesday, January 21, 2003

I fell asleep at work.

Also, I marked the sticky review thread for tomorrow's Angel episode Off Topic.

I tried to get through the WDer game thing PM, and I just can't do it. [crying] I figured I'd just skip over my own name, thus circumventing the 'what do you say about someone you can't stand' problem, but still. So many people I just don't know things about. Which is my own fault, I suppose. If I weren't so damn self-absorbed.

New G.A.P. newsletter!! Yay! And I even got feedback! From two different people!

I really hate working on Tuesdays.

Monday, January 20, 2003

So tonight I laughed at Joe Millionaire

And not the laugh at type of way, but at something that was actually funny.

What the hell is wrong with me?

This month has 10 more days. Man, it seems like it's been January all year long.

Last night I dreamt that I had some audio cassette tapes with O.J. Simpson interviews on them.
I was debating turning the tapes over to the tabloid-esque show Celebrity Justice.
In my dream, I made a poll at the WD asking whether I should or not.

God, even my dreams are boring. [doh2]

Also - computers are crap. I can't get into the WD. And seems to have disappeared. [frown]
Man, I'm beardy.

Man, I'm hungry.

Man, I'm boring.
I want to write a story.
No, scratch that. (Hey! W/ HTML, I can scratch that!)
I want to write a story.
I will write a story. But not tonight. I've got a bit of a headache, and it's late. But when I do write it for you guys, what should it be about?

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Time, time, time. [sigh]

In other news (like the above line was anything even closely resembling news [doh2]), the repeat of Tuesday's Smallville is on, and while I'm not sure I buy into the lesbian cliche, this episode certainly adds fuel to the fire. [eyebrow]

Tonight is also the 100th episode of Charmed. This will make it the ...5th (I think) episode I've seen. That's pretty good.

New Simpsons tonight? Not sure.

The big news, though? I've had a brain storm idea on WD Risk. If I do implement it, it'll blow WD Clue out of the water. But right now it's still in the early planning stages, so don't get too excited guys. I'm thinking that it should be postable by May. Maybe.

Other things on my plate: Two (or three??) fanfics. The not-quite-like-Chandler-but-very-much-like-Chandler parody. That iffy thing... plus the monthly pmqs. Yay!!
I'm feeling better-ish, but I'm too lazy to change the description line. [doh2]

My wife is awesome. She got all the HTML figured out to move everything to the left. Yay!

Plus, poll! Heh. That, too, will be a changingish feature, when I feel like it. (Read: When I can think of good poll questions)

Saturday, January 18, 2003


How do you say something nice about someone you know nothing about?

Or worse, how do you say something nice about someone you don't like at all?

Friday, January 17, 2003

Hey look! A counter!

Nothin' like seein' exactly how popular I am. [wink]

As for the story below...[shrug] Just something I felt like typing up. I might add more to it later. There's certainly more to it in my mind.

"Not a writer" my ass.
As we pulled up to the parking lot of the Red Lobster, I had a horrible premonition. You could say that my "spidey sense" was tingling, if you were prone to using pop culture references. But I think it would be more accurate to say that I have a horrible premontion every time we go to Red Lobster. It's just that this time, I hit paydirt.

"We should go home, Val. Or somewhere else. Can't we do dinner somewhere else? I'm getting a bad feeling."

Valerie, getting out of the car, paused and looked at me. "Like the time when you predicted the earthquake?"

"Similar, yes. But ...this feels bigger. We really ought to get away from here."

I could see Valerie's internal struggle. She wanted Red Lobster (I blamed the subliminal advertisments they'd been using for the past two months) for dinner, but she also knew that my psychic alarms were nothing to ignore.

"You're not just saying this to get out of dinner at the Lobster, are you?" she asked.

I shook my head. "Of course not. It's ..."

The explosion across the street interrupted me.

It turned out that I was right and wrong. There was danger nearby, but not at the Red Lobster. The true menace was at the IHOP across the street. At least for now.

People at the IHOP were screaming and running for their lives. Valerie and I got out of the car to investigate.

The smoke from the explosion was drifting our way, making it difficult to see. The noise was coming through loud and clear, though. And it sounded like hell.

People were screaming, crying, choking on the smoke. Sirens were distant, but approaching quickly. Valerie was crouched down, with her sweater covering her face so she could breathe easier. I mimicked her, as we slowly crouch-walked toward the warzone. Another explosion made us stop and lie flat on the pavement. Followed immeadiately by another one. I was crying, and for whatever reason had the thought, We need to buy waffles next time we go grocery shopping.

