Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The 23rd Psalm

Eko was at one
time a vicious, murdering
heroin smuggler.

His brother, Yemi,
is a priest. Eko wants him
to forge papers that...

...say Eko and his
partners are priests so they can
safely smuggle drugs.

As the drug plane is
being loaded, the Army
shows up to stop them.

Yemi gets shot and
the plane leaves Eko behind,
dressed in his priest garb.

Eko has Charlie
take him to where the drug plane
crashed. But on the way...

...the Monster stops by.
It and Eko stare at each
other. Eko wins.

Together, Eko
and Charlie burn the plane, but
Charlie has a stash.

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