Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I think they've taken these off the air (and replaced them with a new batch) but oh well. I promised a tirade, and a tirade you shall have.

So, there were these anti marijuaina PSAs running for a while. Each of them ends with the word "Harmless" and the smoke drifting up from the joint (or roach, or whatever...I don't know the drug slang) forming into a question mark. There were four spots, and I will describe each one, and then tear them apart as to why they don't work. (YAY!)

Spot #1 had two kids sitting in the all American den. They're "high", as made evident from the smoke drifting up in the room, and they're laughing. (Fact: Teenagers can't laugh unless they use drugs.) For some unexplained reason, all four of these spots use a Run, Lola, Run type of gimmick in which the same scene happens four different times. (I suppose it's to say, "This could happen if you smoke weed, or this could happen, or maybe this" [shrug])
Anywhat, two boys, smoking the chronic, both in the den. Kid One is in a chair, and we see his face. Kid Two is in a chair across from Kid One, and we only see his head.

Scene one: Chair squeaks as it turns, Kid Two says, "If you're parents get divorced, who gets the fish?" [giggling from the boys]
Scene two: Chair squeaks as it turns, Kid One belches. Both of them laugh.
Scene three: Chair squeaks as it turns, Kid Two says, "Dude. You're sister's hot." Kid One says, "That's not cool."
Scene four: Chair squeaks as it turns, Kid One picks up a gun and says, "Check this out." Kid Two asks if it's loaded, Kid One says, "Nah." Gunshot.
The CG text comes up to say that "Marijuania can distort your sense of reality. Harmless?"

Um...yeah, it is. In the first 3 of the four scenes, nothing "harmful" happens. And the 4th scene wouldn't have happened if the kids' parents didn't have a gun in the house!!!
Or, barring that (I know how we Americans can get all uppitty about our precious gun 'rights'), the weapon should have at least been locked somewhere.
Maybe the parents were smoking marijuania too?
Or, my personal theory, Kid One purposefully shot Kid Two for saying his sister was hot. [grin]


Spot #2 is at a party. Boy and Girl sitting on a couch. It's never made clear whether Boy is stoned or not, but Girl certainly is.
This one only has three "scenes", and they're all pretty identical.
Scene one: Doorbell rings, Girl falls on couch, laughing. She snorts when she laughs. Boy smiles.
Scene two: Doorbell rings, Girl sits on couch kinda upside down and points at Boy. Boy smiles.
Scene three: Doorbell rings, Girl falls on couch in semi-concious state. Boy looks around, then puts his hand up her shirt. Girl moans, "No." Boy says, "Shh. Shush up." (although the closed captioning reads, "Shh. Shut up.")
CG text says, "Marijuana can impair your judgement. Harmless?"

Well, it doesn't make me not want to smoke weed, it makes me angry that there are men out there who would take advantage of a woman under the influence. This spot works just as well if you replace marijuana with alcohol. (Heck, all of them do. With the exception of the final one.)

Spot #3
Group of teens (all black) in a car, going through a drive-thru. The drive-thru restaruant person is wanting to take their order.
Scene one: "Can I take your order, please?"
Teens in car say: "I'd like 50 cheeseburgers." (laughter)
Scene two: "Can I take your order, please?"
Teens in car: "Can I take your number?" (laughter)
Scene three: "Can I take your order, please?"
Teens in car: "You got any eggs?" (laughter)
Scene four: "Can I take your order, please?"
Teens in car: "Oh, I ain't got any money."
They proceed to drive away, not seeing the child riding her bicycle in front of them. Sound of brakes, followed by sound of a crunch.
CG Text says: "Marijuana can slow your reaction time. Harmless?"

Well, DUH
Just like you don't drink and drive, don't smoke and drive.


Last spot (yay!)
Inside a public restroom.
Scene one: From behind the stall, guy says, "Awesome concert, man." (laughter)
Scene two: From behind the stall, guy says, "What's up rookie?" (laughter)
Scene three: From behind the stall, guy says, "I am so stoned." (laughter)
Scene four: Guy starts to speak, then a plainclothes cop kicks the door down and pulls him out, placing him in handcuffs.
CG Text: "Marijuana can get you busted. Harmless?"

Well, yeah, it would be if we legalized it.

Note: I'm not in favor of smoking marijuana. I've done it, and it's nothing I'm proud of. I just think that having it be a crime is a huge waste of time. And these spots were a waste of money and airtime.

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