An inhuman ROAR from the IHOP parking lot.
It was unlike anything anyone on earth had ever heard. I pissed my pants. The mayhem surrounding us seemed to pause momentarily, in awe. Or perhaps in confusion. Or maybe in the realization that these would be our final moments alive. I could feel the ground vibrate from the intensity of the scream. My vision started to get fuzzy, and I knew that I was going into shock. I somehow willed myself to stay conscious, and managed to reach over for Valerie's hand. She was cold and shaking. I scrambled the few feet over to her, and yelled. "Are you okay?"

She looked at me, and her pupils were huge. Her face was so pale that I almost didn't recognize her. "What is it?" she squeaked.

"I don't know. Let's just get out of here."

That made sense to her, and we both scrambled to our feet, helping each other along. As we got to the car, snatches of conversation from the mob reached us.
"...oh god..."
" exploded..."
"...demon...from hell.."

Valerie and I exchanged looks of concern, and I started the car. As I started the vehicle, I could hear a loud tearing sound from across the street. The noise, while quieter inside the vehicle, was still just as frightening. I don't remember the drive home at all, having gone into auto-pilot mode by that time. That night was when the world first went to war against the dragons.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

So here's an amusing c@tch 22 (if you're into ironic humor. And who among you is not?):

We haven't been to the library in like, 3 months. My brain is beginning to be even more oatmealish than usual. I'm feeling like I make Cletus look like FDR.

And yet, any time I think of trying to get interested in a book, I simply can't muster up the enthusiasm. It's like "Books? meh."

Sometimes a vacation from living would be very very welcome.
Staying up until 3am when your children wake up at 8:30? Not good.

I'm drained, but I'll make it through the day somehow.

All 4 of us had Froot Loops for breakfast! How nutritious!

I need to rewatch Lessons. Or at least the endingishness. Or, I could just ask my question on the board. Those Buffy geeks do come in handy sometimes.[wink]
And now I've got twenty-some-odd hours to make an entry for the 16th.

I'll do my best to make an interesting one. For right now, though, I'm really just testing new templateness.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I've got less than two minutes to make an entry for the 15th.

Notice that the above sentence doesn't say: I've got less than two minutes to make an interesting entry for the 15th.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Helly, all my P@riots!!

Good news: I fixed the microwave and fridge today! (We blew a circuit yesterday, and I switched it back on. No big deal, but it really is the little things in life. You heard it here first.)

Bad news: I didn't win the Buffy board game yesterday. Xander destroyed the Judge's arm before he could be constructed. XANDER!! Tonight, if we play again, I'm "good".

Good news: I had pizza tonight! Mike won a jackpot on a video poker machine before coming into work. So with some of his spare 400 dollars, he bought pizza for all of us. Yay for the kindness of others!!

Bad news: Steph did not have pizza. I feel bad for her. It certainly sucks not having money.

Good news: Today (tomorrow, really, but I got my check today) is payday! MONEY!!! Which equates to groceries!!! Woo and hoo!

Bad news: No new Buffy tonight.

Good news: Smallville is on in 15 minutes. And even better, Angel is on tomorrow!!

Bad news: My other blog is empty, empty, empty.

Good news: My head is full. So eventually the transfer will be made.

Bad news: My foot is asleep.

Good news: The newest Strong Bad email is hilarious.

Okay, enough of that. Before I log off, a comment and a question.

Comment: the 1992 thing never happened.
Question: Should I change the format/template of my blog?

Monday, January 13, 2003

You know, there's way too much hurt and sorrow and badness and strife in the world as there is, why would anyone want to cause more?
I don't know, really. But I do know that there are times when I want to. I think about random acts of cruelty, and they make me giddy.

It's a little bit creepy.

The only comforting thing is that I don't act on these impulses. And that's not all that comforting. [sigh]

In semi-related news, but on a much cheerier note, I'm so gonna kill the Scooby Gang tonight. Mwahahahahaha!!

Alert to all FOD users. I'm no longer going back to that site. EVER.


But a line must be drawn. It's time someone stood up and said to the Man, "Screw you!" [heeee]

Also: Hot dogs scream when you cook them in the microwave.

They scream!!!

Well, I'm off to eat my hotdogs.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Originally, I was going to wait until the 18th to answer this. But I couldn't wait. [shrug]

What is the gift that keeps on giving?

I'm such a sap.

What, exactly, is Dick Clark's secret agenda?
Honestly, I don't think he has one. I think he's just a normal guy, who looks good for his age.

