Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Why do my days off go by so quickly? Probably because I've got one for every six days I work. [rolleyes]

I did a good deed today. I had to go to the bank in order to deposit money so the checks don't bounce. (Check bouncing = no good. See? I have learned things. [wink]) Anywhat, the ATM machine was broken, so there was a line. (There were only two tellers. What is it with banks and the lack of open tellers? [/Seinfeld]) The guy in front of me did his dealio with the woman, and got his cash. He then left, and it was my turn to do my transaction. When I got up there, I saw that he had left a 20 dollar bill behind. I gave it to the teller, and she put it back into his account.

Let's ignore the fact that I contemplated keeping it for an entire 2 seconds first, shall we?

In other money related news, yesterday I arranged with Southwest Gas to keep our service going until the 31st (they had sent us notice of disconnection on the 27th) and today I talked to Nevada Power and set up payment arrangements so that our power won't be shut off at the end of the month.


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