Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Shape of Things to Come

Another 'holy
crap, a lot happened' ep. Let's
get started, shall we?

The freighter's doctor
washes up on the beach, with
his throat slit. Not good.

When Des radios
the boat, they say the doctor
is fine. Well, that's weird.

At the Barracks, a
shoot-out takes place. The guys from
the freighter want Ben.

The leader is named
Martin Keamy and he has
Alex held hostage.

He says "Ben, come out
or I'll kill your daughter." Ben
tries to call his bluff.

So Keamy shoots her
in the head. Boom. Just like that.
Ben: "He changed the rules."

Ben goes into a
secret hideaway, then comes
back covered in soot.

Smokey shows up and
it is angry as hell. It
destroys Keamy's men.

James, Claire, Aaron, Miles
head for the beach. Ben, Locke will
find Jacob's cabin.

In the future, Ben
recruits Sayid once his wife
is killed by Widmore.

Ben goes to Widmore,
says, "You killed my daughter, so
I'm gonna kill yours."

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