Or maybe that's just what he wants me to believe.

Why can't we have a Canadian president?
Next year, I'm so voting for Dan Akroyd.
Or the Barenaked Ladies.

What color is the floor where you're at right now?
Grey. [/eeyore]


"Ask yourself this question, 'Do you want to be rich?'"
Self, do you want to be rich?
Why, yes, that would be nice. Thank you for asking. However, being happy is a nice secondary prize. [grin]
("Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)" by the Pet Shop Boys)

What are your predictions for 2003?
I will write.
News will continue to suck. (Fuckin' news)

Wow. I'm totally sucking at these questions.
Note to self: Make next month's questions better.

I'm sending this to 40 people. Who do you think they are?
Hands down, this was the worst question I asked. Possibly the worst I've EVER asked. It's elitist, and self-absorbed, and it points out the fact that there are other folks that I didn't send it to, that I should have. What I should've asked instead, if I were going to go back in time and change it, would be : I've sent this to 40 people. How many do you think will respond?
Anywhat, here's who got the first monthly pmq...

Sasami, mUrt, Del, Victor, thorsdad, Maximum_Mike, Cdngirleh, Loki, starshine, truman, fuchsia, nos402, Iago, Annie, Hi there, Kinitawowi, Boo, HyperOnion, oslowe, Jamie Marie, Soupytwist, Nosferatu2182, grace, Devin, cassylee, tkf, bananagirl, techboy, sarennharpersmom, Jewels, pellenaka, Umeeksk, imissoz, Bugaboo, Bally, Chandler, mayhem, bettie, Merope, Jupe, and the P@. (yes, I make 41. Shutup.)

Bold names are folks who haven't answered. Yet.

There were, of course, about 40 other people I left off the list due to my short-sightedness. [sigh]

I'm thinking of changing my PM sig. (New Year and all that jazz) What do you think I should change it to? Or should I keep it how it is?
Oh, I've got some to cycle through now. Thanks, guys. [up]

and finally...

In a word, 2003 so far has been:

Saturday, January 11, 2003

What's YOUR Writing Style?

brought to you by Quizilla

Heh. It's funny, cuz it's kinda true.

Although I'm a bit hurt by it. Maybe I'll have to prove it incorrect. [wink]
On this, the 11th day of the first month of the year 2003 of our Lord ([insert laughing head here]), I offer now some randome thoughts:

[-] I've got some (like 3) PMQ responses to reply to. But I'm being lazy. Lazy bastard.

[-] Damn. I spend all this time online, accomplishing nothing. I STILL have to write my GAP interview. If it weren't for last minutes, I'd get nothing done.

[-] Hey, P@, remember when you had that funny plan of going to bed at a decent hour, so you could actually wake up before noon, and feel refreshed and ready to take on the world?
Yeah, that was classic.

[-] Soupy raises some really good questions about nukes.

[-] FOD is the devil's workshop. I hope everyone leaves it.

[-] My daughters are awesome. They made these cards for us the other day, and placed them under our pillows. Very sweet. One that Saren made said: "I love you P@. Heeeeeee. Love, Saren"

[-] Lazy, lazy, lazy.

[-] From the Surreal Life: Dumbest thing ever: Corey Feldman says, "We ordered pizza. It was late, and it was burnt, but it was still better than having sushi off a naked woman."

[-] After the most exhausting day of work all year (heh), WHY am I not tired? Or sleeping? I'm oddly complex sometimes.

[-] I can't quite decide if these long entries please the P@riots more than the short ones.


[-] Only a few more days until payday! Woo! We should go on 60 minutes and cry about how we've got 33 cents to our name.

[-] Why do people waste their time with FOD when there's blogger?

[-] Saren wrote this awesome story today. Maybe I'll transcribe it another day. [up]

[-] Next one is the last one, I promise.

[-] I think I might be pregnant! yay!!

Friday, January 10, 2003

I survived!!
I've got a ungodly headache as a souvenier (sp?), but I survived!

Go team me, yet again.
I have been here at work for 9 hours now.

I'm not really in UTP@ mode, but more like ...Ultra Uncomfortable, Rather Headacheish, Want To Go Home P@ mode. Of course, UURHWTGHP@ doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

Good news for the day:
I've got new P@riots!! Jess, and Jamie Marie! (I don't know that either one of them will continue to come back, but they both admitted to me today that they've been here at least once.) WOO!

