Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I have very little desire to blog right now.

In fact, "none" would be more accurate. Extremely bad headache, not conducive to writing, and I  just don't have any thing I want to talk about. Fortunately, this counts, and I'm now clear until next time, when things will be vastly better.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wang Chung

"I'll drive a million miles, to be with you tonight."
~Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Wang Chung


First of all, the circumference of the earth is only 24,900 miles. Which means driving a MILLION would mean going around the world 40 times.
And you are going to do that to be with them tonight? Which means you'd have to accomplish your million-mile-trek in under 24 hours. (We'll be fair and give them 24 hours, but that would mean, really, that Wang Chung is stating their declaration of being with us tonight at midnight. But seriously, they probably said it around like, 2 in the afternoon, which means they'd have even less time to get to us "tonight" than I'm thinking...)
Anyway, in order to drive 1,000,000 miles in 24 hours, you'd need to drive at a constant 42,000 mph.
There are a number of problems with this.
First, the top land-speed record for a vehicle (on earth) is only 760 mph (thanks, Wikipedia!). Heck, 42,000 mph is even faster than New Horizons (wooo! Pluto!!), so, unless you have some ultra-futuristic car in your possession...

Second, think of all the gas and oil changes you'd need to go through during this drive.

And you don't EVEN want to contemplate how much a speeding ticket would cost.

And going back a bit, a million miles is defintely over-kill. Where is the person you want to be with? (maybe they're trying to reach the Plimsouls?)  As long as they're somewhere on the planet, you're not going to need to drive that much to get to them. (Unless they're trying to avoid you, in which case, maybe you should take a hint) In fact, if you drove a million miles, you'd undoubtedly end up PASSING them, at least one time.

So, I think we've learned something about Wang Chung. They were obviously space-traveling aliens with no concept of the safety of others (seriously, how many accidents are gonna happen if you're traveling that fast?). Besides, if you really do need to get to someone a million miles from where you are, you can take a page from the Grass Roots and just walk it.