Other good news:
The computer at work is all new and fast! I don't have the "You have committed an illegal operation" error message every five minutes (or at all!!), and the screen is huge! It's great. Weird aspect of this: The autocomplete feature is all blank. I've been wanting to send PMs, but haven't yet because I'm not sure what I want to defile the autocomplete thing with first. [doh2]

Chicken, how much longer?? Oh. Right. 3 hours. [sigh]


Wow. You know, if People magazine did a "Most boring person of the year" issue, I'd totally be on the cover. Go team me.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

I'm pretty tired today, but tomorrow will be worse (by my own choosing, of course. [doh2]).

Bill (coworker; heavy on the cow) called me today and asked if I'd come into work tomorrow at 11am to relieve him early. He'll make it up to me on Sunday. I hemmed and hawed for a bit, then, because I'm a nice guy (read: spineless jellyfish) I said "yes."

It wasn't until about two hours later that I started to really regret it.

Oh well. 12 hours isn't that long.


God, I amuse myself greatly. I just coined the word "Boringtainment." (I was IMing with Jupe, and I was talking about my blog.) I really like this word. It shall be spread. Begin to use it. Make it so.

Speaking of boringtainment, The Surreal Life was on tonight. That was fun. Emmanuel Lewis may be the devil, but he's got a very infectious laugh.

Note to creator of utopia: Have people who deliver Pepsi to you. For free.

Speaking of, I must go purchase some carbonated soft drink right now.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Well, I was hoping for more P@riots to come forward, but I'm not gonna pout about it. I understand people might not want me to know that they're reading my blog. [/lack of understanding]

Anywhat, today is Chocolate Girl's birthday!!

AND It's the other Chocolate Girl's birthday as well!!

I'm sure if there was a third Chocolate Girl, she'd have a birthday today as well.

We ("we" being the girls and Steph) made a cake, and wrapped presents, and had a delicious spaghetti dinner and everything. It's been a great day off from work.


Monday, January 06, 2003

It's ALL about sex, isn't it?

That, or the hokey-pokey.

Friday, January 03, 2003

And now, I present my newest feature:
Proof That The Universe Is Unfair

Martin Lawerence still has a career as an actor.
So, like 10 years later, I figure out that Kurt was saying, "All alone is all we are" not "All in all is all we are."
I'm sorry. (hee)

Also, I think I want to have Dave Grohl's babies. Along with the ones from sarennharpersmom, of course. [wink]

In other news, I *really* need a haircut. "I look like Darth Vader. With hair."

More later.

Thursday, January 02, 2003


I'd like to thank bettie for pointing out/reminding me that that was today's date.
I should've seen it coming much sooner, and for whatever reason, didn't. Huh. So, yeah, thanks, b. [up]

I just spent the past half hour catching up on other people's blogs/diaries. Thoughts, in no particular order:

[-] People shouldn't talk so much. When I miss a few days, it takes forever to play catch-up. In short: PUT YOUR LIVES ON HOLD FOR ME, DAMNIT!! [grin]

[-] I don't get why people are against cloning. Everyone wants everyone else to think exactly the same way they do. [rolleyes]

[-] Blah, blah, blah. (Yes, I really did think that. I can be ...)

[-] It's weird that the forums are down, and that people are commenting in it on their blogs. (Gee, P@, sheep much? [grin]) I wonder (mildly) whether the Haven is getting an influx of visitors right now. [shrug]

[-] I like the new layout. It's....colorful. And no doubt a bit of work was required for it, so yay!!

[-] I don't get sarcasm sometimes. I wonder if maybe it should be outlawed on the web. Or, preferably, there should be some kind of sarcasm indicator...I also don't know what the hell I'm rambling about right now. In short, don't mock me behind my back. If you dislike what I've got to say, say it to my face like a decent human being.

[-] This entry is turning out much too bitter. I'm not meaning it to be. Just consider it "one of those days".

[-] I've been reading other people's blogs. (read: complete strangers) I don't know why, just something to do, I guess. It's interesting (and a bit scary) how many political blogs there are. And how much work people put into these things. Makes mine look down right ...lazy, I guess would be the word, by comparison.

[-] As you've no doubt noticed by now, not all of these "thoughts" were spurred by my blog-reading.

[-] I burned my tongue on my dinner.

[-] I should leave more notes on people's diary things. All those entries, and I left, like one or two entries total. I'm just not in a talkative mood tonight, I guess.

[-] I'm ready for winter to be over now, thanks.

[-] So many movies, not enough money. Or time.

[-] 453345, I've made a boring entry today. Sorry folks.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Just another day.